Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dissolved - My Moment

Amazing weather, isn’t it? On days like this I want to sing, dance with trees and run on the rainbow. I wish I were Pocahontas. Yes am bonkers today, but in a good way!

I woke up at 7 AM and went to the balcony...surprise, surprise... the heavy rain greeted me. For few minutes I just stood there gazing at the lovely rain falling down (oh I wish I had made the video), the sun had become a tiny silver pearl and the grey clouds were in a roar. I saw tiny puddles with leaves floating in them, the cars were wet and bright, the earth and the walls were being washed by the nature. My grumpy mood disappeared (it is my typical mood when I wake up early). I felt like a little kid all ready to play. I was actually excited to go to college (we got off, though, which is better, I guess!). If I had my soul mate here, I probably would have danced with him (are we getting emotional here?)

It was a happy moment. My moment

now a little poem 'Dissolved'

I am awed
The nature is my beauty
I let the kisses of the clouds fall down on me
Joyful is the taste, the scent is heavenly

My soul wakes up as I dance
So harmonious is the song of rain
Little romance, a happy chance
All dreams run anew in my vein

A flash of golden
It is almost the end
Seven colors bind
I walk within

Happy rain to You! Eat pakoras =)

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Sheza said...

love the poem! happy times :)

Anonymous said...

As I'm writing this comment I can feel the raindrops jumping on to my face after landing on the window sill at my office. My love for the rain is the same or maybe more than you've described above :P

That is a beautiful poem; I've thoroughly enjoyed it!

Nice blog you have! :)

Sidrah said...

Yay! =)

thanku =]

Shaheryar Hasan said...

I liked the description of the rain.
Loved this line "I felt like a little kid all ready to play" =)
And hey, Beautiful Poem =D

Sidrah said...

Yes, I was hyper =P
Hey your comment is good, do it often! =D

SaJ said...

Good stuff. Loved the last five lines!

Sidrah said...

@saj =)

pH_the priness said...

you've defined the morning atmosphere very well
* the sun had become a tiny silver pearl * I love this line :)
* seven colors bind , I walk with in * loving this part of your poem too :)

P.S. thanks for visiting my little world , do visit again :)

Sidrah said...

@pH the princess

Yay! =) thanku for visiting too ^^

Anonymous said...

hope u get ur soul mate soon :)..nd ya rainy weather too awesome these days :)

Sidrah said...

we all wait for our one special person =] i hope so too!

Sana Castellano said...

Loved the rain =) it was really a morning that made me so happy! I woke up at 6.30 that day.
I really, really like ure magical poem =D

Thinking said...

hmm..its good description of rain...

Like the poem too...everyone in Karachi seems happy nowadyas...except the hardships of recent accident and water severage problems...

By the way...my niece name is Sidrah too...

NIce blog you got here...would soon come back !

Sidrah said...

hey thanku for visiting =)

yes today was a sad day =[ May God bless them!