Saturday, July 24, 2010

Smile Saturday

So many thoughts.. some little ones, I forget.. Some little ones, I don't.. Some big ones, I want to.

I like Saturdays. They are light and happy (you'll know what I mean if you were me). I have to do so much work.. have to make draw, cut and color about 120 pictures (Poster Competition is getting on my head, not today though.), big pathology test coming on Tuesday (parasitology.. eek), plus other little tasks, still am not worried or tensed. I know I can do it.
I love the look of my room right now. Everything is bright and colorful. It is not color-coded. My bed is blue and of oak, carpet and curtain are off white n blue, cupboard and dressing table are brown (I don't like!) writing table is pink and blue, cushion are orange, purple and blue (gee I just realized blue is almost everywhere. It was meant to be blue, but then I thought why not all the colors? Now I want a big poster for the bare wall and a cute little pink sofa. I will get it soon =) *wink*

I wish I lived in a peaceful country. Everyday dozens of people are killed for no reason at all. They were just the unlucky ones who were at the wrong place at the wrong time. It could be you or me. I cannot go out alone because there are bad people out there. It is not safe. Not fair, right? Where is the fun and where is the peace? I want to be free.
There are killer amoebas in the water these days. They are pure evil. They go inside your head, drink the CSF and eat your brain. Sounds Horrible? It is. They have killed 12 people (maybe more?). One of them was our poor teacher. He was only in his late twenties. He studied pathology, isn’t it ironic? We were hoping for a miracle that he might survive, but he did not. May he rest in peace.

So this was only a random update =) I want to write a story.. Maybe I will.

Stay happy.. It is good for our Immune System!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Sana Castellano said...

Ure room is so cute ^_^ i like it. I wanna be free too, it sucks haina. Stay away from water.. i mean the one that has those amoebas.. reminds me of Amoeba Boys from the Power Puff Girls!
Sad for your sir. God bless him =)


Sidrah said...

amoeba boys from PPF are so cute n dumb =o
not eveil like these ones =[

me likey my room too ^^

littleWriter (Anunoy) said...

haha buddy happy postering :-P
sorry 4 da poor pathologist :(
n ye one suggestion, wen u use medcl terminologies xpln dem a bit at the bottom 4 nonmedicos ease... tk care n kp bloggin :-)

CATGIRL said...

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Aazar ali shad said...

Hey Sidra. Thanks for commenting. I would appreciate if you follow the blog. It will encourage me to write for masses. Secondly, Sharing intellectually increases our intellectual capacity. So, what would be more great than sharing blogs and writings.

Apart from that, If you are very serious in helping those children. Dont help all of them. Take one serious bacha. Take her to citizen Foudantion, manzil organization. If he/she is special take them to Dar-ul-sukoon. There are thousands of NGO are working for humanity. but dont pay them
Secondly, you can finance the innocent child by keeping him/her as maid and giving education as well.
If you still cant do that. Go and buy some food stuff. And, give it to them. There are unlimited ways to help the underdogs

Sidrah said...

I ll be careful next time.. thanku!

sure ^^

good idea n followed u back!

Tazeen said...

A sweet little blog post! Loved it and it was nice to know that I'm not the only one who thinks we don't live in a peaceful place.

God bless you :)

Sidrah said...


i will be surprised if anyone called Pakistan a peaceful country =o

thanku for visiting <3 =]

Aazar ali shad said...

So, you thinking over it?? :P
I am ready to help u :D

Sidrah said...

yes, thinking.. =]

Anonymous said...

so the future doctor is giving the tip to improve immune system :)..u stay happy too :)

Sidrah said...

Insh'Allah =)

pH_the priness said...

I love saturdays too and I love adding colours evrywhere :) You're kind of like me or I'm kind of like you , :P lolzz joys to both of us :)

Sidrah said...


yesh =D