Saturday, June 30, 2012

Between Dog And Wolf

Warning: Okay, this is a very weird, creepy, unlike me post. So if you are planning to fall in love with me I say don't read it. But you will. You curious lot. Sigh. 

And if you guys have it too, let's talk about it over a cup of coffee. Just kidding. We should ignore each other and spare the awkwardness.

Go away. Now.

Ever got trapped in your own body?  I don’t know many people who have this horrible condition I have thanks to my mum’s genes. Sleep Paralysis. This spooky hereditary disorder sounds intriguing.  It has all the classic signs and symptoms of a terrifying nightmare:

-          You can’t breathe.
-          You can’t move.
-          You can’t speak
-          Intense fear.
-          This awful feeling of someone doing gymnastics on your body.
-          Sometimes a tearing pain will pass through you.
-          And sometimes you will vibrate like your cell phone.
-          You might hallucinate. Catch a glimpse of a spirit, ghost, beast  or your own self
-          A certain sense of an evil presence surrounds you.
-          Astral project into the other worlds. At least some people claim to.
-          Lucid dreaming. 

I was 11 when I first experience the ghastly Sleep Paralysis.  Now, 10 years later (or is it 11? I suck at math) it still happens, frequently.  Okay. 

As much as I like to think that it is a group of alien experimenting on me OR an old hag has taken a fancy to me OR a person has created my voodoo doll – it’s not that interesting after all. UnFortunately, it has a scientific explanation (to my relief and disappointment!). No paranormal stuff like black magic... Or is it? I am doubtful. 

Sleep Paralysis occurs due to this random mis-transmission of chemicals. Your body is all ZzZzZz and your mind is like O_O and these things you see and feel are just in your imagination.You are between the states of consciousness and unconsciousness. 

So after battling with insomnia (or rather sleep-phobia) and caffeine addiction I am finally getting over it.  They say just go with the flow, scrunch up your face and wriggle your toes. You will be okay in a few minutes. Or…

You’ll die from Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome (SUNDS) True Story

Now I'll go to bed. I hope it won't happen..

But It Will. 


The Me. said...

Yep. Happened to me. Freaked me out until my sister sent me an article on Sleep paralysis a few days later. -_-

Daniyal Asif said...

oh, so that was sleep paralysis that I've been thinking as weird kisam ke nightmares. :P Thanks For Telling Me, I Didn't Sleep ThaT Much Anyways. :D

Ph_ said...

I am a bit freaked out I must admit :$

quartertoinsane said...

... Okay this seems familiar...

Hamza Bin Ladin said...


Samreen Esssa said...

True story !! Happens all the time hahah

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