Saturday, December 31, 2011

False Hopes: The Busiest Year Ahead.

Time has sped by us once again. I look back on the night of December 31 2010 and see myself gulping down an enormous burger with a handful of garlic mayo fries, eyes on a battered Pharmacology book in one of my sticky hands and brain laboring over the names of drugs. I was determined to study till 12, afterwards what I was going to conjure up I cannot remember --> obviously I failed to invent a miraculous machine, and in its place had watched a movie and consumed some more food. I was quite sanguine. Eager for the year to start, for 2010 hadn't been kind to me. I made a couple of life-changing resolutions and same old promises to tame the bulges --> FAIL!. And I turned the age I hated #20. 

From that night to this night it has been same old me, except an year older --> and wiser and no longer much of a hopelessly optimistic idealist. However, still an idealist, I can never be a realist. It was going on well till it came crashing down and Tada! It was like 'On your face, girl!'  Thank you very much indeed.

Life is not fair, my dear.

Since I always seem to contradict them, there's no harm in making some loony resolutions.

January: Ride a camel in Sahara Desert. Stalk and make some deadly enemies. Kill the enemies. Sell the camel.
February: Visit Lake Loch Ness and look for the famous sea serpent. Make Nessie my pet.
March: Travel to Africa, sight-see and smuggle the lions and zebras to Pakistan. Gift a few lions to my loyal friends.
I seem to be obsessed with animal, don't I?
April: Take a picture underneath the northern lights (the Aurora) and pretend to be a professional photographer.  Create northern lights in Pakistan.
May:  Direct a soap opera better than Humsafar [staring Fawad Khan as a villain].
June: Take a break and trend on twitter #sidrahwhotrendedandgotfamousfornothingatall
July: Ask someone to marry me and then leave them at the altar (or rather leave them sitting on a highly decorated sofa). --> the runaway bride
August: Become a silent monk. Shave my head and give everyone a baleful stare.
September: Make a movie '2013'. With amazing 8D effects. Tagline: The world ends, once again.
October: Befriend some Eskimos. Live in a igloo and eat fish and fish and fish.
November: Run a famous jalsa like Imran Khan's PTI.
December: Don't look back. Just run forward.

The Next December.

So, I should pack my knapsack and steal a camel.

Happy new year!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Obsession - A Donut.

I broke up with my obsession yesterday. We parted on friendly terms. I thought my infatuation with Edward Norton would go on forever, however it lasted less than two weeks. After stalking him on twitter --> his tweets were really boring and didn't satisfy me at all, staring at his pictures, watching all of his movies (even the sucky ones like Death to Smoochy), and posting a really silly blogpost about him, my obsession turned into indifference. It was my first crazy celeb crush and hopefully my last. And such a relief it is. Now I can concentrate back on my plan --> taking over the world. Unfortunately my plan won't work for another thousands years. 

So, am putting Edward Norton into my secret book --> The Great Book Of Obsession (the things I obsess and dream about) by Anonymous.

It has a long lists of things Anonymous had loved and ditched over the years. The cover page also has a warning: Highly contagious. You might want to obsess yourself. If you have found it then I beg you not to read it, it will only waste your time. By the way page 107504 has the exact thing I warned you about.


Current maddening obsessions: Peanuts. Inheritance cycle. Internet. Procrastination.

So, who went to Karachi International Bookfair? Anyone? ANYONE? I went twice, spent all my savings on just 9 books and didn't even feel satisfied. I wanted to spend the whole day there browsing and buying books if my parents had let me. I have decided I absolutely love bookfairs. Even KIBF with its snobbish highly priced load of books. Even in school when most of the kids couldn't care less, the yearly bookfair and library time were few of the things I really looked forward to (the others being: lunch break and morning presentations).

So.. I'll blog-walk for a while. I miss stalking your awesome blogs, guys. This 3 months long study-leave is not going well with me. Cannot study, cannot have fun. Sick.

May the stars watch over you. <-- a symptom of obsession with Inheritance cycle.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o    

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Am Jack's Obsession With Edward Norton

Isn't he the cutest?


Yes. I love this guy. 

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Plans, Movies and Mustaches.

