Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gun - Your New Best Friend

Guys, remember me? I used to comment on your blogs and did strangely nice posts. I have been ignoring my blog for a pretty long time now. Enough is enough. I'll write something even if it's all crap <-- now, now, it won't be that bad. 

So, how's the shopping going? Well, if you live in Karachi, forget clothes, shoes, lip-gloss, hair products and table clothes <-- this one for my mum who hasn't found her perfect table clothe since my brothers and I tore the last one. Just buy a gun and you shall be safe. Do I heard a gasp? If you can do karate like Jackie Chan,fly like power-puff girls or jump like spider-man, you're pretty much safe <-- I bet none of you can. Come on, guns are necessary for survival. You don't have to show it off to your pals, kills birds, or say humans. You need it to scare the bad people away, to defend yourself against the criminals and thieves. Plus if you buy a cowboy/girl boots and costume you can pretend to be one <-- I always wanted to do that. Let's face it, it'll be fun.

Imagine this:


Lalallala. Perfect.

Happy moments! =)

P.S. Sorry, I know my doodle ain't that good. But hey, blog updated! ^^


Sana Castellano said...

LOVED THE DOODLE. =D cheered me up when she took out the gun.
I hope your mum finds the perfect table cloth. Miss your posts.

Sidrah said...

*hug* =)

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Sure I remembered and MISSED YOU, your post and your comments!!! A LOT.

Awesome Doodle evr!!!!!!

Welcome Back!!

Nostalgic said...

Haha. ROFL.

Awesome doodle it is, babe. And yes, guns are necessary for survival in a city like Karachi.

I wonder how wud a 'Chor' react if a victim points out a gun back at him :p haha. Funny scene hoga!

Missed you <3

Sidrah said...

Yayie, Hamza =) *happy*

I hope it'd be just like this =D
Thanku ^^

PurpleMist. said...

This is perfect :D


Furree Katt said...

your drawing was hilarious! like Nostalgic said, it would really make a funny scene if it actually happened. :P
i love your posts! ♥ don't ever leave us alone for too long ;(

quartertoinsane said...

doodle is gud... i wouldnt knw anyway... :P

n u need bang bang to get rid of the bad guy, simply pulling it out wont help...

Muhammad Israr said... imagining the expression of the mobile robber seeing a girl with a real gun :)

Ph_ said...

Doodle! *Likes Likes*
*Sighs* Yup, I am in Karachi and it's like we are grounded in our home =/
Glad to see your blog updated :)
P.S. Sorry.. Umm been away lately, but hopefully back! :)

ateeq mughal said...

hahahahah, rofl, lol, lmfao..
anything left..
i don't think so,
lalallala perfect.
lol, i bet those guns which all the CHORZ carry are not real, they can't bye themselves food, how would they buy a gun, but no one's got the courage to prove it. :P

Tazeen said...

Haha! I wish we could pull out a gun like that! :P

Great to see you back!

AcetylCholine said...

You are back. :D I like the doodle.

Aabi said...

Yaaayyy you're back!
Loved the doodle! Perfection.

Blahblaholic ♥ said...

Yaaay you iz back >:D<
And the doodle = me loved :D
It was very funny :D

Nas said...

Welcome back!
I loveeed the doodle. It made me smile.

Hope you're well!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Iske aage kya hua, wo bhi doodle karo na. Chor bhaaga ke Cowboy style fighting hui? :P

Blasphemous Aesthete

Aasiyah said...

Haha. :D Whattay doodle. I don't know if we should promote guns with Karachiite civilians.

Kiran Ashraf said...

true!!!living in khi, i regret not being trained in any kind of martial art

..the floodgate of feelings..:] said...

welcome bak:)
hahah true true...guns can do wonders in karachi!:D:P
i am ur new follower btw...i hope you check out my blog and follow it:)

Crimson Coral said...


kitnaaa maza aye if i do that someday!! LOVE the doodle..

ur cute and adorable! muah!

Chupa Rustam said...

Heyyyyyy! I'm ay die hard fan of ur posts. Keep updating ^_^