Monday, April 4, 2011

A Chance To Babble

Surprise, surprise. Blog-awards season going on, I guess?  Got a few *happy dance*.

From Ishashime
to Sidrah from Under The Magic Tree. Her blog is just so cute and adorable, and so are her posts. Plus, she's also really nice. YAY!

And one of the Koofy awards from the best buddy Sana Castellano

to SIDRAH from Under the Magic Tree,  for being my childhood blogger buddy
And lookie, they got rules, too <-- OMG. No way.

- accept the award and thank the award-giver.
- award any deserving blogger that comes to your mind.
- do the 'a picture from my camera' thing in which you upload any random picture that you've taken from your/your friend's cellphone/camera and write a funny/sad/interesting/disgusting/sweet/lame/awesome caption for it.

Picture From My Camera

Once upon a time three friends made a plan to go out together to have fun. After 2 years of struggle with laziness they finally went and had awesome fun. 

Okay. Thanku thanku, Sana and Ishashime *hug* =) and Nas for the stylish blogger award.

I will give this 'adorable blog award' to Al - Who doesn't give sh*t.. Her posts always make me crack.

I have also been tagged by Sana. I have to write whatever comes in my mind when I see the red words. Now this is fun, isn't it? Another chance to ramble about yourself. I like it.

Food - Am a person who lives to eat <-- my motto: Make Lunch, Not War.
Color - Blue, green, yellow, pink, brown. Crayons and colored chalks.
Animals - Giraffes with their graceful necks and zebras with their curves. Sexy.
Sports - Uff. Pak vs India Cricket semifinal =/. Urgh. *happy thoughts come my way please*
Dessert - Coffee cake and brownies *drool*
Artist/Singer/Band - Within Temptation, Dan Black, Kelly Clarkson, Birthday Massacre.
Pair of shoes - I love my new purple-black shoes!! Lookie!

They are PERFECT! I have finally found the right pair!
Outfit - Long shirts, leggings and colorful accessories.
Skinny jeans - Not my thing. Got one pair
Perfume - am not a perfume-person. I once tried it and I got dyspnea.
Accessory - Pearl earrings and colorful funky bracelets *heart heart*
City - Venice. I wanna go there and find my long lost family <-- long story. Also it's a beautiful place.
Hobby - Reading, blogging, eating, inventing lame jokes and sad songs, and amusing myself.
Beauty product - Kohl (I look incomplete without it) and Lip-gloss.
Snack- Depends on my mood. Right now I want popcorns.
Holiday - Ramadan! Yes, now we will get our vacations in Ramadan. LoL. No, am so not looking forward to it. What on earth am gonna do all day? Wait for iftari, I guess.
Movie - Nowadays am in love with Amelie. It's a french movie so you have to watch it with subtitles, but it is totally awesome. Like Awesome awesome! *hearts*
Song - Wonder by Dan Black
Guilty Pleasures - New clothes and novels, yummy fried chicken rice, and having me-time (you know when you're alone, doing nothing. You think and smile and smile and think)

I tag *scratches my head* 
- pH
- Sadiya 
- Single Unsingle

Happy Moments!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Furree Katt said...

congratulations for the blog awards! :D
your shoes are really awesome, wow. and OMG how can you not like skinnies? :O
♥ happy moments yay :D

Mia Mirza said...

I don't like skinnies either =)
The shoes are loovelyy <3
Congrats on the awards =D

Syida said...

we have same hobby. Me also love reading and enjoy blogging. Congrate for your award. Your blog awesome. Syok ;D

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

congratulations for the blog awards! :D
And I share all your hobbies..:)

Ph_ said...

*happy dance on your awards*
Yeeyyyy :D
Congratulations <3
And wow we have A LOT in common, even the choice of jeans :P Hearts to colorful accessories <3 :)
Thank you so much for the tag Inshallah I am going to do the tag post (as soon as I have exams burden off my shoulders :S Need prayers!).

Take Care =)

The Me. said...

Congrats on them nice blog awards :D
And thaanks for reminding me about Amelie. I was meaning to watch it but forgot. Now imma watch it. ^^

ishashime said...

hooray for awards! :D and yeah, i watched Amelie a while back and it really is a wonderful film. :">

Anonymous said...

Congo congo! :D

Crimson Coral said...

Congrats on the awards!!

my friend got the exact same pair of shoes... hehehe... and she was happy the same... =p

skinnies arent my thing either... comon now my thighs need to breathe.. =p

lovely loveliness in your blog =*

Single Unsingle said...

Thank chica.

Will tag you asap :)

Sana Castellano said...

Hehe. Yay, you finnaly accepted the AWARD and the TAG. =D
We will go to Venice someday.
PS : Dan black - Dan brown - what isup with the colors? =P

AcetylCholine said...

Congrats on the award.
The shoes are pretty. iWant.

I fail with Kohl. My hands tremble a lot, like 24/7, so I can't apply it.

Kiran Ashraf said...

congrats ohn the awards. loved the shoes plus purple is my fav colour n i adore reading too. i share many of yr hobbies infact. great great blog loved it following it : )

Sidrah said...

@furree kat

like Crimson coral said 'my thighs need to breathe.. =p' =D

all the best =)

@the me
your going to love it!

Is there any Dan Blue?

awwww,, my left hand trembles while scaling. Sucks =/

thanku =*