I am big on making plans. Probably one of my favorite things to do. Whatever the situation is, I have got to plan. Shopping? Plan. Friends day out? Plan. Exams timetable? Plan. Decorating my boring old cupboard? Plan. I even used to have wee little colorful notebooks for jotting down my not-so-spontaneous plans, am I glad I am over those! Anyway mostly at the end of the day I feel kind of let down because things never go as you plan. My imagination has never heard of misfortunes, or if it has it tends to forget, but in reality they are bound to happen now and then. Also, I am super-lazy ass person. After spending like 13 hours on an awesome daydream, I do nothing. I get bored. So I have decided no more planning, for time being, at least.

Plans gone wrong.

Bollywood always fools me. After 'almost' every movie I see I say 'No way I am going to watch another bollywood movie. No, no, no, no'. Then a month later everyone's talking about this new movie which is like the most amazing movie ever and I just have to watch it. Sure, Bollywood has produced some great movies like Fashion, Dil chahta hai and Wake up, Sid (and of course the cheesiest Kuch kuch hota hai that I cannot help but love it) and many others so no offence.

Two months ago Zindagi na Milegi Dobara fooled me. Trailer was nice enough. The actual movie? It was a sheer wastage of time. Yes, it had some good one-liners, Hrithik Roshan looked hot (Katrina Kaif for some?) and the songs weren't too bad. Rest of it lingered for too long on how beautiful the world is (why not listen to Louise Armstrong's great song?), confront our fears and dance. They tried too hard to appear cool. I might even have actually liked it if the ending wasn't so bizarre -_- <-- JK, I wouldn't like it then either. And how on earth can you compare it with Dil chahta hai? It made an instant connection. ZNMD didn't. Okay. 

Last week, God, I wasted precious 3 hours of my fabulous life on Mausam. Some of my friends were like ooOooo, it's going to be BEST MOVIE EVER because Shahid Kapoor looked so sexy in mustache <-- IDK about that. I am not a fan of moustaches. They loved it. It was even worse than ZNMD. It is a drag. Imagine When Harry Met Sally, The Notebook and all those romantic movies that make you awww with Indian cheese masala. Sadly I didn't feel a thing. There was no chemistry between the leads, the length of the movie made me want to pull my hair out and cry, the real life incidents somehow managed to affect the main characters every single time, how unfortunate can you get? The Ferris wheel scene was the last straw. I was like What the hell. Shahid Kapoor with his numb arm suddenly turned into superhero. Rajinikanth is ashamed <-- and very mad, too. Keep your mustaches on. 

I want to babble about other awful movies like pyaar ka punchnama that potrayed the girls as monsters eating your heart and brain (you bad bad movie director! Most girls are normal, not alienated bitches) but maybe later.

Seriously I am NEVER going to watch another Bollywood movie. That's my plan

Because I Like Pretty Pictures.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gun - Your New Best Friend

Guys, remember me? I used to comment on your blogs and did strangely nice posts. I have been ignoring my blog for a pretty long time now. Enough is enough. I'll write something even if it's all crap <-- now, now, it won't be that bad. 

So, how's the shopping going? Well, if you live in Karachi, forget clothes, shoes, lip-gloss, hair products and table clothes <-- this one for my mum who hasn't found her perfect table clothe since my brothers and I tore the last one. Just buy a gun and you shall be safe. Do I heard a gasp? If you can do karate like Jackie Chan,fly like power-puff girls or jump like spider-man, you're pretty much safe <-- I bet none of you can. Come on, guns are necessary for survival. You don't have to show it off to your pals, kills birds, or say humans. You need it to scare the bad people away, to defend yourself against the criminals and thieves. Plus if you buy a cowboy/girl boots and costume you can pretend to be one <-- I always wanted to do that. Let's face it, it'll be fun.

Imagine this:


Lalallala. Perfect.

Happy moments! =)

P.S. Sorry, I know my doodle ain't that good. But hey, blog updated! ^^

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Goodbye, Harry Potter *sniffs*

As I watched Harry Potter enter Hogwarts to destroy the last two horcruxes, I couldn't help but pour tears. Oh yes, I got pretty emotional while watching the Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II. It was one epic movie. Snape's story was the best part <-- Alan Rickman totally rocked <3. I was very disappointed that we did not get to see Fred and Lupin die on camera, though. I wouldn't have minded crying a few more buckets. The funniest scene was Voldemort hugging Draco. I had a good laugh on that one.


