Friday, March 4, 2011

February Is Over. March Doesn't Seem To Be My Month.

A crappy day is fine. Two crappy days are also fine.. but a CRAPPY week is so not dandy. 

Let's begin.

On Tuesday I woke up by falling out of my bed. I tried to catch my flying fishes for 2 minutes when it dawned upon me they were actually in a dream. Crap. I keep dreaming about colorful translucent fishes that fly around me. How mysterious.  And come on fishes, I don't like you. I don't even consume you. Stop invading my dreams.

Shampoo stings my eyes every morning. I have to suffer from red itchy watery eyes for half an hour. Some issues, I guess.

I have to go on a ultra-jumpy bus with my classmates daily. Imagine springing up and down for 45 minutes in a row. Am sure when we get off our organs aren't in their original positions. The hospital is getting way too unpleasant to bear. General surgery sucks.

yeah, something like this.

My friend and I bought the same exact dress. How can we outshine? It's appalling.

I studied for the test like a dweeb. The test was student-friendly. I wish I hadn't wasted precious hours going through the fat book when I could have aced it by hitting the thin booklet.

I broke my almost-new shoes on Wednesday. Had to use a safety pin. My friends and I, in my broken shoe, went shopping. The safety pin kept biting me. Now I have a blackish thumb and a callus on my small toe as big as a cow. <-- Shoes and I don't gel, don't you think? Flat pumps or heels, they all hate me.

These days I end up watching depressing and brutal movies. Rabbit hole, The talented Mr. Ripley, Mr. Brooke - They are all neat and go with my mood. <-- who needs to smile? Me.

Now the Big Crappy News: I have pharyngitis, 102 f fever and very severe body-ache that am unable to walk. It gets better and it recurs. My voice is croaky like a frog. Blahhh.

I missed today's OT because of my (un)health. My friend tells me it's bloody, suffocating and very interesting. Why couldn't I be sick last week?? <-- I had my scrubs ready, and I so wanted to wear them

sick n crappy. 

Enough crap for one post. Am off to eat porridge and apples <-- Yay? and then back to my warm bed for a little snooze.    

croak, croak.
Sidrah xx o(-_-)o


AcetylCholine said...

Pharyngitis? 102 F? OMG. YOU ARE GOING TO GET RF. (It felt necessary to brag about it here since I read about it last module.)

Don't watch depressing movies, watch comedies. <3

Wishing a hasty recovery. Cheers.

Nas said...

Hope you get well soon!

Have you tried closing your eyes when you apply the shampoo?

And duuuuuude! The princess is meant to kiss the frog not eat it!


Sidrah said...

I don't think its stretococcus pyogenes =p
thanku =]

yes i have =|

it wasn't the right one.. so *gulp* =o

AL said...


S.A.C~ said...

awww *hugs*
hope you feel better soon, insh'Allah!

H.T said...

get well soon :l

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Instead of writing, you should seriously be resting.

Anonymous said...

I love your writings, and these little GIF images..

Get well soon honey!

Sidrah said...

am sick of being in bed =[

thanku guys <3

Ph_ said...

SAme here :(
Feverish =/

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Ha ha lovely..
March is or seems to be the most monotonous month of the year..:)

COOl,alluring blog .
And you have got yourself a brand new follower.

Anonymous said...

awww........ get well soon <3

Syida said...

u are really amazing with all your writing.

I give u award...
check my blog

Sidrah said...

aww thanku Sydia =)

Sidrah said...

get well soon =o *hug*

thanku everyone =')
you made me happy!