Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mothball Moons

I dreamed that I have been transported into another world (just like the way Lyra did in His Dark Materials). The only striking difference was the moon. It was bigger than ours, so big that you could touch it. That's it. It was nice though. *The moon felt somewhat like a mothball.* I was all, 'How did this happen? How did this happen?'. Nobody answered. Whenever I have a strangely nice dream I like to think I am astral projecting (which I never do). Google it. Anyway, when I woke up I had my mind made up to explore the dark and narrow worlds of Endodontics. My daily dose of caffeine did not do the trick and I yawned my way into the Internet where I, for no specific reason at all, googled Mona Lisa and pretended to be interested in that mysterious (creepy?) smile of hers. She does look like a man. One link branched into another and the end result was 20 something tabs. Three hours have passed since then and I am still googling weird things and downloading eBooks (I haven't read a single book by Catherynne M. Valente but I am pretty sure I'll love them. Hence, this downloading spree). I must stop.

2013 is almost on our doorstep, my 22nd birthday is horribly close, and the world did not end last week. *I was not so secretly hoping for Nibiru Cataclysm.* The world is well and alive and I am merely an exam away from being a classy dentist. Tsk.. People hate dentists. Hold onto your teeth, people. Or not. Eat chocolates, sticky candies and paan, don't brush your teeth, pray for caries, pray that your 3rd molars erupt to gift you with full fledged wisdom and unbearable pain and other dental disasters. When such disastrous happenings take place, remember me.

Now I'll have an unusually long lunch that will last an episode of Breaking Bad. Then maybe I'll open up my books and study for the finals (after thoroughly dusting them. Sneeze, sneeze).

Happy new year.