Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Blessed Than Deserved To Be

I used to whine a great deal on little things that would put me off, for things I didn't have and for things I didn't want to have. The problem was I wanted everything that I didn't have, well, almost everything. It would bug me that I did not have a black nail polish when it was in bloom. Little things like DVDs from big things like iPods. I had to have them all <-- just like Ash in Pokemon. Gonna catch them all (it sounds like 'am gonna catch all those diseases') God, it was stressful. Trying to clinch the deal with my parents, being a goody-goody daughter and once I got it I was my oldself again. No, I was not a snob (how can you think so!), just very avaricious. I really do like to collect things, doesn't matter if they are useless to me. From past few months, I have been trying to change. Oh, I still drool for new dresses and jewelry and gadgets, but I don't go on whining about it all day. Working on it =) <-- I realized there is more to life than having an iPod and a mascara. 

I took one of my best friends for granted. Guess we both did. Anyway, little things went unappreciated and grudges were held, in the end the friendship was ruined (where have the good old days gone, when all you had to do to make up was to shake hands and Voila! You are best of friends again).  No more dwelling on the past, but losing that friend have changed the whole lot of me. When you are a grown up you cannot, should not, always keep dreaming about your perfect future with perfect whatever you want, what matters is your today <-- Did I just call myself a grown-up? Be happy in the present. Most us of here have all the basic things one would want in life. A house, clothes, a full happy stomach. We can walk, talk, watch and laugh. Appreciate it. Parents, siblings, friends, our cellphones and teddies, we take them for granted <-- if you love your teddy very much, give it a hug before going to sleep tonight. These days I see people in hospital in conditions you don't want to imagine and I keep realizing how lucky I am. No, it is not comparing yourself or feeling greater than others, but think what you are blessed with and thank God for it. Once you are content with what you have, there will be no itchy-burning feeling of not having something. It has made me feel so much better and am really glad =) <-- Yay!

*turns off the serious-OMG-life-is-so-good mode*

Once I was talking to this guy and he said to me 'I have an MP5'
Me trying to impress: I have MP3 AND MP4.
Guy: MP5 is a gun. <-- oops. There was no music player 5 then.
I felt deeply embarrassed and could only say 'oh, kewl'. Yes, I said kewl. Kewl.. kwewl.. kweel. Cool is better.

Today my friend, trying to teach me how to palpate the lymph nodes, spilled a hot hot cup of tea on me. My labcoat looked like a used pamper <-- okay, that was so gross. I was happy for milliseconds that my dress wasn't spoilt when my friend reminded me of the ward test. Imagine how I'd have looked like taking BP and asking questions about tummy upset in a tea stained labcoat that resembled a used pamper? Yucky. To safe myself from the bad image I washed it with my facewash and left it on a window to dry for 15 minutes. All I got was some dust from the dirty window. Result: I had to wear a wet muddy labcoat and I smelled like a fish. To top it all, my test didn't go too good and my patient was a total creep and know-it-all. Oh well, it happens. Hope you had a good day.
Yes, yes the labcoat isn't dirty. But she doesn't look too happy.

Happy moments!

That's the spirit!!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Monday, February 21, 2011

Apples Have Feelings, Too - She Got Minutes To Waste

Okay am bored and I got a blog award from Mia. Waiting for some zooblah things to happen, which will take ages for sure. So am doing a lamest-tareen post about my weird habits. (the award says you can babble about anything) Yes, you don't have to read <--means of course you have to.

Before I attack here's the cute lil wee thing to make you smile a mile:

his pedo-smile is epic!

Here we go.

- I watch a movie. Watch its trailer. Google it. See the ratings and decide if they are accurate. Go to Wikipedia, read the plot and check out the cast. I always do it in this order.

- If there are two apples left, I will eat them both. Why? Because I can't bear the thought of poor apple being left alone to survive in a refrigerator with mean vegetables. If there are more than two I will eat only one. <-- am I not sweet? I have no feelings for other fruits.

- Flashing a bright smile whenever I look into the mirror. The smile is bazillion times more bright after I brush my teeth that it could blind a baby <-- show-off.

- Trying to find people from my university on Facebook. Not necessarily from uni.. From olden school days, my neighbors, creepy teachers, you know, maybe I try to spy on you, too. Reading their info, checking out their albums, and then TaDa completely forgetting about them as if they never existed is awesome way to waste your life.

- Updating my Facebook status or blog, keep refreshing the page after every 2 minutes to see if there is any comment <-- usually there isn't. Lasts for about 15 minutes.

