Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Down To Earth - Sad News of The Month

From now on I will do "Sad News of The Month" <-- whine whine. 

Yes. My sad news of  probably my whole life the month is:

I cannot wear high heels.

I Cannot wear high heels anymore. Ever. Again.

Yes, am officially banned. My sciatic nerves got tired of heels, decided to go crazy and kept bugging me until I gave up and went to see a doctor. Tada!! Got diagnosed with Nerve damage. I have to take mecobalamin (which tends to make you fat) along with calcium and iron supplements for months <-- they don't seem to work. My feet still act crazy. Scared.

Also, am not supposed to sit down and I have to do funny exercises. My dad wants me to do some crazy yoga, he gave me two books on it (the pictures are enough to turn you off). The worst thing is I have to say goodbye to all my cool shoes and get used to wearing ugly flat ones.

I feel so SHORT <-- The awful truth: I am short =( Elfish?

Pictures to make me feel better <-- BIG FAIL.


Short is Cute. 

My new motto.

I miss my old heelarious life.

What's your sad news of the month? <-- I do hope you don't have any.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


A Great Liar said...

Awww. Thats too bad. Hope you get "On Yo 'eels" asap.

Sadiya Merchant said...

awwww dats terribl!
if it makes u feel any better, petite is always cute and if d pills make u fat, den dont worry fat ppl r always funny and in any event v wil always read ur blog :P
keep smilin :)

Sidrah said...



Anonymous said...

Aww.. cheer up girl! =)

I hope your feet get fine soon..

Shannon said...

Come, girl. You're probably taller than me (5 ft.). I don't wear heels because they hurt my messed up feet, but I'm fine being short. Actually, I'm not short, I'm fun sized.

Sidrah said...

am 5 ft 1 =P yay!!

fun-sized..i like the sound of it =D

AbeerJ said...

Here's some more mottos:

'Im not short. Im fun-sized!'
'Call me short again im just the right height to punch you in the balls' :P
'i maybe a shortie. but im also a shawty'
lol, im 5'4 so im good with my height. but everyone else is shorter than me and that pisses me off. Get well soon and rock the 'shortness' :)

Nas said...

I've got a heel story to tell you!

A few years back I was out heel shopping with one of my friends. I wasn't shopping for heels, she was (thought I'd clarify). Anyway, we were at the shop, and she's like "you should try on these ones" *points at hells that are 6metres (4 inches) off the ground. Let me tell you something, I have problem walking 0 inches off the floor and being 4 inches was no good. I put them on, walked a few steps and fell over -___- The pretty shop assistant LOL-ed at me.

And you think you're short? Here's a LOVELY song to make you feel better:

It's about a short person.


Sarah said...

Aw, I'm sorry about your feet. I wear heels every once in a while because I hurt my ankle really bad wearing them a while back. Every now and again I have to switch to flats, but it's okay, and I can deal with it. I'm 5'1, so I feel your pain. But I practice yoga every single day (for my back, but it helps for so many other things), and as long as I'm flexible and healthy, I can wear them any time I want. Just keep a positive attitude.

Shorties unite! : )

Anonymous said...

Awwww.... I know the feeling. When I was really heavy my feet were all messed up and until just recently I could NOT wear heels to save my life. I missed it sooo much. Plus all the cute shoes seem to be heels. But don't worry, flats are so back! Keep your chin up. Cute blog. Found you on 20sb.

Anonymous said...

Sort people kick butts.. It's all we can reach ;) *hugz*

ishashime said...

i'm 5'3 and i've always wanted to be taller but i don't really like wearing heels. i've always worn flats, mostly sneakers, my whole life (heels only on special occasions) and it's been great so far. haha.
don't you worry, flats can be just as awesome and stylish.

weird diary said...

hahaha sidrah it doesnt matter... dont let this get over you. you know i am also short but i have never really worn any heels. this is the first time that i have bought any heels ever (just this month)and i just hope i dont fall when i wear them :/ although they are not that high, they're just 4 inches probably. but i feel so happy about them ^_^
so cheers =)

Chika said...

Ur too cute. And thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

Don't worry, at least you're alive and probably have a million other things to be grateful for :) .. Cheerie up :)

Eeshie said...


Is it forever?!?!

Sidrah said...

OMG. You guys made me feel so good about it =P =D

thanku, Nas =P

maybe?? =o *hope not*

Yours Truly said...

Nice post!

&& sorry to hear about your nerve damage. But the Yoga will help. trust. Im guessing you're a shoes fanatic? kinda like me? Though, I own very few heels..bad experiences!

Yours truly x

Sana Castellano said...

Dear Sidrah's Sciatic nerve
You'll be up and firing action potentials in no time. =D

Dear Sidrah
Don't you worry. Heels are wese bhee bad - good riddance. They give you urinary tract infections too and arent comfy.
Smile, and tell the world that you're Short and Sweet and Bubbly. =D

Anonymous said...

there's nothing wrong wearing flat sandals... you are not short... they dont call it 5'5 a short... Enjoy a painless walk

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