Thursday, November 25, 2010

Be Creative. Imitation Is Suicide

Who doesn't once in his/her lifetime wants to die? (of course if you are an extremely happy person, you will not) I don't either, but one can't help but imagine so sometimes *blush*

Well, if anyone of you is planning to, here are some ideas =] ..those hanging yourself to a fan, overdose of sleeping pills, slashing your wrist are old ones. Nah, be creative.

NOTE: Please make sure you die! (don't forget to write a will)

- If you are afraid of pain, just lie down on your bed, don't move, don't eat, don't drink.. you will fade away slowly and peacefully. Plus point is you won't be fat when they bury you.

- Get a rocket. Tie yourself to it. Launch it. You will be dead in a little while, after a getting a little view of heavens above and universe around you. Lovely, right?

- Fight a lion in a cage.

- Eat yourself.

- Try to rob a house where wrestlers live, they will surely beat you to death.

- Dig a hole, and jump.

- Drown yourself in a chocolate pool.

- Go for a swim in a Crocodile lake.

- Kiss a poisonous snake passionately.

- Keep inhaling nitric oxide AKA Laughing gas.

- Drink hundred cups coffee and die with caffeine toxicity (now this one is my favorite, my blog-pals would know why Oo)

If I ever planned to die young, I will take my dad's money, go to Venice, will have a good time and then drown myself in a sea. Romantic, right?

Okay okay, this is just a joke =o don't try these, you will only end up embarrassing and injuring yourself.

My laptop's in a hospital =] hopefully it will get well soon. Exams exams, from 13th December *scream*

Life's good. Who wants to die? Not me.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Nostalgic said...

I kinda like few of them :D haha. Nice one, sid.

Best of luck for the exams, love. I am stuck with them these days *sniff sniff*

Sidrah said...

you will be free before me *sad*


thanku ^^ I hope yours are going good too! =]

quartertoinsane said...

did ur exams lyk jst end????

mine start in dec too... utterly sad i tell u

quartertoinsane said...


Salman Saeed said...

Best of Luck for your Exam. I have one coming on 7th December :)

Princess said...

LOL Nice ideas but still I say life is worth living :D
Ok if I really wana die I would go Los Angeles , go propose Nick Carter ( though it is so totally weird :P ) , have a world tour with him and then at the end die of drowning in the sea =p (Ok never never that :P I was just kidding :P )
Me neither I don't want to die :P :D

Nas said...

haha! cratvitiy for suicide? With your indepth knowledge about teeth, would it be worth drowing in a chocolate pool and making your teeeth rot away? :P

I'd like to die with clean, white and lovely teeth :D.

Best of luck with the exams!

** Sparkling Star ** said...

hehehe wao creative ideas !!

Sidrah said...


those were just mocks, now r the finals =/

good luck!

Sidrah said...

@salman n star
thanku ^^

am proud of u =]

Sidrah said...

you can kiss the snake Oo
chocolate pool is for people who want a sweet death =o

R said...

Hahaha crazy girl! Loved em. Eat yourself? Gross! Drown yourself in a chocolate pool? That's fattening? ;)

sidrah said...

ur gonna die anyway.. don't care =o

Anonymous said...

13 dec. . . wuhu =P You must be studying dear suicidal. =P All the best. :D

• » ∂я.¢нιℓє ¢нєℓ¢ « • said...

i've some better ideas;)
1-take a black shawl...start running in street;)
police will automatically shoot u;)

2-jump into swimming pool make sure...its empty!

3-tell shoaib akhtar...em gonna hit 6 on d next ball....
he'll definately reply u in form ov bouncer;)

4-punch in eye ov octopus ;)

5-try cleaning d electric wires with wet cloth:p

6-go fight with some lawyer;p

7-go in some bull fight in a red dress

8-puncture the typre of an aeroplane:p

n finally throwing shoe on obama may help u girl=p


nice post btw;)

Princess said...

The URL of my blog is changed to :

Mia Mirza said...

Caffeine toxicity is baaaaaaaad. Very very bad. But I'd love to do it too =P

sidrah said...

good good, i might try one of these someday =P

Sidrah said...

I agree!

Sidrah said...

u bet =[

Sidrah said...

gonna visit soon =) <3