Friday, May 27, 2011

Need A Dose Of Endorphins.

This week is turning out to be one the most depressing weeks of my life. KU decided to post our 2nd year's result after 5 months of torture <- 5 months. Seriously! WTF. I was fast asleep dreaming about voodoo dolls and haunted tunnels <-- scariest dream ever! I woke up around 7 PM and oh my my! 22 texts blinked at me, all of them from my dear classmates. Result had come out and I'd passed. Yayie. Not really. Teachers can get pretty crappy and do whatever they feel like because they have the power. Talk about favoritism, biasism and loserism. They should be pushed into the pool of water when it's dead cold. Let's add a shark into that pool too, why don't we.

2.5 years done, 1.5 more to go. Gee. Can anybody fast forward? Am totally stressed out. Once upon a time I was this happy lil carefree girl who could actually enjoy life. I used to draw animes, write lesser lousy stuff, smile alot, and wasn't conscious about my teeth. Oh am so, now. I want them sparkling white. Also, I keep having nightmares in which a gang of toothless witches is trying to steal my teeth and another one about this huge crack on my central incisors. *shudders*. My life is constantly worrying about presentations, quizzes and losing teeth. I have huge dark circles under my eyes, my skin has lost the shine, it's grey, am agitated and ultra-moody. I don't even eat much. <-- can this be an accomplishment? I might have alopecia, too <-- now does That make you go Haww? Am going to be bald and toothless <-- superstition alert. Picture it.

Phew. I feel better now. Every student needs to whine. Moaning does help. Teeny weeny bit.

Okay. Turning on nice-lil-me mode.

Midterms are from next week and I have learnt nada. My books still look pretty new. Instead of studying I watch How I Met Your Mother Season. Allllll the time. That's my latest addiction. How I Met Your Mother. <-- plus the new Fruttare. Forget movies, forget novels, forget smosh.. it's all I watch these days.


I totally love Ted. I have this huge crush on him. As huge as that flaming ball in the sky that is killing us nowadays. I love his scruffy hair, I love how badly he wants to get married although it was very irritating when he kept running after Robin, I love his snobbishness, I even love his weird beard that makes him look like a goat. Barney won't be half as funny without him <-- he does need a wingman! and Marshall won't be half as cute.

I like Barney, too, I just cannot crush on him. I tried. To me he is a cute little duckling going on and on about his awesomeness <-- and he is so Legen - Wait for it - Dary! Word.

Happy Moments.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Furree Katt said...


congratulations on passing, that's super-awesome-tastic. and LOL, your dreams are terrifying O.O
moan all you want, it's good for your mind and body and soul haha
i watch HIMYM on and off, i totally love Barney's awesomeness. he's muh role mawdel B) (..well not really)

Sidrah said...

Cos I am adorable n Funny! Oo JK. It's one of those things.
My dreams totally weird me out =s

thanku =)

Beyond Timid said...

So you're starting a new year of college? Congrats. :D
I've had dark circles forever. Concealer works wonders on them!

Sidrah said...

noo.. am in the middle of 3rd year! =)
Gotta buy tons of concealer. Done.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

You are SO FUNNY.
Congratulations on getting passed.So,most of the 4 the 4 years is gone ,YAY.*High fives*
You have ALOPECIA ? Do want to look kill a Lady Nawaz Shareef :P ?


Aabi said...

EEEEE fellow How i met your mother fan :D I havent watched the season finale yet but i'll watch it today even though my exams are going on. pshhh who cares about them (i do).

Also u realllly sound like my med student cousin, who's actually also my room mate. My most recent post was about her and i could see allll the signs in you :D

ishashime said...

congrats on passing! :D
and yeah, every student needs to let out all that frustration and whatnot once in a while. how i met your mother! i love that show! i haven't been catching up lately, though. eeps. :|
also, you reminded me that i am to enter my third year of college this year. noooo! i is scared. *bites fingernails* haha.

Sidrah said...

Yes I do. Does that make me unattractive, huh? =/

JK =p

Thanku ^^

LoL. I just read the post n commented =P
HIMYM is Awesome ^_^ Exams suck -_-


You're in 3rd year, too?? Yay. Get ready for alopecia =D

quartertoinsane said...

wats alopecia? n does that mean u'll look like the bald little dentist that I once saw?

Sidrah said...

alopecia: hair loss

and yes am afraid so.. don't worry much, though, I'll still manage to look cute.

Fatimaa.S said...

OHMYGOSH. I know that feeling.. my older cousins are mostly like that. I wish I could like.. just not study and still know it all. ALSO I LOVE HIMYM. BARNEY.BARNEY.BARNEY <3 SUIT UP XD

Sana Castellano said...

Don't you just LOVE me for making you watch How I Met Your Mother! =D
I haven't tried Fruttare yet!

Nas said...

The hardest bit about studying is starting. Actually sitting down and opening a book takes so much effort, you can't be bothered to do anything else. Doesn't it feel like you finish one set of exams and the revision for the next starts?

Congratulations on passing, you'll make an awesomely funny, clever, smart, witty and just awesome dentist one day insha'Allah. :)

Happy revision :P.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

LOL, it's okay, these 1.5 too will pass. I've been through it, and it isn't that bad. The teachers are a little unpredictable but. :P

Blasphemous Aesthete

Kiran Ashraf said...

i am a 3 year uni student and this uni thing has taken away my life man. i am always stuck with my assignments while my frnds are sucks

Eeshie said...


aakash said...

interesting dreams err nightmares... I often go in Jurasic park, for no reasons :| and it's like a TV series, the nightmare continues the next night from where I had left it.. :|

Big time HIMYM fan :)
And comeon, you are comparing Barney, coolest guy, with the coolest job, with cool blog... Ted doesn't even have a blog bwahahaha :P


Sidrah said...

wow.. sounds fun!

Barney barney barney.. I love Ted.