Friday, May 6, 2011

Artist, interrupted

Today I'll share my incredible secret with you guys.

Long long time ago, not so long actually, ten years ago I was an artist. My life was loaded with watercolors. All day and night I painted the fantastic things ever been painted in this world. I drew Elephants of Egypt, Rabbit holes, Mango trees, Mountains of Yuu-Yuu <-- that's a place you won't know about, Atlantic ocean, random houses on random streets, people I happen to saw and even myself. The thing was they weren't just any paintings. They were enchanting like my never-ending magical watercolors I received from Mr. Lil Bo when I visited the Tinted Pond <-- another place you won't know about. It's otherworldly, you see. One look at the painting and you're bewitched. I was the new Picasso. <-- or whoever is the most famous artist.

Funnily enough it used to drive my family crazy. They would say behind my back <-- I have this habit of eavesdropping 'She's only ten. Why doesn't she play with dolls like other girls of her age? Why does she paint all day? Why does she have a blank stare when she isn't painting? Why doesn't she talk to us? Why doesn't she want to watch the new Barbie movie? Why, why, why??'. It bothered them a lot. It bothered me that it bothered them still I was too young to give a damn. One day a big bald man with plenty of love handles came to our house.
He looked kind of like this. 

 He had heard of my paintings and wanted to purchase alllllllllll of them. He'd also heard of my never-ending magical watercolors. He was willing to give millions of dollars for them. My family sold alllllllllll of them <-- and spent  alllllllllll the money, too while I was brainstorming in my bathtub.had this fantastic idea --> auburn fox winking at a purple dancing moon. Marvelous, right?. 

Anyway. In two minutes my colorful world became the bleakest place ever. I wouldn't sleep. I wouldn't eat. I wouldn't talk. I wouldn't dream. I wouldn't even take a bath. Just because I couldn't paint. My family tired of messy and very smelly me sought after the big bald man with plenty of love handles. He had vanished into thin air. My heart had shattered into tiny shimmery pieces. I cried and I cried. It rained, I cried. It hailed, I cried. Trees shed leaves, I cried. It snowed, I cried. Nobody knew my pain. Everything reminded me of painting. I was an empty shell with a dead soul. Whatever that means. An year passed and I changed. I turned 11 and learnt to use computer. My new passion was drawing pictures on Paint. So instead of dying with a broken heart, I decided to love pixels.

Sadly am unskilled not too good at it.

Mountains of Yuu-Yuu.

Okay. So I was bored. I never was an artist. I draw crappy pictures.

Sidrah xx o(^_^)o


Furree Katt said...

SIDRAH. i actually believed your story.
i can't paint! :(
but now... i want to visit Yuu-Yuu.

Sidrah said...

oho =O
You really should visit Yuu-Yuu. They are awesome mountains. Very straightforward.

Hafsah said...

da never endin paint reminded me of willy vonka i dnt knw y =O
y dnt i knw abt yuu yuu or tinted pond, partner? we share the otherworLdly stuff dnt we? :( may be i vl hv to ask dopey abt it :P
i wish i cud see da 10 year old sidrah's paintings, too bad the humpty dumpty-look alike stole dem n vanished.
its never too late, i can buy u new watercolors ^^

Sidrah said...

Hafsah, you forgot to read the last line? =|

can you get me 'magical' never-ending Willy Vonk-ish watercolors?? =]

Hafsah said...

i read, n ignored it :$ i liked da rest of it so we can pretend its real ^.^

quartertoinsane said...

hey, i remember the 'big bald man with plenty of love handles' from this picture, thats him... he bought my obsidian keys... lets make a plan n catch him to get back our stuff... ;) :P

Kiran Ashraf said...

omg i actually beleived yr story.good going girl ;)

ishashime said...

oh you. i believed every word. haha. when i was younger, i always wanted to be an artist, but then i sucked really bad. so i decided to want to become a writer instead.

take me to the Mountains of Yuu-Yuu! :D

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Ohho, bad, very bad... they just nipped a budding talent. Nevermind, computer and its pixels are here to rescue your creativity. :D

Hilarious Post.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

OMG,I was about to offer to give my water colors.
*Stupid me*

Cool.Cool.Cool.That's what u are..:)
And hey My Blog Misses u ALOT.!

Beyond Timid said...

Shoot, I fell for it. :P
I love art but I suck big time. I'm not creative enough to think of anything. That's why my school never put me into gifted classes. :/
Mountains of Yuu-Yuu, huh? Sounds like an epic getaway location. If you added snowy caps on them, I'd be the first person to go. :D

Nekee Babar said...

plzzz follw me

Sana Castellano said...

THIS IS ONE OF YOUR BEST POSTS EVER =D =D =D And I lurve the cute mountains of Yuu-Yuu. I wanna doodle on MS Paint now.
Btw - I painted my mum a mothers day card aaj. Haha.
Sidrah. =D you're such a cute elf. ^_^
I love your story(?) and you make good pics.

AcetylCholine said...

Pretty much the same reaction as everyone till I read the last sentence.

I can't draw or paint to save my life. And my brother happens to be an amazing artist. Quite annoying.
I like your doodle on MS paint. It's better than what I draw.

Sidrah said...


Oh am too sad to do anything. you go n find him plz =[ I'll evarrr be grateful.

sure.. why not =o


Oh no! Can I still have them??

Sidrah said...

@beyond timid

Oho.. dont evaarr go there if you cannot stand heat =o



Thank you everyone.. N yay, you fell for it *happy* you know it might be true after all.

Anonymous said...

never mind it happens

Sidrah said...


aakash said...

^^ :P

Since I knew you are going to fool about your past (having read the forthcoming posts before this), I didn't get the punch,.. why did you disclose it later :(


Sidrah said...

oh =|