Although, am not a big fan of HP movies (always thought the books are way better), I kind of loved this one, maybe because it was the last one and there will be no more Harry Potter fuss. I remember when four years ago I finished the last book, I felt as if I'd lost a friend. It was after one week I felt cheerful again. Those who grew up with Harry Potter and Hogwarts will understand what am talking about... The troubles HP always get into, constant quarrels between Hermoine and Ron, sarcasm of Snape, Loony Luna, meanness of Slytherins, the Weasleys and their Burrow, homey and magical Hogwarts, the zooming owls, Quidditch matches, the sorting hat's songs, the anticipation that kept me reading till I finished the books, and even Filch and Mrs Norris... Muggles, you really need to read the books.  So, for the 4th time, am reading the HP series again. My parents think I have gone mad. My brother, a HP fan himself, makes fun of me. God knows why. Soon, I will be suffering from Post-HP depression. I so wish JK Rowling would write more books.


My holidays just started <--Yay for me. No college for five wonderful weeks! Not that I don't love my college, it is fun but we all really deserved a break from the effin hectic routine.

I have absolutely zero plans. There’s nothing much you can do in Ramadan, is there? Except wait for iftaree <-- and pray? Oh, I can shop <-- and that I will certainly do. I’ll read books, watch movies <-- after iftaree =$, learn to cook a few good things, create my own recipes. I want to be a famous chef someday <-- not like Zubaida appa or the one with that turban, mind you. I hope getting fat won’t be sneaking into my tiny list.

Hey, when you guys comment <-- I hope you do, write a name of one good movie or a book =) <-- No action or horror movies please! 

Happy Moments! =D

Sunday, July 3, 2011

When My Life Gets perfect, Zits Happen.


They cannot believe their eyes. 

All By Myself.
Should I keep the bow or not?
What do you say?

Sad story.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Wait For It.

There I was, minding my own business, humming a song I'd just made up, doodling tiny figures on a scrap of paper. Pure happiness. When this weird-grumpy-dude asked me to shut up. He was rather polite which embarrassed the hell out of me. I did shut up, at first, then I started again. Hum dum dum di dum bum gum bum dum dummm dumm. Ta ddaada ddaa.. Zumi dumi shumi..Prringgg. The dude started screaming at the top of his lungs, banging his fists on the table, his head on the walls, he tore on his clothes and pulled his hair out and then his brain herniated through his mouth! Yes, really. RIP.

Yay. I did it. Yes, yes I exaggerate. The guy didn't even say anything, he just gave the evil black look that gave me a stroke. <-- now that did happen.


You're about to be friends with this person when he/she/it does something that makes you go like 'Huh =/'

Our history-taking exam was about to start. I, being such a good girl, lent all my sheets to my friends. I was left with one very messy inky sheet. I was sure if I submitted my history on it, I would about 0.0 marks. So I asked this girl if I can have a tiny single paper from her Enormous-est-est-est-Notebook-Ever. She said No in a cold voice. Just like that. At such a crucial moment. Now am never going to lend my novels to her, Humph.

Turn offs: when people keep going on about their awesome lives and their awesome crushes. Those ONLY talk about their crushes. The nerdy friend who get an embolic attack when they don't top. And weirdos who talk gross during meal time <-- usually brothers.

That was very informative post, wasn't it? Right. Am BLANK =[ *sob*

So my mum is in hospital. She'll be back by Saturday. Inshaa'Allah. I really really really miss her. Home isn't good without her.

....I heart Chandler Bing in Friends. Can I have him? Pretty please?

Still. Hearts!

Will be on your blog soon =)

Happy moments!

P.S. Did waffles lure you here?

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Torture Time. Boo.

Hey. Sad, sad news. My exams are from Monday, so you will not see this poor elf for two weeks. I promise am going to read (and comment on) all the blogs I have been ignoring after my midterms. Inshaa'Allah.

Exams suck. They make us fat. We read a sentence -? we get starved -> we eat -> fat, fat and fat. The vicious cycle goes on and on.

