Monday, February 21, 2011

Apples Have Feelings, Too - She Got Minutes To Waste

Okay am bored and I got a blog award from Mia. Waiting for some zooblah things to happen, which will take ages for sure. So am doing a lamest-tareen post about my weird habits. (the award says you can babble about anything) Yes, you don't have to read <--means of course you have to.

Before I attack here's the cute lil wee thing to make you smile a mile:

his pedo-smile is epic!

Here we go.

- I watch a movie. Watch its trailer. Google it. See the ratings and decide if they are accurate. Go to Wikipedia, read the plot and check out the cast. I always do it in this order.

- If there are two apples left, I will eat them both. Why? Because I can't bear the thought of poor apple being left alone to survive in a refrigerator with mean vegetables. If there are more than two I will eat only one. <-- am I not sweet? I have no feelings for other fruits.

- Flashing a bright smile whenever I look into the mirror. The smile is bazillion times more bright after I brush my teeth that it could blind a baby <-- show-off.

- Trying to find people from my university on Facebook. Not necessarily from uni.. From olden school days, my neighbors, creepy teachers, you know, maybe I try to spy on you, too. Reading their info, checking out their albums, and then TaDa completely forgetting about them as if they never existed is awesome way to waste your life.

- Updating my Facebook status or blog, keep refreshing the page after every 2 minutes to see if there is any comment <-- usually there isn't. Lasts for about 15 minutes.

- Staring at 'You have a new message' icon for one whole minute. It makes me feel good. It sucks if they are from service centre, and even worse from the Fraaandshippers.

- Feeling the bubbles from soda on my face.

- Listening to a song and imagining myself singing it. Replay, replay, replay. <-- I have to say it again,  I hate my squeaky-high pitched-singing-mode voice

- Rearranging my dear novels every Sunday <-- makes me sound like somebody's grandma. No, not yours, don't get mad.

- Texting my friends every morning 'don't feel like coming to college. It sucks. I want to sleep='<'  then getting out of the bed to get ready.

- Keeping my hairbrush, earphones and a novel under my the pillow. This drives my mum crazy. God knows why. 

- Whenever I eat, I leave whatever will taste the best for the last mouthful, thinking that will make the meal more enjoyable. I also have a weird obs session with fried onions. They are just so yummm.

And oh this last one is like so cool: Blog about lamest things I can ever think of. Just to annoy you.

Think about it.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Najwa Pervin said...

I really enjoy your 'lame' posts :D

Sana Castellano said...

Yes. =( And so do oranges. I just ate one. xD
I love flashing a smile in the mirror at me too =p
Fun post =D and congrats on getting awarded.
PS : Your blog posts are NOT lame.
PPS : Youre pedo smile is the epic.

Furree Katt said...

yay for the award! =D
i always refresh my dashboard every few seconds, too!
and i also keep my iPod and a novel under my pillow =P

Shanimal's Crackers said...

Any little 11 year old girl would be lucky to have a man like that smile at her! :)

Unlike you, I watch a movie's trailer first, then check its reviews, then maybe watch the movie. During the movie I will often wonder where I've seen that actor before. Then I will go to to look up what else he is in.

ishashime said...

haha. it's the little quirks about us that make us all unique.
although i do like leaving whatever i think will taste the best for the last mouthful, too! haha. xD

Sidrah said...


Ph_ said...

First, happy dance for the award :D
I was feeling kind of exhaust but after reading this post I'm smiling at the end and and went Oh-my-gawwdd on the similar points. Ditto for novel by the bed side and ditto for the smile flashbacks is mirror *showoff-ing too* :D
Cool :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

agreed early in the morning just a think of going to uni irritates :)

Asma said...

hehe nice post..i hated wakin up for uni and i thank God every day now that i dont have to go to uni:P

AcetylCholine said...

I can never manage the pedo smile that well. Demmit.

I understand the facebook add-me-and-then-forget-me dilemma. That's what I do all the time. Maybe I get bored of doing people too easily.

I just ate nuggets. They have feelings too, I think.

AcetylCholine said...

ADDING people*


I'm high on CVS. -_-

Zo :) said...

Hahaha. Sidrah. I LOVE your blog. Your lame posts are beyond awesome. ^_^

And I rearrange my novels each week too. :p

Sidrah said...


haha.. doing =P

aww thanku =D

luckyyy u!

Sidrah said...

yay.. am glad =)

yes =[

valuable information.. thanku!

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