Sunday, April 24, 2011

Don't Listen To Me Am Being Paranoid!

Sunday. It's Sunday.. it's Sunday... The last day of the weeeekendd! It's sunday.. Oh no, tomorrow is Monday. Don't go, Sundayyyyy!

Like it? I think am gonna be famous if I keep making up such songs. Watch out.

My mum's glaring at me because I have taken my breakfast to my bedroom <-- what's wrong with that??. Am not in a mood to sit with my caustic brothers and watch Geo TV <-- thanks to my dad with my yummy spaghetti-noodles and a lil piece of pratha I stole from my brother's plate <-- It's a sin for me to eat whole pratha. 

Talking about spaghetti-noodles yesterday <-- was saturday I had a sudden craving of noodles at 11:35 PM exactly. I got up from my lazy dusty kingdom and entered the most sacred place 'The Kitchen'.  I looked and looked and looked for a packet of maggie and in doing so I made a greatest mess ever made in this world <-- maybe that's the reason my mum's giving me the cold look?. Masalo ke dabbe cursed me as I pushed them in deep dark places of the cabinet. Poor Maggie, probably bullied by evil masale, sat hidden in a corner of the darkest zone <-- I had to get a chair to save it. Then brutally I threw the noodles into the boiling water <-- muhahahah. Wait. Oh no! I realized to my horror I was very hungry and one Maggie won't be enough for me. I turned to spaghetti and boiled them too <-- they took aaaaaages. In the end I ate a mixture of instant noodles and slow-as-a-turtle spaghetti. Was an okay experience. I was exhausted. I could only eat a spoonful <-- or a forkful.

Here I am, slurping on spaghetti-noodles and reading blogs. Lookie --> Pigs In Maputo's such a cute blog. I like.
True Happiness!

Anyway. Don't you sometimes want to kill your tailor when they ruin the dress-of-your-dreams?? I hate! Absolutely hate >_<

Oh, the title! It's from the song I adore right now. It's adorable.

Doesn't she look like a cute version of Michael Jackson? Haina?

So, that's it. This senseless post is dedicated to you.. yes, you! And nah, not you! Not at all!

Happy Sunday!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Friday, April 15, 2011

It Scares Me How Easily I Can Get Pissed Off These Days *creepy smile*

My life's all messed up right now >_<  

I want to scream loudly. So here I go *scream* Oh well, didn't help. 

Things I come across daily that piss me off:

- Birds and their talent show

It's really hot and you're sweating like a pig. You buy a colorful ice-lolly, sit under the cool shade of tree.. and .. Wait.. is that a bird poop on your ice-lolly? Yes, it is.

I don't like birds. With their awful chirping, evil beaks and an ability to snatch your food --> I have been attacked by an eagle, and messing up your hair (and ice creams), who would like BIRDS? --> yes, yes, I can see many of you have raised your hands.  


- Douche bags who cannot see anyone happy

So, there's this girl in my class. She is annoying as hell. If you tell me I have to spend a day with her <-- for which I'll win million of dollars or I'd get eaten by a gang of hungry grizzly bears.. I would go for the bears gladly. You know they will only chew me down <-- good for their hungry tummies. I won't have to listen them bragging and whining. There will be no of risk of having an cerebral aneurysm or something more horrible like being in a vegetable state <-- she would surely eat me with salt and pepper. Really, her words can fatally damage my already weakened nerves. That girl! OMG. Everything is a competition for her, a competition in which she HAS to, HAS to, come first. I don't care, though.. wait I do.. She's so mean and cunning = A perfect dinner for a gang of hungry grizzly bears.


- Having a loud fit of cough when it is quiet in the room

 It's deadly quiet. Nobody cares about anything except the question paper on their desks. Your eyes water, you choke, you wheeze and TaDa.. Cough, cough.. ugly sick barky cough.. Everyone turns and stare at you, the teacher glares because you're that evil student who has disturbed the peace, water bottles are being passed, there are giggles and disgusted faces. It takes ages to calm you down. Mortifying.


