Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Missed Myself

It's over. Yes, the doomed 2nd year is officially over. On Monday I will be in 3rd year. Oh, the cruel people, who didn't even give us a week to relax *looks pissed off for a while* but it's such a happy time to be pissed off, even with you cruel people, whoever you are.

I wanna do a Happy Dance... SoOh, you wanna dance with me too? Here we go! 

Yeah, well, that was lame.

Is there a song you can sing when your exams are over after four months?


Make one. Or I will have to.

Okay, seriously, I have no idea what to blog about =/ do you want to know that am having tea and eating some oily and way too much salty chips (you guessed it, Pakistani Lays)? I bet not.

Get ready for random babbling *shoot shoot*

This is January. Yes. New year. 2011... Haven't gotten used to it, wrote 2010 on my exam copy today.

Hey, that one-jolt earthquake is still a hot news? No? Am going to tell you, anyway. I was watching Romeo and Juliet, absorbed in Leonardo's face (by the way I found the movie very annoying), and my bed jumped *ooo suspense*, I had no idea it was an Earthquake, thought there were some boogie men under my bed *really*, ran with a full speed to my parent's room (somehow with my cellphone)...and lookie, my inbox said other people had boogie men under their bed, too.Woohoo, boogie men attack. But it  was way scarier than that, it was an earthquake.. Like *OMG*! I couldn't sleep the other two nights, I was so sure my bed would jump if I did. There she goes, up in the air. Mild it was, it scared the sh*t out of me. No earthquakes for me please, thank you. Quake quake. Quack quack?

Want to watch something funny? I love this guy. He is so damn funny, have a lookie!

Hey I recently watched a movie called Easy A, it was pretty funny. Surely will make you laugh (if you're a Mean Girls fan).

Hey, Sana thank you for the blog award =) *happy* <-- <--- <--- 

Okay, time to end this way too random post, things shall get better, am suffering from post-examination syndrome after all.
When things get better.. Oh, somebody forget their color pencils. Duh.

Sidrah xx o(^_^)o