Friday, July 30, 2010

The Veil - and some elfish words

A veil hides their hearts
An angel's smile on the face
The sweet words pierce you
Meaning laced, full of deceit

You lie. I lie. We all lie. Two faced people, so-called friends who back stab and bitch about you behind your back. A little too many white lies, a harmless lie to make you smile. Lies lies and lies. We won't stop it.

Gee. That's enough about lying now. I am very tired. Hopefully, we'll be done with the poster today *smile*

I have to buy a new dress for the competition (now this is something nice). I am looking forward to go shopping. My room is a MESS; pieces of thermopol floating, bits of papers, glue and paints on my bed sheet *sigh* ...A magic wand would be handy!

Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors. His novels and the movies based on them are very good. However, I was kind of surprise at The Last Song. Something was missing in it! (Maybe it was Miley Cyrus? The romantic role does not gel with her). I hope he comes up with some more awesome novels!

Things I so want to do:

Go book shopping (I want all the Dan Brown novels)
Hang out with Sana n BFG (have not this since ages!)
Learn cooking and sewing. And...
Go to my awesome bed and sleep (yes, I woke now, but I want few more winks!)

More.. Coming soon.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today seemed like another beautiful rainy day, the sunshine was melting with the rain, birds flying fly, all happy smiles, until we heard about the Airblue plane crash. It was a tragic happening. One of those misfortunes that make you wish you could turn back time, even a few seconds would do. However, we cannot make that happen, not yet anyway. We know we will die one day. I only wish the death were not so sudden. You wake up, you shower, you have your breakfast, you go to work and then something unlucky happens and you die... Just like that. It could be you or me.

Since last week, I have been hearing about people dying. Some murdered, some raped, some drowned, some killed by diseases, some dead in accidents. Death seems around us. I knew three of those unlucky ones. May they rest is peace. People who are gone are gone, what sadden me are their families and dear ones. How can they bear it? May Allah give them strength.

Death is inevitable. However, God knows better.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dissolved - My Moment

Amazing weather, isn’t it? On days like this I want to sing, dance with trees and run on the rainbow. I wish I were Pocahontas. Yes am bonkers today, but in a good way!

I woke up at 7 AM and went to the balcony...surprise, surprise... the heavy rain greeted me. For few minutes I just stood there gazing at the lovely rain falling down (oh I wish I had made the video), the sun had become a tiny silver pearl and the grey clouds were in a roar. I saw tiny puddles with leaves floating in them, the cars were wet and bright, the earth and the walls were being washed by the nature. My grumpy mood disappeared (it is my typical mood when I wake up early). I felt like a little kid all ready to play. I was actually excited to go to college (we got off, though, which is better, I guess!). If I had my soul mate here, I probably would have danced with him (are we getting emotional here?)

It was a happy moment. My moment

now a little poem 'Dissolved'

I am awed
The nature is my beauty
I let the kisses of the clouds fall down on me
Joyful is the taste, the scent is heavenly

My soul wakes up as I dance
So harmonious is the song of rain
Little romance, a happy chance
All dreams run anew in my vein

A flash of golden
It is almost the end
Seven colors bind
I walk within

Happy rain to You! Eat pakoras =)

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Smile Saturday

So many thoughts.. some little ones, I forget.. Some little ones, I don't.. Some big ones, I want to.

I like Saturdays. They are light and happy (you'll know what I mean if you were me). I have to do so much work.. have to make draw, cut and color about 120 pictures (Poster Competition is getting on my head, not today though.), big pathology test coming on Tuesday (parasitology.. eek), plus other little tasks, still am not worried or tensed. I know I can do it.
I love the look of my room right now. Everything is bright and colorful. It is not color-coded. My bed is blue and of oak, carpet and curtain are off white n blue, cupboard and dressing table are brown (I don't like!) writing table is pink and blue, cushion are orange, purple and blue (gee I just realized blue is almost everywhere. It was meant to be blue, but then I thought why not all the colors? Now I want a big poster for the bare wall and a cute little pink sofa. I will get it soon =) *wink*

I wish I lived in a peaceful country. Everyday dozens of people are killed for no reason at all. They were just the unlucky ones who were at the wrong place at the wrong time. It could be you or me. I cannot go out alone because there are bad people out there. It is not safe. Not fair, right? Where is the fun and where is the peace? I want to be free.
There are killer amoebas in the water these days. They are pure evil. They go inside your head, drink the CSF and eat your brain. Sounds Horrible? It is. They have killed 12 people (maybe more?). One of them was our poor teacher. He was only in his late twenties. He studied pathology, isn’t it ironic? We were hoping for a miracle that he might survive, but he did not. May he rest in peace.

