Sunday, July 18, 2010

Drama-Free Bubble. Respect it.

As I promised, this is going to be a Typical-normal-me post. No weird hearts hanging around us this time. You see, insanity is in my blood. Oops.

I got a Pharmacology test on Tuesday and a Pathology test on Friday, plus a big Poster Competition day on August 4th *sigh* So much to do, so little time. I can do it right. I love weekends, although Sunday is not really a Me-day. The sad next-day-college feeling kind of depresses me sometimes. I love my college but don't you think almost 9 hours a day is too much? Kills me.

Today am in Drama-Free Bubble. Everyone respect it *grin*

There are many Bubble days. 'In-my-Bubble' when am moody. 'Happy-all-invited-Bubble' when am in a great mood. 'Hyper-Bubble'.. 'Pissed-off-bubble' .. 'Typical-me-Bubble' "zombified-Bubble'.. and there's one called 'Eat-it-all-bubble' day too!

Drama-free Bubble means Don't argue with me. I don't have patience, I can be rude, and I want to stay happy so Don't kill my happy mood! Beware. *smile* need of your drama.

Everyday has something new to give, yet few things remain unchanged forever. I like that.

I liked Sherlock Holmes. The guy did really good! Jude Law looked cute as Dr. watson even with the mustache.

Lookie, happy thoughts come my way!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Sheza said...

yaaaaaay i like this bubble :D

Sidrah said...


Sana Castellano said...

Aww, that's a wicked bubbly thing u,ve got there!! Jude Law is cute! I loved the movie! =)
Besta luck for your exam =D

Sidrah said...

todayy is Nerdy-bubble day =D

littleWriter (Anunoy) said...

tel me smthing, which1 do u like pharma or patho? :-D

Sidrah said...

i love BOTH of them =)

pH_the priness said...

wish you luck for that poster competition of yours :)

Sidrah said...

aww thanku.. we r kinda doomed =o