Saturday, July 17, 2010

Earth is Full. Go Home.

Little Hearts come flying, beating in a rhythm
We say, ‘Earth is full. Go home’
Little Hearts protest, beating in a rhythm
They shed their blood on us
They keep us warm
Still we say, ‘Earth is full. Go home’
We are dying from the thirst
We refuse to drink their tears
We could save ourselves
If we only keep them, near
But we say ‘Earth is full. Go home’
Little Hearts stop beating
They are gone
They promise they will keep in touch.
The Earth is theirs. They will come home.

What is this? Am obsessed with this love thing. Next time i will post something normal. Yesh.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Sana Castellano said...

Awwwie! Itni cute picture! Wonder where you got it from! The poem is naice, and I sang it ^__^ Y'know, the little hearts are inside us.. we will find home. And oh, if you scramble Heart.. you get Earth. There's heart in earth..
Earth is not full, the earth is in need, come back. <3

Write more =}

xx Sana <3

ps - I wrote you a comment earlier but blogger did not post it. So I typed one agn! =D

Sidrah said...

Yayie! i sang it too ^^

Anonymous said...

Five star work. The picture is quite cute.

sidrah said...

aww.. thanku ^^

Hafsah said...

dis is so so cute ^^ it relates to the picture Wall E.. with the picture n all :D its so damn cute!!u shud write more, n i cant sing it :( cant cum up wid an appropriate music to go wid it.. too bad.. but i still like it ^^
mwaahh** little hearts
<3 <3 <3

Sidrah said...

i will tell u the tune (i will ruin it though if i open my mouth) =o
am glad u like it... yay! ^^
<3 ur comments *huggles*