 Anyway. What did I do all day instead of studying? Glared at my book, drew little tiny cartoons on every single page I was supposed to study, watched an episode of HIMYM,  cooked and ate noodles, had a loooong, great chatter with my brothers <-- on usual days they rarely exist and drank lots Falsa berry juice. And now am online. Later am going to bed. Tsk, tsk.

DeviantArt makes me happy. I like.

Happy Moments =)

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Friday, May 27, 2011

Need A Dose Of Endorphins.

This week is turning out to be one the most depressing weeks of my life. KU decided to post our 2nd year's result after 5 months of torture <- 5 months. Seriously! WTF. I was fast asleep dreaming about voodoo dolls and haunted tunnels <-- scariest dream ever! I woke up around 7 PM and oh my my! 22 texts blinked at me, all of them from my dear classmates. Result had come out and I'd passed. Yayie. Not really. Teachers can get pretty crappy and do whatever they feel like because they have the power. Talk about favoritism, biasism and loserism. They should be pushed into the pool of water when it's dead cold. Let's add a shark into that pool too, why don't we.

2.5 years done, 1.5 more to go. Gee. Can anybody fast forward? Am totally stressed out. Once upon a time I was this happy lil carefree girl who could actually enjoy life. I used to draw animes, write lesser lousy stuff, smile alot, and wasn't conscious about my teeth. Oh am so, now. I want them sparkling white. Also, I keep having nightmares in which a gang of toothless witches is trying to steal my teeth and another one about this huge crack on my central incisors. *shudders*. My life is constantly worrying about presentations, quizzes and losing teeth. I have huge dark circles under my eyes, my skin has lost the shine, it's grey, am agitated and ultra-moody. I don't even eat much. <-- can this be an accomplishment? I might have alopecia, too <-- now does That make you go Haww? Am going to be bald and toothless <-- superstition alert. Picture it.

Phew. I feel better now. Every student needs to whine. Moaning does help. Teeny weeny bit.

Okay. Turning on nice-lil-me mode.

Midterms are from next week and I have learnt nada. My books still look pretty new. Instead of studying I watch How I Met Your Mother Season. Allllll the time. That's my latest addiction. How I Met Your Mother. <-- plus the new Fruttare. Forget movies, forget novels, forget smosh.. it's all I watch these days.


I totally love Ted. I have this huge crush on him. As huge as that flaming ball in the sky that is killing us nowadays. I love his scruffy hair, I love how badly he wants to get married although it was very irritating when he kept running after Robin, I love his snobbishness, I even love his weird beard that makes him look like a goat. Barney won't be half as funny without him <-- he does need a wingman! and Marshall won't be half as cute.

I like Barney, too, I just cannot crush on him. I tried. To me he is a cute little duckling going on and on about his awesomeness <-- and he is so Legen - Wait for it - Dary! Word.

Happy Moments.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Evil Heat

Am so bored I was about to fool you by creating another dark fabilicious secret. Then it occured to me you are probably smarter than I think, I cannot fool you twice.

What I need is a good change <-- it would prevent me from creating false (but amazing) past. Also I wouldn't have to google pictures like these to amuse me.

Okay. These days am working on a plan. It's big, fishy and dark. I really want world peace <-- I want it to happen. As in Happen happen. The movie Kick-ass inspired the hell out of me. In next few years, you'll have one pretty good dentist and a superhero <-- Yay. I'll be a fantastic one but I know I won't be enough to save the whole big (dark, dirty) world <-- am I not modest? I'll have to train other people as well. I need volunteers. Anyone? Of course I can always manipulate you if I want but I believe in free will.  

I is super-hero by night.


It's unreasonably hot to do a sensible post <-- not that am not serious about Super-hero thing. I am. 100 %. This humidity is suffocating. My hair are sticky and sweaty. My face looks freakingly oily. I am depressed and on verge of tears. Effin ants are crawling on my laptop <-- this must due to heat, too, haina? *sniffs*. 

I need an air-conditioned bubble. I need gallons of water. I need ice <- you know that annoying 'shariinnngaa' ad? I need it to happen to me. I need to skip college or one of these days I'll be nothing but a fried burnt whatever-shape the heat will mould me into. I wish I had my own personal cloud that rains on me whenever I want it to. I wish I were a fat polar bear or a black and white cute lil penguin living in freezing Antarctica.  ... *sigh*

I hate you, effin heat.

