Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Evil Heat

Am so bored I was about to fool you by creating another dark fabilicious secret. Then it occured to me you are probably smarter than I think, I cannot fool you twice.

What I need is a good change <-- it would prevent me from creating false (but amazing) past. Also I wouldn't have to google pictures like these to amuse me.

Okay. These days am working on a plan. It's big, fishy and dark. I really want world peace <-- I want it to happen. As in Happen happen. The movie Kick-ass inspired the hell out of me. In next few years, you'll have one pretty good dentist and a superhero <-- Yay. I'll be a fantastic one but I know I won't be enough to save the whole big (dark, dirty) world <-- am I not modest? I'll have to train other people as well. I need volunteers. Anyone? Of course I can always manipulate you if I want but I believe in free will.  

I is super-hero by night.


It's unreasonably hot to do a sensible post <-- not that am not serious about Super-hero thing. I am. 100 %. This humidity is suffocating. My hair are sticky and sweaty. My face looks freakingly oily. I am depressed and on verge of tears. Effin ants are crawling on my laptop <-- this must due to heat, too, haina? *sniffs*. 

I need an air-conditioned bubble. I need gallons of water. I need ice <- you know that annoying 'shariinnngaa' ad? I need it to happen to me. I need to skip college or one of these days I'll be nothing but a fried burnt whatever-shape the heat will mould me into. I wish I had my own personal cloud that rains on me whenever I want it to. I wish I were a fat polar bear or a black and white cute lil penguin living in freezing Antarctica.  ... *sigh*

I hate you, effin heat.

For a minute think of this teddy as a Summer Heat.
Hope you live through it.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Sadiya Merchant said...

yesssss its garmi evrywhrr!! :(((
n all dese commercials of chibhti jalti garmiii make u feel so much wrs! :o
want to go to ladakh...sit on sum mountain n put sum ice frm d mountains on my head!

Sadiya Merchant said...


Sana Castellano said...

Yes =( chipchippi tareen garmee. I am skipping college tomorrow. I might literally have a heatstroke one of these days if it weren't for the AC and cold showers.
I want a sharingaa bear too! =D

Fiona said...

I'm sorry about the humidity.
In my area, it's going to rain all week. So I guess you're a bit lucky the sun is out. [:

ShanimalsCrackers.blogspot.com said...

I don't know if I'd rather be in your position or mine. It's raining (and snowing) here in Utah. And, I hate.the.snow.

Beyond Timid said...

It's cold where I live, so I can't say the same. When I went to Pakistan, I had to chug down glasses of icy Roohafza to stay cool. Maybe that'll help! Haha. :P

Ph_ said...

Oh my God :(
The heat is really sucking the best out of me too :( Oily face, sticky hair Ditto for that =/
Plus when you get to bear the exam torture in such days its like hell annoying!
I so wish for rain and snow both. Really!

Ph_ said...

By the way you'll have a pretty good Engineer in a few years, we can shake hands and work this Super hero thingy out??
:P :D

ishashime said...

i don't really feel the heat where i am. haha. so i think that's a good thing. too bad for you, though. if it's any consolation, ants crawl on my laptop, too. sometimes...

oh and there are no polar bears in Antarctica, silly! they live in the Arctic. haha.

nozzles said...

aww...so much heat nowadays!! even here...
btw...i have been checking your blog every single day and yay! i get a post...that's what i'm like...
hope you get through it...

Nas said...

There isn't THAT much heat over here. If you want, we can swap places? :P

As for the super-hero plan, you didn't actually mention what your volunteers / recruits would be doing. And you have to make an application form :D. And weed out the to-be heroes with balls, and those that erm are without. (That sounds wrong).

Take care!
Go jump in a river and cool down :)
(actually don't)

Sidrah said...

Those who have snow/rain wanna swap places with me?? Please. I'll train you for free!

I'll be glad to =o

OMG. You love my blog! You're Awesome =D !!

Cute lil funny Penguins lives in Antarctica (silly) -_- =P

Just volunteer.. I cannot tell you anything before that. No forms n stuff. It's a Superhero Training!!!

Ishi said...

hehehe.....how easily you can write about anything under the sky!!!i like your blogs..too much about the daily life...u seem to be interstng person!!:-P

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwww poorrrrr baby but indeed we both go to same uni n same korangi
n so we have no other option seeet heart <3

Sidrah said...

really? do I?? =o



it sucks =[ pooooOr us.

aakash said...

personal cloud sounds amazing !
world peace yay! I can be a sidekick. We'll shoot every1 who doesn't side with us .. ahh, world peace ok! still.. :P


Sidrah said...

are you sure you won't turn into a villain?? o.O