Friday, April 15, 2011

It Scares Me How Easily I Can Get Pissed Off These Days *creepy smile*

My life's all messed up right now >_<  

I want to scream loudly. So here I go *scream* Oh well, didn't help. 

Things I come across daily that piss me off:

- Birds and their talent show

It's really hot and you're sweating like a pig. You buy a colorful ice-lolly, sit under the cool shade of tree.. and .. Wait.. is that a bird poop on your ice-lolly? Yes, it is.

I don't like birds. With their awful chirping, evil beaks and an ability to snatch your food --> I have been attacked by an eagle, and messing up your hair (and ice creams), who would like BIRDS? --> yes, yes, I can see many of you have raised your hands.  


- Douche bags who cannot see anyone happy

So, there's this girl in my class. She is annoying as hell. If you tell me I have to spend a day with her <-- for which I'll win million of dollars or I'd get eaten by a gang of hungry grizzly bears.. I would go for the bears gladly. You know they will only chew me down <-- good for their hungry tummies. I won't have to listen them bragging and whining. There will be no of risk of having an cerebral aneurysm or something more horrible like being in a vegetable state <-- she would surely eat me with salt and pepper. Really, her words can fatally damage my already weakened nerves. That girl! OMG. Everything is a competition for her, a competition in which she HAS to, HAS to, come first. I don't care, though.. wait I do.. She's so mean and cunning = A perfect dinner for a gang of hungry grizzly bears.


- Having a loud fit of cough when it is quiet in the room

 It's deadly quiet. Nobody cares about anything except the question paper on their desks. Your eyes water, you choke, you wheeze and TaDa.. Cough, cough.. ugly sick barky cough.. Everyone turns and stare at you, the teacher glares because you're that evil student who has disturbed the peace, water bottles are being passed, there are giggles and disgusted faces. It takes ages to calm you down. Mortifying.


- People who are just plain irritating

Now that will be a long list. People who ask for time after every 5 minutes. People who talk loudly and smugly on their cellphones. People who take diet coke with cheese burger <-- and then they order dessert, too. People who are slower than a snail. People with constant cheeky grins on their faces like they have a won a lottery <-- slap, slap. People who pretend they know everything. Some of them even know how to built a pyramid. People who clap and laugh obnoxiously. People who think they are dying. Wannabe nerds, emo, bikers, model, blogger etc

People, people =/

- The song Friday by Rebecca Black

OMG it's Friday. We so excited! Hu-ha. Fail.


By the way am craving for hot Banana Muffin!

Sidrah xx o(>_<)o


Kiran Ashraf said...

I also have a longgggggggg list of irritating brats around me who keep pissing me off. although hate is harsh word but still i hate u freakish irritating monsters. great post girl : )

quartertoinsane said...

avoid the girl,or u could just say ...
n wanna be nerds? wat are those?

Aabi said...

I totally hate crows. They are the most ANNOYING things on earth. I loved this post. on the cost of your irritation though ^^

H.T said...

OMG I am the kid in the hall who coughs always and everyone stares *haye*
I know what it is to go through this and also when you wipe your nose and funny noises come out disgusting but factual .
tick tock am so getting ticked off easy too .
maybe its just the weather effecting us :l

Ess. said...

lol...friday is just hilarious! :P

Sidrah said...

feed them to hungry bears ^^

wannabe nerds are something you don't wanna know

crows are creeeepy =[

I hate summer

You bet!

thanku ^^

Furree Katt said...

i hate wannabes of every kinds! especially the blogger wannabes hahah i feel bad for them a littleee

Anonymous said...

OMG I so need to do a post like this to get all the things that I hate off my head.

Thanks for the inspiration =p

Anonymous said...

And ohh I love your pictures, they always blend in perfectly with the writing, and I hate Rebbeca Black too. Have you heard Brock's dub for the song? It's hilarious! Do search it up on youtube ;)

Sidrah said...

Lol, me too =P

I don't hate poor Rebecca, I kinda feel bad for her =| she's only 13! But the song.. I do hate it.. the remix was awesome! =D

Nas said...

Umm recently I had the coughing fit type of cough. *hides*

Take care.

ishashime said...

eep. i hate coughing in a quiet room full of people, too.
i once tried to stifle a couple of coughs but ended up half-choking myself. my face got all red and my eyes were all watery. haha.

Eeshie said...

Kickin' in the front seat
Kickin' in the back seat
Which seat should I taaaaake?


Crimson Coral said...

okay your post just made my day!! =p i love ur writing skill girl... its so creative!! =)

and yeah i hate all those things ditto... except muffin =p

Anonymous said...

relax chill!!!!
by the how is that wierd clas mate anyways :P
i want to knw :P

aakash said...

Hehe.. quite a laugh..
We have this black car, which I love and everytime I'll clean it up till its spuriously reflecting and I grin at myself, birds raid it from the sky and poof! splash! blut!
Rebecca black has this awesome power to appreciate criticism.. :P
I love people, of all sort, even the irritating ones, they are like the experimental subjects I would like to write about


Sidrah said...

now you know who it is =P

The Me. said...

Im in that phase these days where my list of 'i hate..' could go on and on and on and never end. Haha, i agree with nZ, This post is inspiring. Must feel goood writing about all (oh well, not ALL) the things you hate. ^.^