Tuesday, July 13, 2010

She Makes Another Blog!

I have finally made the new blog. The reason I left the old one is I don’t really feel like that person anymore. I still like the same things, still do the same things, but something inside me has grown up a bit (I know what you’re thinking but yes). I don’t have such a big crush on Zac Efron (just a teeny weeny, maybe), I like Gerard Bulter more. Oh, i love my old blog very very much. Its me, after all. Bunny burrow all the way! =)

When I first start blogging in 2008 I was pretty psyched about it, I used to update it about thrice a day, would post the blog’s link here and there to get readers, would read every kind of blog posts and comment on them and hoping that maybe I would get a comment or two, back. I did. And layouts! They gave me a hard time. Still do. Anyway all of a sudden, blogging became kind of boring. I didn’t know what to write. It all felt so useless.

However, am back and it is great! You see am a pretty confused person, before doing anything I ask a 1000 questions to myself and to my friends, who get annoyed sometimes! I didn’t want to make an account on twitter because I wasn’t sure what I will do with it, I mean, being on twitter is like talking to yourself. And now am totally addicted to it now. It’s fun! ^^

What’s this fuss about Justin Bieber?? O.o He is such a kid! He has got a bit of a voice,I agree but still.. girls are going crazy. What about poor Robert Pattinson? Totally ditched. Just like that! Sad.

So am really happy right now <3.. goofy smile wont leave my face. Inspired and overwhelmed =) good good feeling!

Happy New Blog to ME!! Yay!!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Sana Aftab said...

=D Haha, happy new blog ^^ and I love the layout!
Justin and Rob are just lack of talents and facewashing first off.
^^ Who cares?!! I love our stories... Camper and Coral's.
xx =D

Sidrah said...

thanku <3 u inspired me =)
aww.. Camper n Coral.. where ever they are, i hope they are happy =] =D

Sheza said...

great! it's fun reading what u have to say! keep posting <3

Sidrah said...

thanku ^^

Sarah said...

Happy new blog to you!

I think it's nice to have a fresh new start and I'm glad you're back into blogging again :-)

Crimson Coral !! said...

u gurls are on a roll! loving it!

Sana Aftab said...

Camper and Coral are in Malta =D