So this was only a random update =) I want to write a story.. Maybe I will.

Stay happy.. It is good for our Immune System!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Drama-Free Bubble. Respect it.

As I promised, this is going to be a Typical-normal-me post. No weird hearts hanging around us this time. You see, insanity is in my blood. Oops.

I got a Pharmacology test on Tuesday and a Pathology test on Friday, plus a big Poster Competition day on August 4th *sigh* So much to do, so little time. I can do it right. I love weekends, although Sunday is not really a Me-day. The sad next-day-college feeling kind of depresses me sometimes. I love my college but don't you think almost 9 hours a day is too much? Kills me.

Today am in Drama-Free Bubble. Everyone respect it *grin*

There are many Bubble days. 'In-my-Bubble' when am moody. 'Happy-all-invited-Bubble' when am in a great mood. 'Hyper-Bubble'.. 'Pissed-off-bubble' .. 'Typical-me-Bubble' "zombified-Bubble'.. and there's one called 'Eat-it-all-bubble' day too!

Drama-free Bubble means Don't argue with me. I don't have patience, I can be rude, and I want to stay happy so Don't kill my happy mood! Beware. *smile* need of your drama.

Everyday has something new to give, yet few things remain unchanged forever. I like that.

I liked Sherlock Holmes. The guy did really good! Jude Law looked cute as Dr. watson even with the mustache.

Lookie, happy thoughts come my way!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Earth is Full. Go Home.

Little Hearts come flying, beating in a rhythm
We say, ‘Earth is full. Go home’
Little Hearts protest, beating in a rhythm
They shed their blood on us
They keep us warm
Still we say, ‘Earth is full. Go home’
We are dying from the thirst
We refuse to drink their tears
We could save ourselves
If we only keep them, near
But we say ‘Earth is full. Go home’
Little Hearts stop beating
They are gone
They promise they will keep in touch.
The Earth is theirs. They will come home.

What is this? Am obsessed with this love thing. Next time i will post something normal. Yesh.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Friday, July 16, 2010

Cure for My Soul

There is another world that we are not aware of. It is inside us, around us and it is us. Reach out with your mind and you might actually feel it. Look at the stars, they make a sign and give u clues, the patterns in the wall if u stare hard enough, faces in the clouds, the sound of waves, drip drop of rain… ignored and forgotten. Our souls are trapped in our bodies and they want to be let go, can you clear your mind of all the hatred and let them take the lead? Broaden your believes and make your heart bigger. Love is the word.

Soul - i am pure.. don't try to change me.. i can't bear the pain of the hate you have given me.. i am the song, be my melody.. let me drown you .. the love is my sea.
Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dreams - Waiting for My Day

Looks like am a blogger again, I missed it. Am eating aloo ki kachori (homemade) it is yummy. I love my mum's cooking. Am going to learn cooking someday soon! I will become a secret chef, adding wild ingredients to my food to make it delicious. Once there was an old woman, who used to make the yummiest soup ever, turned out she added old socks (unwashed) in her pot. Gross? Need a more strong word! No, I will not be this desperate; I will only add nice nice stuff... herbs n spices. I will have a huge spacey kitchen with a big window which will open into my garden (yes am going to b a gardener too) sunshine will be my friend all day long (at night I will befriend the electricity) It will a cool place, no sweating and unbearable heat. Autumn will be the only season.

Wake up! Reality Check!

Daydreaming is nice. However am going to make this one come true. Inshallah =)

Poster Competition is on 4th August and all we have done by now is we have chosen the topic (dental Fluorosis, can it get any worse?). It’s going to be fun, though. A chance to get dressed up! Who knows, we might win too?

Book am reading these days: The Partner By John Grisham =]

19, so young and energetic, full of blah blahs and awesome plans... patiently waiting for my day!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Be Who You Are

Unknown to me are the things I fall for
Unknown to me is the love I long for
In love for the sake of being in love
I do not own my mind
Honesty is what I wait for.

