Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spiders Are Not Cuddly Like Bunnies

12 days later..

Hospital rotations are finally over *sigh of relief* and Perio isn't so bad. I had my VERY very very first patient yesterday. She was a sweet old lady. She came with paan-betel nut-tea-what not-stained teeth and went back with sparkling ones, well, almost. Thanks to me <-- and the house-officer who helped me. For the first time in my life I felt like a dentist *ahem*.

Am kind of down these days. Glad March will be over soon. Awful things keep happening to me. Monday the eight-legged creepy spider bit me and I had a very bad allergy reaction <-- Fact: all spiders have eight legs and are creepy. How freaking sad. I could have anaphylactic shock and die... but.. It seems am better today. I hate spiders. My friends say spider are cute and playful <-- God knows how. I didn't ask it to bite me. I didn't threaten its life. I didn't give it a famous Pedo-smile. I was effin lying on my bed when it bit me! Spiders, spiders, how I hate them. They have invaded my shoes, my books and once my glass of water! So why shouldn't I hate spiders? Two of my friends call me Spidrah. God. Can't help it if name gels with spiders.

urrrrr lonnnn losssss friennnn.. Urgh.

Anyway, last night with all my itchiness and sadness I was counting books I remember I have read. Unfortunately I fell asleep. Damn. I really want to know the number, will have to write the names down. Yes, that's crazy, I know <-- still am going to do it...and blog about it.

And OMG. Its 30th March. The much awaited day has finally arrived. Okay am never ever interested in sports, but even am kind of anxious about this match. For most people in Pakistan and India, this will be the final match rather than the semi-final. It's like World War 3. It's like waiting for a exam result. It's like undergoing a tumor surgery. It's like Tom n Jerry. Such is the rivalry between these two countries.

Horrible Picture, right?

 Being a Pakistani, of course, I support Pakistan. Go Afridi *crush crush*!

The coolest thing is we got a holiday *yay yay* and I heard there will be no load shedding today. Wow.

Sit back, bite your fingernails and pray. Its gonna be awesome. And remember, its cricket, not a matter of ego. God bless =)

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Friday, March 18, 2011

Don't Like Summer. Your Argument Is Invalid.

You know what sucks? Edward Cullen. Also, this hot weather. I have a feeling it is going to be a long sweaty sticky summer *sigh*. And hey, who invited those flies and mosquitoes? Any lawn exhibitions going on for them, too? They have invaded our land once again. The college cafeteria, the vehicles, the ugly stinky hospital, the dental OPD, my sandwich and air-conditioned lecture halls too <--No sukoon. They are everywhere *scratch scratch* Haww.
If only it worked.

 I don't like summer. They ruin me physically and emotionally. Am a winter girl. I like blankets and peanuts.

Today I attended my first OT. And what do I get to see? A circumcision <-- read that again and be shocked. It was horrible. The baby cried and cried and cried. All I could see was a bit baby's horrified face <-- thanks to my shortness. Doesn't matter much because I couldn't bear to watch That. God knows why my friends made the video <-- Could my friends possible be pedo? They have been planning to blackmail this baby when he grows up.

Want to know more things that suck?

- Depressing gay movies like The Single Man. Especially if your expecting totally the opposite.
- Twilight and cheesiness. <-- yeah, yeah. Old news.
- When multitasking goes wrong.
- Bird poop on your head. Oh, crap.
- Random awful things that somehow happen. Like bird poop on your head.

Wish we DO get a warning.

Cos this is what happens
- Disgusting men who stare <-- slap, slap, kick, kick. Hu-ha. Bird poop on your head, you moron!

- Having to eat tasteless noodles in college because a fly made out with your sandwich. Now your ex-sandwich.
- Lady Gaga <-- well, she's somewhere between. I just found her freaky.
- People who borrow books and think it's not necessary to return so they throw them away. WTF.
- Crappy teachers who make you stand for 3 hours.
- Flies, mosquitoes and spiders. They are nasty. I loath insects that bug me in the middle of the night.
- People who end up looking like clowns and are not aware of it. Too much color will never do you any good.
- Pedo <-- but pedo smile is awesome.
- Long lists <-- Yes I should shut up now.


Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Eat Porridge. Can I Be Goldilocks?

