Friday, March 18, 2011

Don't Like Summer. Your Argument Is Invalid.

You know what sucks? Edward Cullen. Also, this hot weather. I have a feeling it is going to be a long sweaty sticky summer *sigh*. And hey, who invited those flies and mosquitoes? Any lawn exhibitions going on for them, too? They have invaded our land once again. The college cafeteria, the vehicles, the ugly stinky hospital, the dental OPD, my sandwich and air-conditioned lecture halls too <--No sukoon. They are everywhere *scratch scratch* Haww.
If only it worked.

 I don't like summer. They ruin me physically and emotionally. Am a winter girl. I like blankets and peanuts.

Today I attended my first OT. And what do I get to see? A circumcision <-- read that again and be shocked. It was horrible. The baby cried and cried and cried. All I could see was a bit baby's horrified face <-- thanks to my shortness. Doesn't matter much because I couldn't bear to watch That. God knows why my friends made the video <-- Could my friends possible be pedo? They have been planning to blackmail this baby when he grows up.

Want to know more things that suck?

- Depressing gay movies like The Single Man. Especially if your expecting totally the opposite.
- Twilight and cheesiness. <-- yeah, yeah. Old news.
- When multitasking goes wrong.
- Bird poop on your head. Oh, crap.
- Random awful things that somehow happen. Like bird poop on your head.

Wish we DO get a warning.

Cos this is what happens
- Disgusting men who stare <-- slap, slap, kick, kick. Hu-ha. Bird poop on your head, you moron!

- Having to eat tasteless noodles in college because a fly made out with your sandwich. Now your ex-sandwich.
- Lady Gaga <-- well, she's somewhere between. I just found her freaky.
- People who borrow books and think it's not necessary to return so they throw them away. WTF.
- Crappy teachers who make you stand for 3 hours.
- Flies, mosquitoes and spiders. They are nasty. I loath insects that bug me in the middle of the night.
- People who end up looking like clowns and are not aware of it. Too much color will never do you any good.
- Pedo <-- but pedo smile is awesome.
- Long lists <-- Yes I should shut up now.


Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


H.T said...

I don't like summers either :/

quartertoinsane said...

awwww... summers are nice. think of all the lawn u can wear...

Nas said...

LOL @ the person above's comment. Yeah just pick up some grass and cover yourself in it :D.

Wanna swap? I'd do anything to spend summer in Pakistan :P.

have a lovely weekend!

ishashime said...

what?! i've been looking forward to this summer ever since the last one ended. haha. xD

Sana Castellano said...

I want Barney Stinson. He da man! =D
ALso, I like this post - it is so you. Summers are good - lekin Pakistan mai tow summer aa ke ziada hee over houjateehai -uff itni garmi.
Yes, let's scare the sun with a pedo smile.

Najwa Pervin said...

I dont mind summers as long as the temperature doesnt go above 30 degrees celsius ! But oh wait thats winter for khi :D

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

LOL, your friends are investing on a little video of a little boy...

random aweful things and lecturers whose voice makes us drowsy and still who don't allow us to sleep really suck. :P

Blasphemous Aesthete

Anonymous said...

agreeed n i alos hate the teachers who make u stand for approx 3 hrs :@

The Me. said...

OmG. I agree with everything you've said. o.O

precious gems said...

Lol i luv summer:p
d sweet sweet dresses n lots more=D

Ph_ said...

Awe! same here :( I feel I'm going to die standing in the labs for like 2 hours or so in summers :S Already wishing for rain *impossible I know* :S
LOL... Yeah, like Edward Cullen has been the story of past :P
Rest the story is same =/
Take care :)

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Summers are kinda fun.
Not here in Karachi,I admit,they get far so sticky and hot.
(At least the flies haven't spotted my place,YET).

But still I love summers.You can have all the ices,Golas you want,wear shorts,play and go on picnics.And Mangoes of course..:D

URG,but there is sure a little
drawback, Load shedding.

I super LOL-ED at NAS's comment.
Last time,my mom bought a "chicken suit"...

Syida said...

Hye, I love your blog.
And now I give u award..
check my blog :D

Single Unsingle said...

Haha! I've laughed my head off! Chic, ur a natural! N a lottta things are making u mad. LOL.

I'm a summer girl :) It's the only thing i know :)

Enjoyed reading this post. Totally feeling ur blog!!!! Glad i found ya thru 20sb

I'm the newest follower.

Follow me too?

Sidrah said...

nooo I don't like lawn that much =/

Summer sucks. Your argument is invalid -_- =P

thanku =)

@single unsingle

yay, thanku ^^ followed u! =)