For a minute think of this teddy as a Summer Heat.
Hope you live through it.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Friday, May 6, 2011

Artist, interrupted

Today I'll share my incredible secret with you guys.

Long long time ago, not so long actually, ten years ago I was an artist. My life was loaded with watercolors. All day and night I painted the fantastic things ever been painted in this world. I drew Elephants of Egypt, Rabbit holes, Mango trees, Mountains of Yuu-Yuu <-- that's a place you won't know about, Atlantic ocean, random houses on random streets, people I happen to saw and even myself. The thing was they weren't just any paintings. They were enchanting like my never-ending magical watercolors I received from Mr. Lil Bo when I visited the Tinted Pond <-- another place you won't know about. It's otherworldly, you see. One look at the painting and you're bewitched. I was the new Picasso. <-- or whoever is the most famous artist.

Funnily enough it used to drive my family crazy. They would say behind my back <-- I have this habit of eavesdropping 'She's only ten. Why doesn't she play with dolls like other girls of her age? Why does she paint all day? Why does she have a blank stare when she isn't painting? Why doesn't she talk to us? Why doesn't she want to watch the new Barbie movie? Why, why, why??'. It bothered them a lot. It bothered me that it bothered them still I was too young to give a damn. One day a big bald man with plenty of love handles came to our house.
He looked kind of like this. 

 He had heard of my paintings and wanted to purchase alllllllllll of them. He'd also heard of my never-ending magical watercolors. He was willing to give millions of dollars for them. My family sold alllllllllll of them <-- and spent  alllllllllll the money, too while I was brainstorming in my bathtub.had this fantastic idea --> auburn fox winking at a purple dancing moon. Marvelous, right?. 

Anyway. In two minutes my colorful world became the bleakest place ever. I wouldn't sleep. I wouldn't eat. I wouldn't talk. I wouldn't dream. I wouldn't even take a bath. Just because I couldn't paint. My family tired of messy and very smelly me sought after the big bald man with plenty of love handles. He had vanished into thin air. My heart had shattered into tiny shimmery pieces. I cried and I cried. It rained, I cried. It hailed, I cried. Trees shed leaves, I cried. It snowed, I cried. Nobody knew my pain. Everything reminded me of painting. I was an empty shell with a dead soul. Whatever that means. An year passed and I changed. I turned 11 and learnt to use computer. My new passion was drawing pictures on Paint. So instead of dying with a broken heart, I decided to love pixels.

Sadly am unskilled not too good at it.

Mountains of Yuu-Yuu.

Okay. So I was bored. I never was an artist. I draw crappy pictures.

Sidrah xx o(^_^)o

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Don't Listen To Me Am Being Paranoid!

Sunday. It's Sunday.. it's Sunday... The last day of the weeeekendd! It's sunday.. Oh no, tomorrow is Monday. Don't go, Sundayyyyy!

Like it? I think am gonna be famous if I keep making up such songs. Watch out.

My mum's glaring at me because I have taken my breakfast to my bedroom <-- what's wrong with that??. Am not in a mood to sit with my caustic brothers and watch Geo TV <-- thanks to my dad with my yummy spaghetti-noodles and a lil piece of pratha I stole from my brother's plate <-- It's a sin for me to eat whole pratha. 

Talking about spaghetti-noodles yesterday <-- was saturday I had a sudden craving of noodles at 11:35 PM exactly. I got up from my lazy dusty kingdom and entered the most sacred place 'The Kitchen'.  I looked and looked and looked for a packet of maggie and in doing so I made a greatest mess ever made in this world <-- maybe that's the reason my mum's giving me the cold look?. Masalo ke dabbe cursed me as I pushed them in deep dark places of the cabinet. Poor Maggie, probably bullied by evil masale, sat hidden in a corner of the darkest zone <-- I had to get a chair to save it. Then brutally I threw the noodles into the boiling water <-- muhahahah. Wait. Oh no! I realized to my horror I was very hungry and one Maggie won't be enough for me. I turned to spaghetti and boiled them too <-- they took aaaaaages. In the end I ate a mixture of instant noodles and slow-as-a-turtle spaghetti. Was an okay experience. I was exhausted. I could only eat a spoonful <-- or a forkful.