I fear what I should not, I fear what others think of me, I don’t say things I badly want to cos I fear they will laugh at me. Why? They are just like me, mere humans. Am not less than them, nor better. Our attitude is what makes us. Trust yourself, own your mind. Criticism is only words. Do not fear it. Be who you are.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

The Girl Who Fell Asleep

Many months back, a guy told me to watch The Arrivals, I told him I will and went on with my (not-so) busy life. At that time, I didn't know what I was missing! About 3 weeks ago, another guy told me to watch it, I was dying of boredom and was living by watching trailers of movies I have already seen. Therefore, I did watch it, few parts and I was like Whoa! I knew the World wasn't an innocent place but this evil I never realized (or maybe I was too weak to acknowledge it). Sub-liminal messages, backtracking, controlling our minds... this is real. I told my family, friends, and some of them just laughed at it. Not true, they refused to believe me. I remember when my brother told me about Back masking my reaction was the same, what I thought was "gee, its just music, are you saying I shouldn't listen to it cos it has evil messages?' it seemed funny.

Am a Muslim girl... although far from a perfect Muslim. I do bad things all the time. I rarely read Quran, miss my prayers, quarrel with my parents, get very selfish, gossip, sometimes make fun of people with my friends, forward dirty jokes, think am better than others, sometimes I hate myself and think of dying (yes hating yourself isn't good), don't cover my head and what not! These habits are not easy to let go but I have promised myself I will try my best. Inshallah. I have started to offer my prayers but haven't started reading the Quran yet, I should do it right now. Shouldn't I?

The point was The Arrivals inspired me. Woke me up. I thought I would be in this place forever. I forgot I would die. I chose not to think about the Day of Judgment, chose not to think about death and Hereafter. We know it will happen so come on people, Wake Up! Fear Allah. Be a good Muslim <3

One more confession, I still listen to music, watch movies and gossip. However, am trying to stay away from the bad stuff. Trying hard.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I wrote this last night, but thanks to load shedding couldn't post!

Days are passing in a blur. Like Wooooosh! I wake up, take a shower, get ready for university, take tea there (sometimes with cookies), then classes/tutorials/labs/whatever.. then coming back home.. tweet n lunch.. a long nap.. waking up.. tweet n tea.. ignoring books.. tweet n dinner.. a movie or a good book and sleep. All so same. It bugs me some days, gets on my nerves, stupid questions come to my mind.. Am i wasting my time? Shouldn't i be going places and enjoying life? Why am i letting myself stuck in one place for years? But I guess I will have go through it all to be happy at last! I won't be satisfied if I ditched my studies and started having fun. I will forget what fun is then. Special days come by now and then.. a quiet day with my family, a hyper day with my friends, having 'me' time.. they keep me going =]

Confused? Good.

Am watching Before Sunrise, it's a nice movie if a little slow but will sure make you smile! An year ago, movies weren't just my thing, I rarely bothered to watch, it was too much but God knows what hit me, now am one of those movie freak, ask me about a movie and I'll go on and on! Sorry but no horror movies, I don't watch them. Give me creeps and nightmares. I go paranoid. Do i see a smirk?

Oho, light gone. Load shedding rocks. No, it sucks actually. We, Pakistanis, know that.

Yesterday was one of those days when you think, really think about your life and come to no conclusion!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

She Makes Another Blog!

I have finally made the new blog. The reason I left the old one is I don’t really feel like that person anymore. I still like the same things, still do the same things, but something inside me has grown up a bit (I know what you’re thinking but yes). I don’t have such a big crush on Zac Efron (just a teeny weeny, maybe), I like Gerard Bulter more. Oh, i love my old blog very very much. Its me, after all. Bunny burrow all the way! =)

When I first start blogging in 2008 I was pretty psyched about it, I used to update it about thrice a day, would post the blog’s link here and there to get readers, would read every kind of blog posts and comment on them and hoping that maybe I would get a comment or two, back. I did. And layouts! They gave me a hard time. Still do. Anyway all of a sudden, blogging became kind of boring. I didn’t know what to write. It all felt so useless.

However, am back and it is great! You see am a pretty confused person, before doing anything I ask a 1000 questions to myself and to my friends, who get annoyed sometimes! I didn’t want to make an account on twitter because I wasn’t sure what I will do with it, I mean, being on twitter is like talking to yourself. And now am totally addicted to it now. It’s fun! ^^

What’s this fuss about Justin Bieber?? O.o He is such a kid! He has got a bit of a voice,I agree but still.. girls are going crazy. What about poor Robert Pattinson? Totally ditched. Just like that! Sad.

So am really happy right now <3.. goofy smile wont leave my face. Inspired and overwhelmed =) good good feeling!

Happy New Blog to ME!! Yay!!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o