- People who are just plain irritating

Now that will be a long list. People who ask for time after every 5 minutes. People who talk loudly and smugly on their cellphones. People who take diet coke with cheese burger <-- and then they order dessert, too. People who are slower than a snail. People with constant cheeky grins on their faces like they have a won a lottery <-- slap, slap. People who pretend they know everything. Some of them even know how to built a pyramid. People who clap and laugh obnoxiously. People who think they are dying. Wannabe nerds, emo, bikers, model, blogger etc

People, people =/

- The song Friday by Rebecca Black

OMG it's Friday. We so excited! Hu-ha. Fail.


By the way am craving for hot Banana Muffin!

Sidrah xx o(>_<)o

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Chance To Babble

Surprise, surprise. Blog-awards season going on, I guess?  Got a few *happy dance*.

From Ishashime
to Sidrah from Under The Magic Tree. Her blog is just so cute and adorable, and so are her posts. Plus, she's also really nice. YAY!

And one of the Koofy awards from the best buddy Sana Castellano

to SIDRAH from Under the Magic Tree,  for being my childhood blogger buddy
And lookie, they got rules, too <-- OMG. No way.

- accept the award and thank the award-giver.
- award any deserving blogger that comes to your mind.
- do the 'a picture from my camera' thing in which you upload any random picture that you've taken from your/your friend's cellphone/camera and write a funny/sad/interesting/disgusting/sweet/lame/awesome caption for it.

Picture From My Camera

Once upon a time three friends made a plan to go out together to have fun. After 2 years of struggle with laziness they finally went and had awesome fun. 

Okay. Thanku thanku, Sana and Ishashime *hug* =) and Nas for the stylish blogger award.

I will give this 'adorable blog award' to Al - Who doesn't give sh*t.. Her posts always make me crack.

I have also been tagged by Sana. I have to write whatever comes in my mind when I see the red words. Now this is fun, isn't it? Another chance to ramble about yourself. I like it.

Food - Am a person who lives to eat <-- my motto: Make Lunch, Not War.
Color - Blue, green, yellow, pink, brown. Crayons and colored chalks.
Animals - Giraffes with their graceful necks and zebras with their curves. Sexy.
Sports - Uff. Pak vs India Cricket semifinal =/. Urgh. *happy thoughts come my way please*
Dessert - Coffee cake and brownies *drool*
Artist/Singer/Band - Within Temptation, Dan Black, Kelly Clarkson, Birthday Massacre.
Pair of shoes - I love my new purple-black shoes!! Lookie!

They are PERFECT! I have finally found the right pair!
Outfit - Long shirts, leggings and colorful accessories.
Skinny jeans - Not my thing. Got one pair
Perfume - am not a perfume-person. I once tried it and I got dyspnea.
Accessory - Pearl earrings and colorful funky bracelets *heart heart*
City - Venice. I wanna go there and find my long lost family <-- long story. Also it's a beautiful place.
Hobby - Reading, blogging, eating, inventing lame jokes and sad songs, and amusing myself.
Beauty product - Kohl (I look incomplete without it) and Lip-gloss.
Snack- Depends on my mood. Right now I want popcorns.
Holiday - Ramadan! Yes, now we will get our vacations in Ramadan. LoL. No, am so not looking forward to it. What on earth am gonna do all day? Wait for iftari, I guess.
Movie - Nowadays am in love with Amelie. It's a french movie so you have to watch it with subtitles, but it is totally awesome. Like Awesome awesome! *hearts*
Song - Wonder by Dan Black
Guilty Pleasures - New clothes and novels, yummy fried chicken rice, and having me-time (you know when you're alone, doing nothing. You think and smile and smile and think)

I tag *scratches my head* 
- pH
- Sadiya 
- Single Unsingle

Happy Moments!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o