Friday, November 5, 2010

She's Back From The Dead

Looks like I am back. Cheers? Yes, please.

I spent two weeks in pure torture. The bleak miserable days. They make me shudder. I thought I would never be my normal self again. I was too nocturnal. I was too busy. I was too lost in the deep dark pathological pages and words which hardly comfort me, or were there by my side when I was being lashed out by the examiner during viva, or racking my brain so hard to remember the name of one pure infectious bacteria that I am surprised it isn't wracked. I gave up tea for one whole week. Tea repelled me. Yes, can you believe it? Sidrah, the great tea lover, couldn't drink tea! I didn't watch movies for like 8 days! I didn't come online for 10 days! Heck. (Except for those teeny weeny peeks in the early hours of morning). And you should have seen my face and not to mention my poor hair. The girl in the mirror was not me. My cheeks which I tell you were like apples were no longer there. My eyes were red and had gone two times smaller. My hair were dry. Was I slightly yellow? Oh no.

I was in a trance and everything and everyone around me were blurry hazy things. I didn't care about food, I ate anything they gave me (this they is just my mum). I had hundreds of unread messages. Cell phones were only another mean of discussing stuff we couldn't grasp by ourselves. I was being pulled apart from the rest of the world. I was drowning. And it was not in the water.

Okay. Enough.. To keep myself sane, I decided to read a book for a while. It took me 1 minute to realize I had no Marian Keyes' novels or another like hers to keep me bright and happy, All I had was Anne Rice. The bleak Vampire chronicles, which am addicted to. But a book on vampires and a sad nocturnal creature like me? Bleak. So not right. Hardly in a mood I read a few pages and I was lost. I spent an hour. Precious precious hour. Gone and lost. Not wasted though, I felt better. It was good to know that I still liked to read. Yay! Vampire chronicles is so much better (like way way way way better) than the all time gay twilight series.

I cannot say all my papers went good. Theory was okay, but viva *sigh* am not so sure. If I could, I would give two theory papers in place of a viva. Its not the teacher that scares me, its myself. The stupid blunders I make. I go in as a genius, come out as a fool. I can only blame myself.

Anyway. Am up since 5 am. Not such an insomniac anymore. I sleep at night. Am happy. Will do some unelfish posts soon =) I missed my normal life. So good to be back.

Oh but yes, I still have to study. My finals are a month away. But there is nothing more horrible than mocks. Trust me.

Off to have some tea now. God, I miss it.


Sidrah xx o(^_^)o


Ishi said... u really take your exams sooo seriously!!
lucky you!!
i a;waz plan to be serious abt them!!plan n schedule late nyt studies nd all!bt bang!!nothing can keep me from my sleep:-)
hope the best fer ur results!:-)
goodluck and welcome back!!

quartertoinsane said...

damn, u reminded me ov my exams, bt heck... der a month away...

Sidrah said...

i do, on last day =/ wish i were a nerd

so are mine =s

The Me. said...

I get red exam eyes too -.- .

The Me. said...

Oh, and i HATE vivas. I suck at them.

sidrah said...

join the club =[

quartertoinsane said...

dnt dread, dey be a month away... plenty of time...

Sana Castellano said...

best of luck =) i know ull do great! ive started pharmacology when we meet im gonna be asking u for study tips. srsly =D
hmm... i havent had tea for a coupla days for the fear of putting calories. but i will today, i think.
take care..

sidrah said...

tea is good to suppress hunger

miss u =)

Furree Katt said...

good luckkk for your upciming exams!
omg, did you start drinking tea again? i've had to cut down due to the sugar prices :O
by the way, please follow me =p *begs on knees*

Furree Katt said...

upcoming* AAHHH TYPO :O

Tazeen said...

I just got out of this whole weird phase though it was not due to exams. I have no such thing as academic exam in my life. Seriously. Well, not yet.

I'm the crazy tea-drinker too but it tastes horrible now. This reminds me I haven't had breakfast today. :$

It's good to see you back!


Nas said...

Heeeeello again!.
Gosh you make it sound like you were a war hostage being tortured for details 8-).

All oer now? Well apart from the finals. Best of luck with them :).

Nice to have you back!


sidrah said...

sure i will =)
yes am drinking tea again Oo

sidrah said...

how come?
tea is awesome ^^

it was worse than that =[

its good to be back ^^