Sunday, July 31, 2011

Goodbye, Harry Potter *sniffs*

As I watched Harry Potter enter Hogwarts to destroy the last two horcruxes, I couldn't help but pour tears. Oh yes, I got pretty emotional while watching the Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II. It was one epic movie. Snape's story was the best part <-- Alan Rickman totally rocked <3. I was very disappointed that we did not get to see Fred and Lupin die on camera, though. I wouldn't have minded crying a few more buckets. The funniest scene was Voldemort hugging Draco. I had a good laugh on that one.


Although, am not a big fan of HP movies (always thought the books are way better), I kind of loved this one, maybe because it was the last one and there will be no more Harry Potter fuss. I remember when four years ago I finished the last book, I felt as if I'd lost a friend. It was after one week I felt cheerful again. Those who grew up with Harry Potter and Hogwarts will understand what am talking about... The troubles HP always get into, constant quarrels between Hermoine and Ron, sarcasm of Snape, Loony Luna, meanness of Slytherins, the Weasleys and their Burrow, homey and magical Hogwarts, the zooming owls, Quidditch matches, the sorting hat's songs, the anticipation that kept me reading till I finished the books, and even Filch and Mrs Norris... Muggles, you really need to read the books.  So, for the 4th time, am reading the HP series again. My parents think I have gone mad. My brother, a HP fan himself, makes fun of me. God knows why. Soon, I will be suffering from Post-HP depression. I so wish JK Rowling would write more books.


My holidays just started <--Yay for me. No college for five wonderful weeks! Not that I don't love my college, it is fun but we all really deserved a break from the effin hectic routine.

I have absolutely zero plans. There’s nothing much you can do in Ramadan, is there? Except wait for iftaree <-- and pray? Oh, I can shop <-- and that I will certainly do. I’ll read books, watch movies <-- after iftaree =$, learn to cook a few good things, create my own recipes. I want to be a famous chef someday <-- not like Zubaida appa or the one with that turban, mind you. I hope getting fat won’t be sneaking into my tiny list.

Hey, when you guys comment <-- I hope you do, write a name of one good movie or a book =) <-- No action or horror movies please! 

Happy Moments! =D

Sunday, July 3, 2011

When My Life Gets perfect, Zits Happen.


They cannot believe their eyes. 

All By Myself.
Should I keep the bow or not?
What do you say?

Sad story.