Friday, May 27, 2011

Need A Dose Of Endorphins.

This week is turning out to be one the most depressing weeks of my life. KU decided to post our 2nd year's result after 5 months of torture <- 5 months. Seriously! WTF. I was fast asleep dreaming about voodoo dolls and haunted tunnels <-- scariest dream ever! I woke up around 7 PM and oh my my! 22 texts blinked at me, all of them from my dear classmates. Result had come out and I'd passed. Yayie. Not really. Teachers can get pretty crappy and do whatever they feel like because they have the power. Talk about favoritism, biasism and loserism. They should be pushed into the pool of water when it's dead cold. Let's add a shark into that pool too, why don't we.

2.5 years done, 1.5 more to go. Gee. Can anybody fast forward? Am totally stressed out. Once upon a time I was this happy lil carefree girl who could actually enjoy life. I used to draw animes, write lesser lousy stuff, smile alot, and wasn't conscious about my teeth. Oh am so, now. I want them sparkling white. Also, I keep having nightmares in which a gang of toothless witches is trying to steal my teeth and another one about this huge crack on my central incisors. *shudders*. My life is constantly worrying about presentations, quizzes and losing teeth. I have huge dark circles under my eyes, my skin has lost the shine, it's grey, am agitated and ultra-moody. I don't even eat much. <-- can this be an accomplishment? I might have alopecia, too <-- now does That make you go Haww? Am going to be bald and toothless <-- superstition alert. Picture it.

Phew. I feel better now. Every student needs to whine. Moaning does help. Teeny weeny bit.

Okay. Turning on nice-lil-me mode.

Midterms are from next week and I have learnt nada. My books still look pretty new. Instead of studying I watch How I Met Your Mother Season. Allllll the time. That's my latest addiction. How I Met Your Mother. <-- plus the new Fruttare. Forget movies, forget novels, forget smosh.. it's all I watch these days.


I totally love Ted. I have this huge crush on him. As huge as that flaming ball in the sky that is killing us nowadays. I love his scruffy hair, I love how badly he wants to get married although it was very irritating when he kept running after Robin, I love his snobbishness, I even love his weird beard that makes him look like a goat. Barney won't be half as funny without him <-- he does need a wingman! and Marshall won't be half as cute.

I like Barney, too, I just cannot crush on him. I tried. To me he is a cute little duckling going on and on about his awesomeness <-- and he is so Legen - Wait for it - Dary! Word.

Happy Moments.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Evil Heat

Am so bored I was about to fool you by creating another dark fabilicious secret. Then it occured to me you are probably smarter than I think, I cannot fool you twice.

What I need is a good change <-- it would prevent me from creating false (but amazing) past. Also I wouldn't have to google pictures like these to amuse me.

Okay. These days am working on a plan. It's big, fishy and dark. I really want world peace <-- I want it to happen. As in Happen happen. The movie Kick-ass inspired the hell out of me. In next few years, you'll have one pretty good dentist and a superhero <-- Yay. I'll be a fantastic one but I know I won't be enough to save the whole big (dark, dirty) world <-- am I not modest? I'll have to train other people as well. I need volunteers. Anyone? Of course I can always manipulate you if I want but I believe in free will.  

I is super-hero by night.


It's unreasonably hot to do a sensible post <-- not that am not serious about Super-hero thing. I am. 100 %. This humidity is suffocating. My hair are sticky and sweaty. My face looks freakingly oily. I am depressed and on verge of tears. Effin ants are crawling on my laptop <-- this must due to heat, too, haina? *sniffs*. 

I need an air-conditioned bubble. I need gallons of water. I need ice <- you know that annoying 'shariinnngaa' ad? I need it to happen to me. I need to skip college or one of these days I'll be nothing but a fried burnt whatever-shape the heat will mould me into. I wish I had my own personal cloud that rains on me whenever I want it to. I wish I were a fat polar bear or a black and white cute lil penguin living in freezing Antarctica.  ... *sigh*

I hate you, effin heat.

For a minute think of this teddy as a Summer Heat.
Hope you live through it.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o

Friday, May 6, 2011

Artist, interrupted

Today I'll share my incredible secret with you guys.

Long long time ago, not so long actually, ten years ago I was an artist. My life was loaded with watercolors. All day and night I painted the fantastic things ever been painted in this world. I drew Elephants of Egypt, Rabbit holes, Mango trees, Mountains of Yuu-Yuu <-- that's a place you won't know about, Atlantic ocean, random houses on random streets, people I happen to saw and even myself. The thing was they weren't just any paintings. They were enchanting like my never-ending magical watercolors I received from Mr. Lil Bo when I visited the Tinted Pond <-- another place you won't know about. It's otherworldly, you see. One look at the painting and you're bewitched. I was the new Picasso. <-- or whoever is the most famous artist.

Funnily enough it used to drive my family crazy. They would say behind my back <-- I have this habit of eavesdropping 'She's only ten. Why doesn't she play with dolls like other girls of her age? Why does she paint all day? Why does she have a blank stare when she isn't painting? Why doesn't she talk to us? Why doesn't she want to watch the new Barbie movie? Why, why, why??'. It bothered them a lot. It bothered me that it bothered them still I was too young to give a damn. One day a big bald man with plenty of love handles came to our house.
He looked kind of like this. 

 He had heard of my paintings and wanted to purchase alllllllllll of them. He'd also heard of my never-ending magical watercolors. He was willing to give millions of dollars for them. My family sold alllllllllll of them <-- and spent  alllllllllll the money, too while I was brainstorming in my bathtub.had this fantastic idea --> auburn fox winking at a purple dancing moon. Marvelous, right?. 

Anyway. In two minutes my colorful world became the bleakest place ever. I wouldn't sleep. I wouldn't eat. I wouldn't talk. I wouldn't dream. I wouldn't even take a bath. Just because I couldn't paint. My family tired of messy and very smelly me sought after the big bald man with plenty of love handles. He had vanished into thin air. My heart had shattered into tiny shimmery pieces. I cried and I cried. It rained, I cried. It hailed, I cried. Trees shed leaves, I cried. It snowed, I cried. Nobody knew my pain. Everything reminded me of painting. I was an empty shell with a dead soul. Whatever that means. An year passed and I changed. I turned 11 and learnt to use computer. My new passion was drawing pictures on Paint. So instead of dying with a broken heart, I decided to love pixels.

Sadly am unskilled not too good at it.

Mountains of Yuu-Yuu.

Okay. So I was bored. I never was an artist. I draw crappy pictures.

Sidrah xx o(^_^)o