It's been almost a week. Am getting better. Rapidly. Nah. Sluggishly. Goodbye to sore throat and fever. Hello to ear infection. Bet you don't want the gross details, do you? I cried buckets of tears yesterday. OMG. Why? I felt sorry for myself. I had been bedridden for days. I missed college, laughing, blogging, looking nice and eating yummy food. My diet consisted of milk and porridge <-- I pretended to be Goldilocks (not that I found anything Just right). Oh, let's not forget the dreadful pain in my ear. And those antibiotics, man oh man, they are killing me. Wish they could have eaten up some fat, but hell no, they only took my shine away. I look.. what's the word.. UGLY. Ugly like Chucky's bride <-- now, now, am only exaggerating.


Okay. That was plenty of bitterness.
But am still Goldilocks (doesn't matter if I haven't got blonde hair. Or that I look fugly. Humph).

Am home bound <-- please don't start again and craving for new yummy novels. I LOVE books *heart heart*. Since I have been to terrible-madness medical college, I have not been reading much. Two years back, I used to go book-shopping twice a month, would buy around ten books on each visit and read them all in no time <-- showing-off. Come on, it's TRUE! Things have changed. Now I go once in a blue moon and get pretty stupid books in haste. Yes, good books don't come to me anymore *sob sob* I keep buying fazool-tareen novels about angels killing devils, romantic stories even worse than mills and boon or some irksome crime novel in which the detective is old and bald with a huge mustache. Anyway. I want the expert bookophillic back in me. Because this is a serious condition, not being able to buy peachy books, very serious.

Here are the books I really really really want to read:

The Brightest Star In The Sky by Marian Keyes

Like Mandarin By  Kristen Hubbard

..and ALL the novels by Anita Shreve. I adore her books. She is an amazing writer. My favorite book of hers is Fortune's Rock.  I wish I could write like her. Dream on.

Few days back I won a book 'Sorta Like A Rockstar' from this wonderful blog *happy*. I never thought I would win.. I guess such things  can happen, rarely, but they do. I won. At least now I will have a great book to read. Thank you Claire =)

Was so happy about winning, I entered more contests <-- now you must be laughing at me. Hey, if you are a bookworm, you should enter too. All you have to do is fill wee lil forms on these blogs:

A Good Addiction
Addicted 2 Novels

Oh, I won another blog award (note another &lt;--show-off). Thank Sydia =* You are awesome.

Wow. Yayie. I have 109 Followers. Thankyou so much guys, for reading my blog (and for loving it, I hope). I love you all =* just waiting for Valentine's Day.

College's holding Spring Festival on Sunday. Hope will be better by then. Looking forward to it =)

Good health to us <-- what? No world peace?

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Friday, March 4, 2011

February Is Over. March Doesn't Seem To Be My Month.

A crappy day is fine. Two crappy days are also fine.. but a CRAPPY week is so not dandy. 

Let's begin.

On Tuesday I woke up by falling out of my bed. I tried to catch my flying fishes for 2 minutes when it dawned upon me they were actually in a dream. Crap. I keep dreaming about colorful translucent fishes that fly around me. How mysterious.  And come on fishes, I don't like you. I don't even consume you. Stop invading my dreams.

Shampoo stings my eyes every morning. I have to suffer from red itchy watery eyes for half an hour. Some issues, I guess.

I have to go on a ultra-jumpy bus with my classmates daily. Imagine springing up and down for 45 minutes in a row. Am sure when we get off our organs aren't in their original positions. The hospital is getting way too unpleasant to bear. General surgery sucks.

yeah, something like this.

My friend and I bought the same exact dress. How can we outshine? It's appalling.

I studied for the test like a dweeb. The test was student-friendly. I wish I hadn't wasted precious hours going through the fat book when I could have aced it by hitting the thin booklet.

I broke my almost-new shoes on Wednesday. Had to use a safety pin. My friends and I, in my broken shoe, went shopping. The safety pin kept biting me. Now I have a blackish thumb and a callus on my small toe as big as a cow. <-- Shoes and I don't gel, don't you think? Flat pumps or heels, they all hate me.

These days I end up watching depressing and brutal movies. Rabbit hole, The talented Mr. Ripley, Mr. Brooke - They are all neat and go with my mood. <-- who needs to smile? Me.

Now the Big Crappy News: I have pharyngitis, 102 f fever and very severe body-ache that am unable to walk. It gets better and it recurs. My voice is croaky like a frog. Blahhh.

I missed today's OT because of my (un)health. My friend tells me it's bloody, suffocating and very interesting. Why couldn't I be sick last week?? <-- I had my scrubs ready, and I so wanted to wear them

sick n crappy. 

Enough crap for one post. Am off to eat porridge and apples <-- Yay? and then back to my warm bed for a little snooze.    

croak, croak.
Sidrah xx o(-_-)o