Here I am, slurping on spaghetti-noodles and reading blogs. Lookie --> Pigs In Maputo's such a cute blog. I like.
True Happiness!

Anyway. Don't you sometimes want to kill your tailor when they ruin the dress-of-your-dreams?? I hate! Absolutely hate >_<

Oh, the title! It's from the song I adore right now. It's adorable.

Doesn't she look like a cute version of Michael Jackson? Haina?

So, that's it. This senseless post is dedicated to you.. yes, you! And nah, not you! Not at all!

Happy Sunday!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Friday, April 15, 2011

It Scares Me How Easily I Can Get Pissed Off These Days *creepy smile*

My life's all messed up right now >_<  

I want to scream loudly. So here I go *scream* Oh well, didn't help. 

Things I come across daily that piss me off:

- Birds and their talent show

It's really hot and you're sweating like a pig. You buy a colorful ice-lolly, sit under the cool shade of tree.. and .. Wait.. is that a bird poop on your ice-lolly? Yes, it is.

I don't like birds. With their awful chirping, evil beaks and an ability to snatch your food --> I have been attacked by an eagle, and messing up your hair (and ice creams), who would like BIRDS? --> yes, yes, I can see many of you have raised your hands.  


- Douche bags who cannot see anyone happy

So, there's this girl in my class. She is annoying as hell. If you tell me I have to spend a day with her <-- for which I'll win million of dollars or I'd get eaten by a gang of hungry grizzly bears.. I would go for the bears gladly. You know they will only chew me down <-- good for their hungry tummies. I won't have to listen them bragging and whining. There will be no of risk of having an cerebral aneurysm or something more horrible like being in a vegetable state <-- she would surely eat me with salt and pepper. Really, her words can fatally damage my already weakened nerves. That girl! OMG. Everything is a competition for her, a competition in which she HAS to, HAS to, come first. I don't care, though.. wait I do.. She's so mean and cunning = A perfect dinner for a gang of hungry grizzly bears.


- Having a loud fit of cough when it is quiet in the room

 It's deadly quiet. Nobody cares about anything except the question paper on their desks. Your eyes water, you choke, you wheeze and TaDa.. Cough, cough.. ugly sick barky cough.. Everyone turns and stare at you, the teacher glares because you're that evil student who has disturbed the peace, water bottles are being passed, there are giggles and disgusted faces. It takes ages to calm you down. Mortifying.


- People who are just plain irritating

Now that will be a long list. People who ask for time after every 5 minutes. People who talk loudly and smugly on their cellphones. People who take diet coke with cheese burger <-- and then they order dessert, too. People who are slower than a snail. People with constant cheeky grins on their faces like they have a won a lottery <-- slap, slap. People who pretend they know everything. Some of them even know how to built a pyramid. People who clap and laugh obnoxiously. People who think they are dying. Wannabe nerds, emo, bikers, model, blogger etc

People, people =/

- The song Friday by Rebecca Black

OMG it's Friday. We so excited! Hu-ha. Fail.


By the way am craving for hot Banana Muffin!

Sidrah xx o(>_<)o

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Chance To Babble

Surprise, surprise. Blog-awards season going on, I guess?  Got a few *happy dance*.

From Ishashime
to Sidrah from Under The Magic Tree. Her blog is just so cute and adorable, and so are her posts. Plus, she's also really nice. YAY!

And one of the Koofy awards from the best buddy Sana Castellano

to SIDRAH from Under the Magic Tree,  for being my childhood blogger buddy
And lookie, they got rules, too <-- OMG. No way.

- accept the award and thank the award-giver.
- award any deserving blogger that comes to your mind.
- do the 'a picture from my camera' thing in which you upload any random picture that you've taken from your/your friend's cellphone/camera and write a funny/sad/interesting/disgusting/sweet/lame/awesome caption for it.

Picture From My Camera

Once upon a time three friends made a plan to go out together to have fun. After 2 years of struggle with laziness they finally went and had awesome fun. 

Okay. Thanku thanku, Sana and Ishashime *hug* =) and Nas for the stylish blogger award.

