Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Blessed Than Deserved To Be

I used to whine a great deal on little things that would put me off, for things I didn't have and for things I didn't want to have. The problem was I wanted everything that I didn't have, well, almost everything. It would bug me that I did not have a black nail polish when it was in bloom. Little things like DVDs from big things like iPods. I had to have them all <-- just like Ash in Pokemon. Gonna catch them all (it sounds like 'am gonna catch all those diseases') God, it was stressful. Trying to clinch the deal with my parents, being a goody-goody daughter and once I got it I was my oldself again. No, I was not a snob (how can you think so!), just very avaricious. I really do like to collect things, doesn't matter if they are useless to me. From past few months, I have been trying to change. Oh, I still drool for new dresses and jewelry and gadgets, but I don't go on whining about it all day. Working on it =) <-- I realized there is more to life than having an iPod and a mascara. 

I took one of my best friends for granted. Guess we both did. Anyway, little things went unappreciated and grudges were held, in the end the friendship was ruined (where have the good old days gone, when all you had to do to make up was to shake hands and Voila! You are best of friends again).  No more dwelling on the past, but losing that friend have changed the whole lot of me. When you are a grown up you cannot, should not, always keep dreaming about your perfect future with perfect whatever you want, what matters is your today <-- Did I just call myself a grown-up? Be happy in the present. Most us of here have all the basic things one would want in life. A house, clothes, a full happy stomach. We can walk, talk, watch and laugh. Appreciate it. Parents, siblings, friends, our cellphones and teddies, we take them for granted <-- if you love your teddy very much, give it a hug before going to sleep tonight. These days I see people in hospital in conditions you don't want to imagine and I keep realizing how lucky I am. No, it is not comparing yourself or feeling greater than others, but think what you are blessed with and thank God for it. Once you are content with what you have, there will be no itchy-burning feeling of not having something. It has made me feel so much better and am really glad =) <-- Yay!

*turns off the serious-OMG-life-is-so-good mode*

Once I was talking to this guy and he said to me 'I have an MP5'
Me trying to impress: I have MP3 AND MP4.
Guy: MP5 is a gun. <-- oops. There was no music player 5 then.
I felt deeply embarrassed and could only say 'oh, kewl'. Yes, I said kewl. Kewl.. kwewl.. kweel. Cool is better.

Today my friend, trying to teach me how to palpate the lymph nodes, spilled a hot hot cup of tea on me. My labcoat looked like a used pamper <-- okay, that was so gross. I was happy for milliseconds that my dress wasn't spoilt when my friend reminded me of the ward test. Imagine how I'd have looked like taking BP and asking questions about tummy upset in a tea stained labcoat that resembled a used pamper? Yucky. To safe myself from the bad image I washed it with my facewash and left it on a window to dry for 15 minutes. All I got was some dust from the dirty window. Result: I had to wear a wet muddy labcoat and I smelled like a fish. To top it all, my test didn't go too good and my patient was a total creep and know-it-all. Oh well, it happens. Hope you had a good day.
Yes, yes the labcoat isn't dirty. But she doesn't look too happy.

Happy moments!

That's the spirit!!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Anonymous said...

Your posts always make me laugh. But yes I totally understand your point. I can relate to wanting EVERYTHING to a point of gotta have it gotta have it gotta have it NOW! BUT I also know that gratitude is important and knowing that we are blessed with what we do have is important and makes what we want look small. Great post. Sorry about your lab coat.

Sadiya Merchant said...

hehe. to get rid of tea stainsss! repeat aftr meee-
talcum powder
talcum powder
talcum powder
talcum powder

Furree Katt said...

i'm always trying to be super grateful for what i have. sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn't. but i do try :D
LOL at the MP5 thing!
and that picture at the end is sooo cute.

Ph_ said...

Again a very interesting read :)
Tell you what, a friend had a same accident. At that time we were under pressure but later we laughed a great deal over what happened :) She gave viva in that stinky coat of hers :D
True, life is not about ipods and mascaras. I am trying to change a few approach of mine too :)

H.T said...

well hello there little miss sunshine :p
I hope you find happiness in everything around .I am big whiner too but sometimes sometimes I can be happy just on the fact that my hair smell good or I got good lunch :D

Maryam said...

It's great that you have learnt to be grateful over time. However, it is true that it is the misery of others that makes us appreciate what we have.

Nas said...

I think you're right, as humans there is a lot we take for granted. The small things, that keep us going each and every day.
And as cheesy as it may sound, you never know the value of things till they are for some reason lost.

All the best to you :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

LOL, so there was something fishy about you all day?
True, its good that we are not in the place or state where patients end up. A hospital bed. I don't ever want to be there. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

interestingplace said...

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Anonymous said...

you are so right about being thankful and not whining all the time. im working on that too. your ward story reminds me of the ward stories that my elder sis used to tell me. beta abi house job men aao phir pata chalega :p

may you have all the happiness of the world.
your blog is soo cute! =)

Nostalgic said...

Not a thing i could disagree with. We often don't realize how lucky we are :) you have elaborated the whole idea so well.

And oh, i am sorry for your lab coat hun :p i hope the fishy-smell has gone now :D

Yours Truly said...

Awwh! nice post! And im sorry about your labcoat! yikes XD

ishashime said...

i always try and be grateful for all the things i have in life, but sometimes i catch myself whining over this and that and wanting to be this, or wanting to have that. i need to work on that as well.

errm. sorry about the labcoat thing. maybe you should get an extra one for next time, just in case. haha. :)

Anonymous said...

Still LOLing at the MP5 joke!


J Jay. said...

:) i can TOTALLY relate to what you're talking about!!!! we should be really grateful for what we have .....somehow we always manage to forget it....!!!!! :)

♥ Duchess ♥ said...

Black nail paint :LOL :P :D

Good to see u feel good

Tazeen said...

A wet, muddy lab coat. :D

Gosh. Hope you managed to clean it up later!

Sidrah said...

hey thanks!
Gotta have it is human nature, I guess =)

no, realli Oo

good girl =P

aww =o
thanku =)

LoL me too
little miss sunshine Oo

You got it =o


Sidrah said...


Oh, am a BDS stu so I won't have to worry about the house job there =D
Dental OPD for me. Thanku =*

yes it is gone =| =P

Thanks all =D

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Sidrah said...


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