Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Ode To Smokers

Couldn't study, so wrote a poem on carcinoma. 

A stained incisor fractures your smile.
A stain on your pride, a stab on your glory.
Thick fog encircles your profile,
a dose, a dozen, to reveal your story.

You knew the risk, great was the desire,
now inhale and exhale the wrath of your lungs.
Oh, can the dying muscle not express your dire?
Flat expressions are your replacement tongues.

Open your ears and hear your breath scream,
feel the painful invasion of your body with no redeem.
An addiction, a pleasure costing a life,
today selfish excuses cut through like a knife.

Ignorance and greed take you to death,
embrace it gladly, show no contempt.
For the chances were there all the time,
had the fumes even invaded your mind?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Apples and Bananas.

February will come. It will wave a wand. I will turn 21. It will bring a huge gift wrapped in a glittering paper. All that glitter is not gold. February's gift is of the horrible kind, what makes it worse is that I didn't even ask for it. Who would want it? No candles, no surprises, no birthday cakes, no birthday caps, no birthday hugs, no birthday song, no birthday dance, no birthday laughs, no birthday pictures, no birthday at all. This year a mere text and two minutes phone call. I cannot allow more than that, for the February's gift won't let me.

If it had arrived early then all should have been well. December came and I asked for it. It shook its head and went away. January shrugs. February sneers. No longer my month. February will come. It will wave a wand. I will turn 21. I will be handed the gift, I will tear away the glittering paper, the howling wind will greet me in a shape of exams.

Hello and goodbye.

Can I Be more depressed? Yes, it is only a birthday. I know. The thing is I have been stuck at home since October, studying and studying, because they said the exams could happen any moment. Now am a sad little zombie of a girl. 

I wait for March.

Till then I will eat apples and bananas.
No, you cannot have any.