Thursday, February 3, 2011

Almost Ancient

This thing keeps nagging me.. what is it.. Oh yes, today is my last day as a teenager! Hear that?? Last day as a teenager! Is there any chance that tomorrow am going to grow bigger, mature and have my life together? Don't think so. Only this 20 sounds ancient! Yes, it does to me. You might remember my dramatic post I wrote few months ago.. Time does fly fast.. You know how I feel about it. The question is what do I do today? The minutes are ticking by. I have already wasted half the day taking histories in college. I cannot go anywhere right now, am stuck at home, miserably blogging *sigh*. What have I done in my teens?

I lost weight (quite a lot, I give myself an A)
I made 3 blogs (I keep dumping them now and then)
I completed half of the BDS. (does it count?)
I facebooked and tweeted (yeah, right)

I could go on, but I won't because there is nothing worthwhile.. I didn't create an Elephant Tooth Welfare, discover chemical X and cooked up some powerpuff girls to save the drowning world, I didn't save enough money (correction: not any money) to go to Venice (in my dreams.. Come on I might just do it before I turn 30). Am in a bitchy mood. If anyone comes to talk to me I go snap snap snap. This is so not me. I guess it'll be okay tomorrow, I would be 20 (not that I can do anything to stop it, except maybe kill myself?).
we want elephants to be happy.

Let's not be sad. I thought I would share few random things about myself. Here we go.

- I hate to turn 20 (oops you already know)

- Am one of the biggest Harry Potter fans. I adore the books. I have read the series about thousands of times (now am exaggerating, but you get the point). If a genie grants me one wish it would be having 'Hogwarts', living there, studying there, magicking there.. With Harry Potter of course. Ron and Hermione, too. Sure! I wouldn't want Snape or Voldemort, though.

- I love food. I wanted to be a chef rather than a dentist. I want my own colorful spacey kitchen.  

- I play with my split ends. I absolutely hate it and I want to stop.

- I have a big crush on Gerard Butler, Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, Ryan Gosling in The Notebook (and only in it), Leonardo DiCaprio.. Did I leave anyone?

- I don't like mess. Once my friends stayed over and I totally freaked them out by keeping the things neat and organized.

- I love to sing. If I didn't have mouse-like high pitched squeaky voice I would be singing this post!

- I cannot swim, drive, run fast or whistle. I can fly, though <-- superman?

- I want to have my own tree house =[ <-- This is my childhood wish

 - The first book I read was Gulliver's Travels. The first book I really enjoyed was Enid Blyton's The Faraway Tree <-- the reason am a bookworm.

- Recently I gave away all my old novels. There's not going to be any library now <-- heartbroken

- Am a stationery maniac. I collect all sort of color pencils, glitters, notebooks, even paper pins ..and never really use them.

 - Am a movie freak.

- Am scared of crows and spiders. Am still not sure about cats.

I think this is enough for now =]

Not really happy to be turning 20 but am looking forward because my friends and I have an awesome plan. Thank you, Sana =) It's gonna be fun! When its 12 AM the first thing I will do is to join 20 something blogger community.. wow.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Ph_ said...

COme on ! Twenty ain't that bad :) After all it is your big day so enjoy it :) With a bunch of prayers , may you have many many more Birthdays to celebrate with every year bringing happiness and prosperity to you HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D *hugs*
P.S. I seriously enjoyed the post :D

AcetylCholine said...

Why'd you give away all your old novels? *Jaw-drops*

You are an Aquarian too? :D Or does that makes you a pisces?

Happy 20th Birthday! =) Cheers and Carpe Diem!

The Me. said...

You hate turning twenty? I hate turning 19!
Niiice crush list. Similar to mine.
Stationery freak. OMG YESMETOO!
Movie freak. YESYESYES.
And i love to sing.

This post is like MEH! :D

quartertoinsane said...

Congrats, ur growing old :P
20. Confusing year for me I tell u.. Hope its better for u...

Sana Castellano said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELF =D We sure are gonna make your turning twenty something you'll begin to love. For starters, your first day of your 21st year (20 complete hogaye na - tow ur 20 but the year is your 21st) shall have :
yummy food (and a lot of it.!),
friends (all day!),
pictures (pretty ones, crazy ones),
and patient histories.
Now isn't that good? =D

Farman06 said...

Come on, be positive its not that bad. Anyways Happy Birthday to you May Allah fulfill all your wishes Ameen

A Great Liar said...

Happy Birthday, and hey, if anything is ancient, it must be 26!

And its a nice blog design you have got. Neat and clean is the way to go.

And thanks for following. Do stay in touch for more.

Nas said...

A very very happy birthday to you!
Join the oldies club. But still have fun =P.
Best wishes.

Mia Mirza said...

Happy Birthday!!! And 20 isn't all that bad... Even though I myself don't wanna get a day older than I am now =P

Tazeen said...

Happy birthday, Sidrah! :D

Lots of love!

Sidrah said...

thanku everyone =D now that am 20 I don't feel ancient anymore =D Yay!


Furree Katt said...

belated happy birthday! ♥

Sidrah said...

thanku =D

افتخار اجمل بھوپال said...

Being a stranger, passed by your blog and stopped to say,Happy Birthday and cheers".

To wish something good to others is the secret of my health

Sidrah said...

that was very nice of u =]

Anonymous said...

hey belated happy b'day...
thanks a lot for the follow...
and u have quite a exhaustive list of likes and dislikes...
and 'still not sure about cats' wala part is cute...
keep blogging.

SaJ said...

A very (belated) Happy Birthday, Sidrah! :)
Twenty sounds quite good actually. Not too young, certainly not ancient. =) Just about right.
Oh look at that. "Bless", my word verification. :D

AbeerJ said...

ohmygod finally. a die-hard harry potter fan, Respect! lml :D
and the faraway tree omg brings back soo many memories. i used to breathe enid blyton! and i just wanna make sure, dont we really sound good in washrooms? :p i love singing and the acoustics in there make it possible for me without killing anyone ;D
loveee ur blog <3

Sidrah said...

@rolling stone thanku =]

a good omen? =P

Sidrah said...

I Love LOVE enid blyton's books. Malory towers, st clare's, naughtiest girls.. OMG! =D

Thanku ^^

Misty Rhythm said...

hey :)
longgg time! i'm sorry i've been a little occupied and away from blogging, trying o catch up now!
and awwww 20 isn't so bad! it's just a number. always remember, you're only as old as you think you are :)...and growing older doesn't have to be bad! as i say...older and wiser. i love being 25 :)

a very belated happy birthday!
take care :)