- Staring at 'You have a new message' icon for one whole minute. It makes me feel good. It sucks if they are from service centre, and even worse from the Fraaandshippers.

- Feeling the bubbles from soda on my face.

- Listening to a song and imagining myself singing it. Replay, replay, replay. <-- I have to say it again,  I hate my squeaky-high pitched-singing-mode voice

- Rearranging my dear novels every Sunday <-- makes me sound like somebody's grandma. No, not yours, don't get mad.

- Texting my friends every morning 'don't feel like coming to college. It sucks. I want to sleep='<'  then getting out of the bed to get ready.

- Keeping my hairbrush, earphones and a novel under my the pillow. This drives my mum crazy. God knows why. 

- Whenever I eat, I leave whatever will taste the best for the last mouthful, thinking that will make the meal more enjoyable. I also have a weird obs session with fried onions. They are just so yummm.

And oh this last one is like so cool: Blog about lamest things I can ever think of. Just to annoy you.

Think about it.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Sunday, February 20, 2011

When You Get Hurt, Sing A Song And Dance

She walks on a lonely road, eating grapes and French fries with garlic mayo sauce, she's doesn't want chocolate as it makes her think of him. They always ate chocolates together, so how can she eat them now? She starts running and break into a song:

Girls cry for boys
Boys who don't deserve
Kiss and ditch,mere toy

Spend light year in fear
For wee hours of joys
Pain, hate or love, something unclear

One truth n hundred lies
The words unfold
Shattered dreams n broken ties

Lock your room
Hide in the closet
Cry away the tear of doom

Will you smile n love again
Nod, smile don't say what you think
The scar he left could hurt again

But OMG. This is so..It doesn't make her feel better.

Exactly, thank you.

Yeah. She stops and look about her.. Whoa, what is that!

Now that's inspiring. This is exactly what she needs to do.

She will get over it.


Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Down To Earth - Sad News of The Month

From now on I will do "Sad News of The Month" <-- whine whine. 

Yes. My sad news of  probably my whole life the month is:

I cannot wear high heels.

I Cannot wear high heels anymore. Ever. Again.

Yes, am officially banned. My sciatic nerves got tired of heels, decided to go crazy and kept bugging me until I gave up and went to see a doctor. Tada!! Got diagnosed with Nerve damage. I have to take mecobalamin (which tends to make you fat) along with calcium and iron supplements for months <-- they don't seem to work. My feet still act crazy. Scared.

Also, am not supposed to sit down and I have to do funny exercises. My dad wants me to do some crazy yoga, he gave me two books on it (the pictures are enough to turn you off). The worst thing is I have to say goodbye to all my cool shoes and get used to wearing ugly flat ones.

I feel so SHORT <-- The awful truth: I am short =( Elfish?

Pictures to make me feel better <-- BIG FAIL.


Short is Cute. 

My new motto.

I miss my old heelarious life.

What's your sad news of the month? <-- I do hope you don't have any.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthdays and Hospitals. Good days, bad days

I found out something, once you turn 20 you don't feel you're not a teen *applause. she has got it!* LoL, dumb. You guys were right, it's quite okay, am same old Sidrah.

My birthday, 4th February turned out to be a Perfect Day. We went to Arizona Grills, ordered too much, eavesdropped on the couple sitting behind us (couldn't help it), came back happy and full. You can read about it on Sana's blog, if you feel like. Then came Sana's birthday, 6th February. It was also a Perfect Day, for girls. Funky hairdos, eye make up, gossip, crazy pictures, yummy food . It was awesome. With so much going in college.. Stressful, stressful college, no more a fun place.. these two days made my whole month. I feel so lucky to have such good friends, especially you Sana, my good old bestie, and I really LOVE the card you made for me =)

Sana surprises me with a cake.
I surprise her with a cake, too

 TaDa. Just to distract you.

3rd year is another world, 'our first exposure to patients'. Being a BDS student, I thought (and had hoped), it would only be oral cavities but no, we have to do quite a bit of other stuff as well and you know what? It's good, it's really interesting. The day when we had to visit the hospital for the first time, I was freaked out. What are they going to make us do?? That was on our minds and tongues for the 45 minutes of jumpy bus ride.. and oooo that stinky place (not going to mention the name), it is stinky as hell. The bus ride could be pure fun if only the smell would go.. Oh you should see our poor scrunched up noses, and let us know if we look cute.


