Friday, July 30, 2010

The Veil - and some elfish words

A veil hides their hearts
An angel's smile on the face
The sweet words pierce you
Meaning laced, full of deceit

You lie. I lie. We all lie. Two faced people, so-called friends who back stab and bitch about you behind your back. A little too many white lies, a harmless lie to make you smile. Lies lies and lies. We won't stop it.

Gee. That's enough about lying now. I am very tired. Hopefully, we'll be done with the poster today *smile*

I have to buy a new dress for the competition (now this is something nice). I am looking forward to go shopping. My room is a MESS; pieces of thermopol floating, bits of papers, glue and paints on my bed sheet *sigh* ...A magic wand would be handy!

Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors. His novels and the movies based on them are very good. However, I was kind of surprise at The Last Song. Something was missing in it! (Maybe it was Miley Cyrus? The romantic role does not gel with her). I hope he comes up with some more awesome novels!

Things I so want to do:

Go book shopping (I want all the Dan Brown novels)
Hang out with Sana n BFG (have not this since ages!)
Learn cooking and sewing. And...
Go to my awesome bed and sleep (yes, I woke now, but I want few more winks!)

More.. Coming soon.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


pH_the priness said...

* yeyyyyyyy* for the posters
I want to sleep too *yawns*
But the sound of shopping have made me all fresh and active :P lolzz
I say Skip the sewing and cooking part and do the rest :P
P.S. My mom want me to learn sewing and cooking :( let's see how long I can skip it :P lolz

Sidrah said...

LoL.. so does my muum! But i really want to learn now, i will make cool n yummy stuff ^_^

shopping.. makes me happy =)

Sana Castellano said...

^_^ You already know what I think of the poem! Good luck with the poster competition! =) I'm done with sewing for some time now, not much into cooking! =) I might drop by ur place on saturday?

xx See ya!

Sidrah said...

yes you can (but mostly you change the plan =|)

i want to be a good good chef ^^

thanku <3

Sana Castellano said...

Nooo I don't change the plans once I tell you for sure I am coming! Usually I say I cant come but I will still try, and it's different from when I say I will definitely come! ^_^
I will be once I grow up a bit more =)

siras said...

Pretty much all girls love Nicholas Sparks. :D My favourite is A Walk to Remember... for more reasons than one. :)

Anonymous said...

ya friends who are two faced can make u lose more than ur enemies we have a book reader here :)gud luck for the competition..

Sidrah said...

@siras I love The notebook =)

@majworld yeah o(>_<)o

plz say ur coming defo on sat ^^

Thinking said...

...hmm...stray thoughts...are hard to jot down...but you did it well....

Good luck with your near future plans...

Sidrah said...

=] yay.. thanku