Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Eat Porridge. Can I Be Goldilocks?

It's been almost a week. Am getting better. Rapidly. Nah. Sluggishly. Goodbye to sore throat and fever. Hello to ear infection. Bet you don't want the gross details, do you? I cried buckets of tears yesterday. OMG. Why? I felt sorry for myself. I had been bedridden for days. I missed college, laughing, blogging, looking nice and eating yummy food. My diet consisted of milk and porridge <-- I pretended to be Goldilocks (not that I found anything Just right). Oh, let's not forget the dreadful pain in my ear. And those antibiotics, man oh man, they are killing me. Wish they could have eaten up some fat, but hell no, they only took my shine away. I look.. what's the word.. UGLY. Ugly like Chucky's bride <-- now, now, am only exaggerating.


Okay. That was plenty of bitterness.
But am still Goldilocks (doesn't matter if I haven't got blonde hair. Or that I look fugly. Humph).

Am home bound <-- please don't start again and craving for new yummy novels. I LOVE books *heart heart*. Since I have been to terrible-madness medical college, I have not been reading much. Two years back, I used to go book-shopping twice a month, would buy around ten books on each visit and read them all in no time <-- showing-off. Come on, it's TRUE! Things have changed. Now I go once in a blue moon and get pretty stupid books in haste. Yes, good books don't come to me anymore *sob sob* I keep buying fazool-tareen novels about angels killing devils, romantic stories even worse than mills and boon or some irksome crime novel in which the detective is old and bald with a huge mustache. Anyway. I want the expert bookophillic back in me. Because this is a serious condition, not being able to buy peachy books, very serious.

Here are the books I really really really want to read:

The Brightest Star In The Sky by Marian Keyes

Like Mandarin By  Kristen Hubbard

..and ALL the novels by Anita Shreve. I adore her books. She is an amazing writer. My favorite book of hers is Fortune's Rock.  I wish I could write like her. Dream on.

Few days back I won a book 'Sorta Like A Rockstar' from this wonderful blog *happy*. I never thought I would win.. I guess such things  can happen, rarely, but they do. I won. At least now I will have a great book to read. Thank you Claire =)

Was so happy about winning, I entered more contests <-- now you must be laughing at me. Hey, if you are a bookworm, you should enter too. All you have to do is fill wee lil forms on these blogs:

A Good Addiction
Addicted 2 Novels

Oh, I won another blog award (note another &lt;--show-off). Thank Sydia =* You are awesome.

Wow. Yayie. I have 109 Followers. Thankyou so much guys, for reading my blog (and for loving it, I hope). I love you all =* just waiting for Valentine's Day.

College's holding Spring Festival on Sunday. Hope will be better by then. Looking forward to it =)

Good health to us <-- what? No world peace?

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Tazeen said...

Get well soon, Sidrah!

I want good books too but more than that, I want the time to read them. =/

Furree Katt said...

awwwh i was hoping you would be feeling better by now :( get well soon! ♥
i don't have time to read books at all, either! it took me two months to finish this short-story collection book i borrowed from a cousin. if i had time, i could have finished it in a DAY. so i feel your pain.
yay you for winning a book, though :D
and congrats on 100+ followers! i lovee you and your blog. ♥

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Get well soon.!
Ear infection,aww,It's really terrible.Go 2 ur ENT Guy.

Congrats on winning "Sorta like rockstar' sounds good.

BTW,thanks for dropping by mY Blog..:)

Farman21 said...

so sad to know that you are still sick, get well soon & many congrats on winning 'Sorta like rockstar'.

Anonymous said...

allah apko shifa ada farmaye...

i like it when use urdu words in your blog like 'fazool-tareen novels'...

Congrats and wish u luck for winning many more books...:)

Eeshie said...


Asma Khan said...

Get Well Soon, best wishes and prayers... :)

kiran arora said...
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♥ Duchess ♥ said...

u'll b looking good in no time babe... tc...
evn i miss meeting ppl....laughing...i kno hw it feels.

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Get better soon!


Mia Mirza said...

Hope you get tandarust soon =P

Anonymous said...

get well soon
kinda missing u these days :P

Sidrah said...


aur khola karo window..bemaaar kardia mujhe =P

of course i am not =o just being modest

thanku everyone =*

ishashime said...

also, hope you get to someday read those novels you want. haha. congrats on both the award and winning that contest. take care!

Nas said...

Awwww that's really sad :(.

I really do hope you get well soon insha'Allah! :).

And reading. I know what it's like. I've asked my friends to make me a reading list, so that when uni finishes for summer, I can catch up on a years worth of reading.

Ph_ said...

*happy dance* on the award and followers :)
Awe girl! I hope you are feeling much better now :S Been with the same. Stupid fever and I've been confined to my room :S I miss University, friends, blogging, blog reading and many things I <3 like so bad :(
Many many wishes for you :) Get to our shiny self soon! :)
Take care!

A Great Liar said...

Get well soon. :)

Sidrah said...