Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthdays and Hospitals. Good days, bad days

I found out something, once you turn 20 you don't feel you're not a teen *applause. she has got it!* LoL, dumb. You guys were right, it's quite okay, am same old Sidrah.

My birthday, 4th February turned out to be a Perfect Day. We went to Arizona Grills, ordered too much, eavesdropped on the couple sitting behind us (couldn't help it), came back happy and full. You can read about it on Sana's blog, if you feel like. Then came Sana's birthday, 6th February. It was also a Perfect Day, for girls. Funky hairdos, eye make up, gossip, crazy pictures, yummy food . It was awesome. With so much going in college.. Stressful, stressful college, no more a fun place.. these two days made my whole month. I feel so lucky to have such good friends, especially you Sana, my good old bestie, and I really LOVE the card you made for me =)

Sana surprises me with a cake.
I surprise her with a cake, too

 TaDa. Just to distract you.

3rd year is another world, 'our first exposure to patients'. Being a BDS student, I thought (and had hoped), it would only be oral cavities but no, we have to do quite a bit of other stuff as well and you know what? It's good, it's really interesting. The day when we had to visit the hospital for the first time, I was freaked out. What are they going to make us do?? That was on our minds and tongues for the 45 minutes of jumpy bus ride.. and oooo that stinky place (not going to mention the name), it is stinky as hell. The bus ride could be pure fun if only the smell would go.. Oh you should see our poor scrunched up noses, and let us know if we look cute.


Anyway, to the Hospital. It's stinky, depressing and dark, and not always scary. Oh yes, we have the bad days where the doctors insult us right in front of the patients when we cannot palpate the enlarged liver or when we accidentally poke our nails in patient's poor tummy.. Or worse when we so passionately take the history and we are told by the awesome doctors it SUCKS big time. So there are good days and bad days. You must be thinking what happens on good days. Nothing. We don't get insulted.

Coming to the patients.. OMG.. most of them get really pissed off  'zyada magaz mari mat kar' .. Yes doc, don't you dare ask so many questions. Am sick, I wanna sleep and I don't give a damn about the history you're taking. It's gonna suck big time anyway. Happens. Sometimes their attendants keep looking daggers at us. One time I was asking the questions to this bedridden young lady, and her mother-in-law kept poking my back and yelling 'Typhoid hai isko.. typhoid hai.. bata dia na typhoid hai' (she didn't have typhoid by the way). What can we do? It is their right to get pissed off. Not all of them are like that, though, some of them are really cooperative. So, good days and bad days.

Now when the Perio rotation starts (which is the Real thing for the BDS students) I want to do my best. I so want to be a good dentist and I don't want to mess things up (for me and my patients-to-be). <-- freaked out. Will my hands shake when I will be doing my first scaling procedure? God. Eeek =|

I had better get off the net now. Big fat books to study =)

Oh, and I Love my life. It's perfect.. almost.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


A Great Liar said...

Not many people enjoy being in the career chosen for them, and if you do, you are one lucky person.

And good luck with the tooth fairies!

Sana Castellano said...

*hugs* Yes, perfect days! =D
as for the hospital part.. you make it sound so fun, even the insults =p
All the best for Perio - you'll do great, iA.
PS - I bet you do look cute with a scrunched up nose. =D
PPS - I wish we could tell some of our boring teachers : zyada magaz mari mat kar.!

Komal Ali said...

You are lucky to find oral cavities, etc interesting. :-P
Keep loving your 'almost perfect life' cuz the road to perfection will always be under construction :)
Belated Happy Birthday!

PS:- The first cake looks yummmmm.

Sidrah said...

lol, most people found them so gross.. the oral cavities =D God knows why =P

the cake tasted yummy, too, komal =]

Sidrah said...

sana, the insults are anything but fun =D

Sadiya Merchant said...

dats a veryy veryy belated happy bday!
glad to kno u had a blast
n d exact things u mentioned above r d ones i fretted most abt n dint tk up medicine. phew!
jaan bachi so laakho paaye!

hope u make a fab doc...sab indians ke liye free treatment haa....aftr all im sure u believe in wrld peaceee!

Sidrah said...

arey its not that bad, it's fun.. but to each his own

world peace: yes =D
free treatment: a big no =D

thanku! =)

Nas said...

Looks like you had a lovely day!
And oral cavities. 8-).
I can't imagine staring at people's mouths all day. But everyone has their own interests :P.

And some patients think they know more than the doctor. It's like DUUUUDE! I'm the one who spent ages in med school 8-).


ishashime said...

sounds like you and Sana had fun on your birthdays and both of your cakes looked delicious! haha.
eeps. i will be entering third year this year as well. we will be spending more time observing patients and doing some hands-on work as well. i'm sort of nervous since there have been a lot of cases when the parents or guardians or relatives of the people who need speech therapy acted up.
oh well. haha.
i'm sure you are and will be doing just great, though. :D

Anonymous said...

oh gwad i seriously detest dentist as I am a dentally challenged person and have a long association with dentist...and have a loads of dentist friends...
And its good to know you enjoy your work...:)

Sidrah said...

come on, it's not that bad =P
some patients are.. =/ uff!
You're a med stu too?

i love your name =D

@rolling stone
would you believe i hate going for a dental check up? =/

Sidrah said...

come on, it's not that bad =P
some patients are.. =/ uff!
You're a med stu too?

i love your name =D

@rolling stone
would you believe i hate going for a dental check up? =/

Chika said...

Hehe.. your life seems awesome :P---

Sidrah said...

realli =0