Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dreams - Waiting for My Day

Looks like am a blogger again, I missed it. Am eating aloo ki kachori (homemade) it is yummy. I love my mum's cooking. Am going to learn cooking someday soon! I will become a secret chef, adding wild ingredients to my food to make it delicious. Once there was an old woman, who used to make the yummiest soup ever, turned out she added old socks (unwashed) in her pot. Gross? Need a more strong word! No, I will not be this desperate; I will only add nice nice stuff... herbs n spices. I will have a huge spacey kitchen with a big window which will open into my garden (yes am going to b a gardener too) sunshine will be my friend all day long (at night I will befriend the electricity) It will a cool place, no sweating and unbearable heat. Autumn will be the only season.

Wake up! Reality Check!

Daydreaming is nice. However am going to make this one come true. Inshallah =)

Poster Competition is on 4th August and all we have done by now is we have chosen the topic (dental Fluorosis, can it get any worse?). It’s going to be fun, though. A chance to get dressed up! Who knows, we might win too?

Book am reading these days: The Partner By John Grisham =]

19, so young and energetic, full of blah blahs and awesome plans... patiently waiting for my day!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Sana Aftab said...

I have dreams like that too. but the weirdest thing is some dreams i have of living a quiet, peaceful country side life and in others I in this place where things are always happening...
but i guess, more importantly, in all my dreams im someone successful with all of my besties with me and really happy =)

ammar_nasir said...

may u succeed wid ur dreams ... and i want sum kachooris tooo ...
and 1 more thing em just way good at cooking em a born chef :P :)

Sidrah said...

Yes quiet peaceful place, not like Karachi.. =)
Happy is the word! ^^

good, u can join Masala-Tv n become rich =)