Anyway, to the Hospital. It's stinky, depressing and dark, and not always scary. Oh yes, we have the bad days where the doctors insult us right in front of the patients when we cannot palpate the enlarged liver or when we accidentally poke our nails in patient's poor tummy.. Or worse when we so passionately take the history and we are told by the awesome doctors it SUCKS big time. So there are good days and bad days. You must be thinking what happens on good days. Nothing. We don't get insulted.

Coming to the patients.. OMG.. most of them get really pissed off  'zyada magaz mari mat kar' .. Yes doc, don't you dare ask so many questions. Am sick, I wanna sleep and I don't give a damn about the history you're taking. It's gonna suck big time anyway. Happens. Sometimes their attendants keep looking daggers at us. One time I was asking the questions to this bedridden young lady, and her mother-in-law kept poking my back and yelling 'Typhoid hai isko.. typhoid hai.. bata dia na typhoid hai' (she didn't have typhoid by the way). What can we do? It is their right to get pissed off. Not all of them are like that, though, some of them are really cooperative. So, good days and bad days.

Now when the Perio rotation starts (which is the Real thing for the BDS students) I want to do my best. I so want to be a good dentist and I don't want to mess things up (for me and my patients-to-be). <-- freaked out. Will my hands shake when I will be doing my first scaling procedure? God. Eeek =|

I had better get off the net now. Big fat books to study =)

Oh, and I Love my life. It's perfect.. almost.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Almost Ancient

This thing keeps nagging me.. what is it.. Oh yes, today is my last day as a teenager! Hear that?? Last day as a teenager! Is there any chance that tomorrow am going to grow bigger, mature and have my life together? Don't think so. Only this 20 sounds ancient! Yes, it does to me. You might remember my dramatic post I wrote few months ago.. Time does fly fast.. You know how I feel about it. The question is what do I do today? The minutes are ticking by. I have already wasted half the day taking histories in college. I cannot go anywhere right now, am stuck at home, miserably blogging *sigh*. What have I done in my teens?

I lost weight (quite a lot, I give myself an A)
I made 3 blogs (I keep dumping them now and then)
I completed half of the BDS. (does it count?)
I facebooked and tweeted (yeah, right)

I could go on, but I won't because there is nothing worthwhile.. I didn't create an Elephant Tooth Welfare, discover chemical X and cooked up some powerpuff girls to save the drowning world, I didn't save enough money (correction: not any money) to go to Venice (in my dreams.. Come on I might just do it before I turn 30). Am in a bitchy mood. If anyone comes to talk to me I go snap snap snap. This is so not me. I guess it'll be okay tomorrow, I would be 20 (not that I can do anything to stop it, except maybe kill myself?).
we want elephants to be happy.

Let's not be sad. I thought I would share few random things about myself. Here we go.

- I hate to turn 20 (oops you already know)

- Am one of the biggest Harry Potter fans. I adore the books. I have read the series about thousands of times (now am exaggerating, but you get the point). If a genie grants me one wish it would be having 'Hogwarts', living there, studying there, magicking there.. With Harry Potter of course. Ron and Hermione, too. Sure! I wouldn't want Snape or Voldemort, though.

- I love food. I wanted to be a chef rather than a dentist. I want my own colorful spacey kitchen.  

- I play with my split ends. I absolutely hate it and I want to stop.

- I have a big crush on Gerard Butler, Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, Ryan Gosling in The Notebook (and only in it), Leonardo DiCaprio.. Did I leave anyone?

- I don't like mess. Once my friends stayed over and I totally freaked them out by keeping the things neat and organized.

- I love to sing. If I didn't have mouse-like high pitched squeaky voice I would be singing this post!

- I cannot swim, drive, run fast or whistle. I can fly, though <-- superman?

- I want to have my own tree house =[ <-- This is my childhood wish

 - The first book I read was Gulliver's Travels. The first book I really enjoyed was Enid Blyton's The Faraway Tree <-- the reason am a bookworm.

- Recently I gave away all my old novels. There's not going to be any library now <-- heartbroken

- Am a stationery maniac. I collect all sort of color pencils, glitters, notebooks, even paper pins ..and never really use them.

 - Am a movie freak.

- Am scared of crows and spiders. Am still not sure about cats.

I think this is enough for now =]

Not really happy to be turning 20 but am looking forward because my friends and I have an awesome plan. Thank you, Sana =) It's gonna be fun! When its 12 AM the first thing I will do is to join 20 something blogger community.. wow.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o