I will give this 'adorable blog award' to Al - Who doesn't give sh*t.. Her posts always make me crack.

I have also been tagged by Sana. I have to write whatever comes in my mind when I see the red words. Now this is fun, isn't it? Another chance to ramble about yourself. I like it.

Food - Am a person who lives to eat <-- my motto: Make Lunch, Not War.
Color - Blue, green, yellow, pink, brown. Crayons and colored chalks.
Animals - Giraffes with their graceful necks and zebras with their curves. Sexy.
Sports - Uff. Pak vs India Cricket semifinal =/. Urgh. *happy thoughts come my way please*
Dessert - Coffee cake and brownies *drool*
Artist/Singer/Band - Within Temptation, Dan Black, Kelly Clarkson, Birthday Massacre.
Pair of shoes - I love my new purple-black shoes!! Lookie!

They are PERFECT! I have finally found the right pair!
Outfit - Long shirts, leggings and colorful accessories.
Skinny jeans - Not my thing. Got one pair
Perfume - am not a perfume-person. I once tried it and I got dyspnea.
Accessory - Pearl earrings and colorful funky bracelets *heart heart*
City - Venice. I wanna go there and find my long lost family <-- long story. Also it's a beautiful place.
Hobby - Reading, blogging, eating, inventing lame jokes and sad songs, and amusing myself.
Beauty product - Kohl (I look incomplete without it) and Lip-gloss.
Snack- Depends on my mood. Right now I want popcorns.
Holiday - Ramadan! Yes, now we will get our vacations in Ramadan. LoL. No, am so not looking forward to it. What on earth am gonna do all day? Wait for iftari, I guess.
Movie - Nowadays am in love with Amelie. It's a french movie so you have to watch it with subtitles, but it is totally awesome. Like Awesome awesome! *hearts*
Song - Wonder by Dan Black
Guilty Pleasures - New clothes and novels, yummy fried chicken rice, and having me-time (you know when you're alone, doing nothing. You think and smile and smile and think)

I tag *scratches my head* 
- pH
- Sadiya 
- Single Unsingle

Happy Moments!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spiders Are Not Cuddly Like Bunnies

12 days later..

Hospital rotations are finally over *sigh of relief* and Perio isn't so bad. I had my VERY very very first patient yesterday. She was a sweet old lady. She came with paan-betel nut-tea-what not-stained teeth and went back with sparkling ones, well, almost. Thanks to me <-- and the house-officer who helped me. For the first time in my life I felt like a dentist *ahem*.

Am kind of down these days. Glad March will be over soon. Awful things keep happening to me. Monday the eight-legged creepy spider bit me and I had a very bad allergy reaction <-- Fact: all spiders have eight legs and are creepy. How freaking sad. I could have anaphylactic shock and die... but.. It seems am better today. I hate spiders. My friends say spider are cute and playful <-- God knows how. I didn't ask it to bite me. I didn't threaten its life. I didn't give it a famous Pedo-smile. I was effin lying on my bed when it bit me! Spiders, spiders, how I hate them. They have invaded my shoes, my books and once my glass of water! So why shouldn't I hate spiders? Two of my friends call me Spidrah. God. Can't help it if name gels with spiders.

urrrrr lonnnn losssss friennnn.. Urgh.

Anyway, last night with all my itchiness and sadness I was counting books I remember I have read. Unfortunately I fell asleep. Damn. I really want to know the number, will have to write the names down. Yes, that's crazy, I know <-- still am going to do it...and blog about it.

And OMG. Its 30th March. The much awaited day has finally arrived. Okay am never ever interested in sports, but even am kind of anxious about this match. For most people in Pakistan and India, this will be the final match rather than the semi-final. It's like World War 3. It's like waiting for a exam result. It's like undergoing a tumor surgery. It's like Tom n Jerry. Such is the rivalry between these two countries.

Horrible Picture, right?

 Being a Pakistani, of course, I support Pakistan. Go Afridi *crush crush*!

The coolest thing is we got a holiday *yay yay* and I heard there will be no load shedding today. Wow.

Sit back, bite your fingernails and pray. Its gonna be awesome. And remember, its cricket, not a matter of ego. God bless =)

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o