Sunday, October 16, 2011

Plans, Movies and Mustaches.

I am big on making plans. Probably one of my favorite things to do. Whatever the situation is, I have got to plan. Shopping? Plan. Friends day out? Plan. Exams timetable? Plan. Decorating my boring old cupboard? Plan. I even used to have wee little colorful notebooks for jotting down my not-so-spontaneous plans, am I glad I am over those! Anyway mostly at the end of the day I feel kind of let down because things never go as you plan. My imagination has never heard of misfortunes, or if it has it tends to forget, but in reality they are bound to happen now and then. Also, I am super-lazy ass person. After spending like 13 hours on an awesome daydream, I do nothing. I get bored. So I have decided no more planning, for time being, at least.

Plans gone wrong.

Bollywood always fools me. After 'almost' every movie I see I say 'No way I am going to watch another bollywood movie. No, no, no, no'. Then a month later everyone's talking about this new movie which is like the most amazing movie ever and I just have to watch it. Sure, Bollywood has produced some great movies like Fashion, Dil chahta hai and Wake up, Sid (and of course the cheesiest Kuch kuch hota hai that I cannot help but love it) and many others so no offence.

Two months ago Zindagi na Milegi Dobara fooled me. Trailer was nice enough. The actual movie? It was a sheer wastage of time. Yes, it had some good one-liners, Hrithik Roshan looked hot (Katrina Kaif for some?) and the songs weren't too bad. Rest of it lingered for too long on how beautiful the world is (why not listen to Louise Armstrong's great song?), confront our fears and dance. They tried too hard to appear cool. I might even have actually liked it if the ending wasn't so bizarre -_- <-- JK, I wouldn't like it then either. And how on earth can you compare it with Dil chahta hai? It made an instant connection. ZNMD didn't. Okay. 

Last week, God, I wasted precious 3 hours of my fabulous life on Mausam. Some of my friends were like ooOooo, it's going to be BEST MOVIE EVER because Shahid Kapoor looked so sexy in mustache <-- IDK about that. I am not a fan of moustaches. They loved it. It was even worse than ZNMD. It is a drag. Imagine When Harry Met Sally, The Notebook and all those romantic movies that make you awww with Indian cheese masala. Sadly I didn't feel a thing. There was no chemistry between the leads, the length of the movie made me want to pull my hair out and cry, the real life incidents somehow managed to affect the main characters every single time, how unfortunate can you get? The Ferris wheel scene was the last straw. I was like What the hell. Shahid Kapoor with his numb arm suddenly turned into superhero. Rajinikanth is ashamed <-- and very mad, too. Keep your mustaches on. 

I want to babble about other awful movies like pyaar ka punchnama that potrayed the girls as monsters eating your heart and brain (you bad bad movie director! Most girls are normal, not alienated bitches) but maybe later.

Seriously I am NEVER going to watch another Bollywood movie. That's my plan

Because I Like Pretty Pictures.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o