Sunday, April 24, 2011

Don't Listen To Me Am Being Paranoid!

Sunday. It's Sunday.. it's Sunday... The last day of the weeeekendd! It's sunday.. Oh no, tomorrow is Monday. Don't go, Sundayyyyy!

Like it? I think am gonna be famous if I keep making up such songs. Watch out.

My mum's glaring at me because I have taken my breakfast to my bedroom <-- what's wrong with that??. Am not in a mood to sit with my caustic brothers and watch Geo TV <-- thanks to my dad with my yummy spaghetti-noodles and a lil piece of pratha I stole from my brother's plate <-- It's a sin for me to eat whole pratha. 

Talking about spaghetti-noodles yesterday <-- was saturday I had a sudden craving of noodles at 11:35 PM exactly. I got up from my lazy dusty kingdom and entered the most sacred place 'The Kitchen'.  I looked and looked and looked for a packet of maggie and in doing so I made a greatest mess ever made in this world <-- maybe that's the reason my mum's giving me the cold look?. Masalo ke dabbe cursed me as I pushed them in deep dark places of the cabinet. Poor Maggie, probably bullied by evil masale, sat hidden in a corner of the darkest zone <-- I had to get a chair to save it. Then brutally I threw the noodles into the boiling water <-- muhahahah. Wait. Oh no! I realized to my horror I was very hungry and one Maggie won't be enough for me. I turned to spaghetti and boiled them too <-- they took aaaaaages. In the end I ate a mixture of instant noodles and slow-as-a-turtle spaghetti. Was an okay experience. I was exhausted. I could only eat a spoonful <-- or a forkful.

Here I am, slurping on spaghetti-noodles and reading blogs. Lookie --> Pigs In Maputo's such a cute blog. I like.
True Happiness!

Anyway. Don't you sometimes want to kill your tailor when they ruin the dress-of-your-dreams?? I hate! Absolutely hate >_<

Oh, the title! It's from the song I adore right now. It's adorable.

Doesn't she look like a cute version of Michael Jackson? Haina?

So, that's it. This senseless post is dedicated to you.. yes, you! And nah, not you! Not at all!

Happy Sunday!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Tazeen said...

*Grins* Have a good Sunday, Sid! And I need to get my dresses from the tailor too. =/ Hope to God he didn't ruin them!

ishashime said...

looks like you could one day rival rebecca black's friday. haha. xD
i love instant noodles. they're so delish and super easy to make.

captcha: water

Kiran Ashraf said...

i also act the same when i get hungry especially in the middle of the night when there is no food left. great post : )

UB said...

Aaah Maggi..I think most of us tend to get hungry at night.Even after some heavy dinner. It's weird but true! Cute+funny post!

Sana Castellano said...

and today it is monday, monday - can't wait for friday .. fun, fun fun.
okay, lame alert.
i like knorrrr more =D when i get hungry in the night , i make me some onion pakoraz or frenchfries, even omelet. =p yes, be proud, ur friend is an awesome cook.
what is maputo? =p and now i very much want to read some djibootiean blog =p sorry for the spelling.
gonna go google while i listen to lenka =D

Ophelia said...

I love this blog you are so funny
and your blog is upbeat looking
and unique!

aakash said...

Even we get dis late night craving for noodles.. But thanx to the all-night canteen we manage our lazy asses to sit and eat :)
I hope you seriously ain't a Rebecca black fan :P
Feeling nice on ur blog..


Crimson Coral said...

Hayee maggiee!!! *yummy*

Eeshie said...

Yes, yes I totally agree with you!

It's the new Michael Jackson!

Beyond Timid said...

Hey, your blog's really cute. :) Haha.
They sell Maggi in the States here, but my parents gave up buying that stuff ever since they figured out they put meat in it or something. Now we eat Korean noodles. Go figure.
Thanks for that blog recommendation; I'm in love with those comics now. :D

Furree Katt said...

you're the new Rebecca Black!

i always get cravings for instant noodles deeeep into the night. i usually ignore them hahaha


Sidrah said...

all the best =o

am working on it =P

knorr.. maggi.. same thing Oo ..I always call Instant noodles Maggi.. did you like the song?? =)

The Me. said...

I loove having my breakfast in bed in the morning with tv on. Its sucha nice feeling.
and omG im so lazy i recently gave four of my unstitched clothes to my darzi and asked him to make them however he wished. (i trusted his judgement) And he kinda... ruined them. :( served me right i guess -.-