Saturday, December 31, 2011

False Hopes: The Busiest Year Ahead.

Time has sped by us once again. I look back on the night of December 31 2010 and see myself gulping down an enormous burger with a handful of garlic mayo fries, eyes on a battered Pharmacology book in one of my sticky hands and brain laboring over the names of drugs. I was determined to study till 12, afterwards what I was going to conjure up I cannot remember --> obviously I failed to invent a miraculous machine, and in its place had watched a movie and consumed some more food. I was quite sanguine. Eager for the year to start, for 2010 hadn't been kind to me. I made a couple of life-changing resolutions and same old promises to tame the bulges --> FAIL!. And I turned the age I hated #20. 

From that night to this night it has been same old me, except an year older --> and wiser and no longer much of a hopelessly optimistic idealist. However, still an idealist, I can never be a realist. It was going on well till it came crashing down and Tada! It was like 'On your face, girl!'  Thank you very much indeed.

Life is not fair, my dear.

Since I always seem to contradict them, there's no harm in making some loony resolutions.

January: Ride a camel in Sahara Desert. Stalk and make some deadly enemies. Kill the enemies. Sell the camel.
February: Visit Lake Loch Ness and look for the famous sea serpent. Make Nessie my pet.
March: Travel to Africa, sight-see and smuggle the lions and zebras to Pakistan. Gift a few lions to my loyal friends.
I seem to be obsessed with animal, don't I?
April: Take a picture underneath the northern lights (the Aurora) and pretend to be a professional photographer.  Create northern lights in Pakistan.
May:  Direct a soap opera better than Humsafar [staring Fawad Khan as a villain].
June: Take a break and trend on twitter #sidrahwhotrendedandgotfamousfornothingatall
July: Ask someone to marry me and then leave them at the altar (or rather leave them sitting on a highly decorated sofa). --> the runaway bride
August: Become a silent monk. Shave my head and give everyone a baleful stare.
September: Make a movie '2013'. With amazing 8D effects. Tagline: The world ends, once again.
October: Befriend some Eskimos. Live in a igloo and eat fish and fish and fish.
November: Run a famous jalsa like Imran Khan's PTI.
December: Don't look back. Just run forward.

The Next December.

So, I should pack my knapsack and steal a camel.

Happy new year!


quartertoinsane said...

i like may and december, i'll help u with may if u need it :D

have fun!!!

Sidrah said...

sure, you can be the 'Hero' =p

quartertoinsane said...

buahahahahahah... :P

Areesha said...

I'm tempted to join you every month =P Especially February =D

Sana Castellano said...

For me, November all the year. I love your resolutions. Mai bhee banaungy aesee resolutions aik din.
Happy new year. =)

Anonymous said...

Haha March is a good idea to come to SA that's when it's warm and the lions are extra snuggly :P

Following <3


Hafsah said...

sidrah m desperately waitin for August! :D
for Jan, pretend KU is da desert, u vl make deadly enemies for sure :P n plz, let me create da playlist for ur jalsa too..n also da track for ur soap opera <3
together we shall conquer da whole worlldddd :P

Komal Ali said...

That's a nice list. I am sure you would like turning 21, no?

Happy New Year to you too! :-)

Beyond Timid said...

Happy New Year!

I hate making resolutions, but I gotta say, I really liked yours. ;D

Syida said...

I love your resolution. something fresh =)

Sidrah said...

Hafsah *nods and nods* =p

thank you =]