Saturday, December 31, 2011

False Hopes: The Busiest Year Ahead.

Time has sped by us once again. I look back on the night of December 31 2010 and see myself gulping down an enormous burger with a handful of garlic mayo fries, eyes on a battered Pharmacology book in one of my sticky hands and brain laboring over the names of drugs. I was determined to study till 12, afterwards what I was going to conjure up I cannot remember --> obviously I failed to invent a miraculous machine, and in its place had watched a movie and consumed some more food. I was quite sanguine. Eager for the year to start, for 2010 hadn't been kind to me. I made a couple of life-changing resolutions and same old promises to tame the bulges --> FAIL!. And I turned the age I hated #20. 

From that night to this night it has been same old me, except an year older --> and wiser and no longer much of a hopelessly optimistic idealist. However, still an idealist, I can never be a realist. It was going on well till it came crashing down and Tada! It was like 'On your face, girl!'  Thank you very much indeed.

Life is not fair, my dear.

Since I always seem to contradict them, there's no harm in making some loony resolutions.

January: Ride a camel in Sahara Desert. Stalk and make some deadly enemies. Kill the enemies. Sell the camel.
February: Visit Lake Loch Ness and look for the famous sea serpent. Make Nessie my pet.
March: Travel to Africa, sight-see and smuggle the lions and zebras to Pakistan. Gift a few lions to my loyal friends.
I seem to be obsessed with animal, don't I?
April: Take a picture underneath the northern lights (the Aurora) and pretend to be a professional photographer.  Create northern lights in Pakistan.
May:  Direct a soap opera better than Humsafar [staring Fawad Khan as a villain].
June: Take a break and trend on twitter #sidrahwhotrendedandgotfamousfornothingatall
July: Ask someone to marry me and then leave them at the altar (or rather leave them sitting on a highly decorated sofa). --> the runaway bride
August: Become a silent monk. Shave my head and give everyone a baleful stare.
September: Make a movie '2013'. With amazing 8D effects. Tagline: The world ends, once again.
October: Befriend some Eskimos. Live in a igloo and eat fish and fish and fish.
November: Run a famous jalsa like Imran Khan's PTI.
December: Don't look back. Just run forward.

The Next December.

So, I should pack my knapsack and steal a camel.

Happy new year!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Obsession - A Donut.

I broke up with my obsession yesterday. We parted on friendly terms. I thought my infatuation with Edward Norton would go on forever, however it lasted less than two weeks. After stalking him on twitter --> his tweets were really boring and didn't satisfy me at all, staring at his pictures, watching all of his movies (even the sucky ones like Death to Smoochy), and posting a really silly blogpost about him, my obsession turned into indifference. It was my first crazy celeb crush and hopefully my last. And such a relief it is. Now I can concentrate back on my plan --> taking over the world. Unfortunately my plan won't work for another thousands years. 

So, am putting Edward Norton into my secret book --> The Great Book Of Obsession (the things I obsess and dream about) by Anonymous.

It has a long lists of things Anonymous had loved and ditched over the years. The cover page also has a warning: Highly contagious. You might want to obsess yourself. If you have found it then I beg you not to read it, it will only waste your time. By the way page 107504 has the exact thing I warned you about.


Current maddening obsessions: Peanuts. Inheritance cycle. Internet. Procrastination.

So, who went to Karachi International Bookfair? Anyone? ANYONE? I went twice, spent all my savings on just 9 books and didn't even feel satisfied. I wanted to spend the whole day there browsing and buying books if my parents had let me. I have decided I absolutely love bookfairs. Even KIBF with its snobbish highly priced load of books. Even in school when most of the kids couldn't care less, the yearly bookfair and library time were few of the things I really looked forward to (the others being: lunch break and morning presentations).

So.. I'll blog-walk for a while. I miss stalking your awesome blogs, guys. This 3 months long study-leave is not going well with me. Cannot study, cannot have fun. Sick.

May the stars watch over you. <-- a symptom of obsession with Inheritance cycle.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o    

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Am Jack's Obsession With Edward Norton

Isn't he the cutest?


Yes. I love this guy. 

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o