Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Girl Who Fell Asleep

Many months back, a guy told me to watch The Arrivals, I told him I will and went on with my (not-so) busy life. At that time, I didn't know what I was missing! About 3 weeks ago, another guy told me to watch it, I was dying of boredom and was living by watching trailers of movies I have already seen. Therefore, I did watch it, few parts and I was like Whoa! I knew the World wasn't an innocent place but this evil I never realized (or maybe I was too weak to acknowledge it). Sub-liminal messages, backtracking, controlling our minds... this is real. I told my family, friends, and some of them just laughed at it. Not true, they refused to believe me. I remember when my brother told me about Back masking my reaction was the same, what I thought was "gee, its just music, are you saying I shouldn't listen to it cos it has evil messages?' it seemed funny.

Am a Muslim girl... although far from a perfect Muslim. I do bad things all the time. I rarely read Quran, miss my prayers, quarrel with my parents, get very selfish, gossip, sometimes make fun of people with my friends, forward dirty jokes, think am better than others, sometimes I hate myself and think of dying (yes hating yourself isn't good), don't cover my head and what not! These habits are not easy to let go but I have promised myself I will try my best. Inshallah. I have started to offer my prayers but haven't started reading the Quran yet, I should do it right now. Shouldn't I?

The point was The Arrivals inspired me. Woke me up. I thought I would be in this place forever. I forgot I would die. I chose not to think about the Day of Judgment, chose not to think about death and Hereafter. We know it will happen so come on people, Wake Up! Fear Allah. Be a good Muslim <3

One more confession, I still listen to music, watch movies and gossip. However, am trying to stay away from the bad stuff. Trying hard.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Sana Aftab said...

Yes, nicely sums up the talk we had that night ^^ Umm, but honestly, The Arrivals creep me out, but I know in my heart what's good and what's evil.. so that's two of us who are trying, in good intentions, cos that is what matters first and foremost =D

Sidrah said...

The Arrivals creep the hell out of me =o i couldn't sleep for two nights u remember =) we know what is good n bad n we ignore it mostly.. =[ But we are gonna be good girls now ^^ Yayie! Inshallah <3

Tazeen said...

I agree with you, Sun and a friend told me to watch The Arrivals as well but I didn't. I suppose I should be doing that.

Love you xox

Sidrah said...

Yes do! its gonna be creepy =o
thanku <3