Saturday, June 30, 2012

Between Dog And Wolf

Warning: Okay, this is a very weird, creepy, unlike me post. So if you are planning to fall in love with me I say don't read it. But you will. You curious lot. Sigh. 

And if you guys have it too, let's talk about it over a cup of coffee. Just kidding. We should ignore each other and spare the awkwardness.

Go away. Now.

Ever got trapped in your own body?  I don’t know many people who have this horrible condition I have thanks to my mum’s genes. Sleep Paralysis. This spooky hereditary disorder sounds intriguing.  It has all the classic signs and symptoms of a terrifying nightmare:

-          You can’t breathe.
-          You can’t move.
-          You can’t speak
-          Intense fear.
-          This awful feeling of someone doing gymnastics on your body.
-          Sometimes a tearing pain will pass through you.
-          And sometimes you will vibrate like your cell phone.
-          You might hallucinate. Catch a glimpse of a spirit, ghost, beast  or your own self
-          A certain sense of an evil presence surrounds you.
-          Astral project into the other worlds. At least some people claim to.
-          Lucid dreaming. 

I was 11 when I first experience the ghastly Sleep Paralysis.  Now, 10 years later (or is it 11? I suck at math) it still happens, frequently.  Okay. 

As much as I like to think that it is a group of alien experimenting on me OR an old hag has taken a fancy to me OR a person has created my voodoo doll – it’s not that interesting after all. UnFortunately, it has a scientific explanation (to my relief and disappointment!). No paranormal stuff like black magic... Or is it? I am doubtful. 

Sleep Paralysis occurs due to this random mis-transmission of chemicals. Your body is all ZzZzZz and your mind is like O_O and these things you see and feel are just in your imagination.You are between the states of consciousness and unconsciousness. 

So after battling with insomnia (or rather sleep-phobia) and caffeine addiction I am finally getting over it.  They say just go with the flow, scrunch up your face and wriggle your toes. You will be okay in a few minutes. Or…

You’ll die from Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome (SUNDS) True Story

Now I'll go to bed. I hope it won't happen..

But It Will. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Bitter Post

12: 20 AM
I Don't Even Like This Cat.

It’s quite funny when you are really desperate for distractions there seem to be nothing around. 

No friends.
No internet.
No exasperating brothers and dynamic parents.
No yummy food in the fridge to release gluttonous, jovial hormones.
No season 11 of Friends.  How much I miss my virtual BFFs and the love of my life, Chandler Bing!
No interesting eBooks to imprison the mind.
No Feel-good movies. 
No OPDs where you can take your frustrations out by extracting a tooth.  (Or get more frustrated by failing to).
No mind-numbing, early morning lectures which very effectively awaken the zombie in me.
No assignment and test to make me undergo procrastination. 
No catchy songs I can perform bhangra to.  
No bodies to hide. Who should I kill next? Hmm. 

It’s just my dying laptop, WordPad and me. (Yes, not even Microsoft office 2007, it bitches about the key all the time).

And it’s Sunday tomorrow, the day I am not friends with.
I shall post the bitter post on my blog when disloyal internet works.  A whiny post is a great post to revive your dead blog.  Okay, too much usage of the word ‘post’. 

Who knows when we meet again? Till then, farewell.