Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This Valentine's Day - How To Survive Being Single

Do you see red balloons, red hearts, red gift wrappers, red roses, cute teddy bears, chocolates and feel the beating hearts everywhere (now that's corny)? Yeah, yeah it's the much awaited Valentine's Day. If you are in a cute-puppy-eyes-holding-hands-OMGIloveyou relationship, yay for you, but those who are single or 'feel' single these days (happens to the best of us), I only want to say 'awwwww'. Just kidding. As I said happens to the best of us. Enjoy it while it lasts. Go on wear red (or whatever you like), eat chocolates (or whatever you like) and hang out with your friends and family (or your dogs, cats, mice and teddy bears).

Yes it may really suck when you so want a cute-puppy-eyes-holding-hands-OMGIloveyou relationship. So what you must not do:

- Don't fret over it. Couples holding hands in your college? Ouch. Bunch of roses for your best friends? Double ouch! Best friends going on a date. Oh no. But hey, don't be jealous. Realize everyone is not a (and doesn't have) Romeo/Juliet. Be patient and wait for the right person. Till then dance alone (or with your other singles friends) <-- much fun!

- Don't be a third wheel. Trust me it's going to be so much better if you hide in your closet and cry rather than hanging out with a cute-puppy-eyes-holding-hands-OMGIloveyou couple.

Told you so.

-Don't ruin things for your friends. <-- single and friendless??? No, we won't want that.

- Don't let your (annoying) friends pressurize you. Blind date? <-- Umm, no. Don't think so. If you're really desperate, like REALLY REALLY desperate, you can go (Oh, but come on!!)

- Don't send flowers to yourself just to show-off <-- everyone knows the truth anyway.

Now, what you must remember:

- Valentine's Day is not only for couples. It's for all of us. Get that?????

- You don't have to buy a special gift for the significant-other.

- You can do whatever you please. Be a slob, be fat, be thin, be cute, be grumpy, be a flirt. Nobody cares.

- Singles Awareness (or Appreciation) Day is a day for you! Now how cool is that!!!! I know, I know, it is not that cool. Still you should go on and enjoy it. You might find the love of your life celebrating it too. <-- fat chance. Huh.

- This one, I read on some site 'If you are single because of a recent loss, allow this to be a day of grieving. Do not pretend that it’s not a hard day. Get support and sympathy'.

- Valentine's Day is actually about making money. How many roses and chocolates one can sell! Go on, open a shop and get rich ASAP. Plus, as you're single you're saving money, too. Yay. <-- Yay!!!!!

- Have freaking fun with your other single friends. Or with your cat  <-- Kitty party.

- Blog about it and wait for nice comments.

Hearts for all. Happy Singles Awareness and Valentine's day.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)