Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dead Tracts

7:00 AM
I have been up all night. I studied what I had planned to skip. I took the fat book with me to bed and read about the junctions in the mouth, even that did not put me to sleep. Then I read each and every word on tooth shedding, any normal human being would have been in deep slumber in 3 seconds, but not me, no no no, these things just don't happen to me. I gave up and listened to the End Of The World by Skeeter Davis. Its a weirdly nice song. I replayed it about a 100 times. I was wide awake. I decided to watch a bit of The Fifth Element (an old movie), it was kind of fun, it wasn't scary as I had thought (I even switched on the lights to be on the safe side) and I was feeling guilty. The little voice said loudly in my head 'Hey you tried sleeping'. Still I had to feel more guilty! God, why! I went back to bed and tried sleeping again. Nah. Nothing. Mosquitoes bit me. I felt thirsty and hungry. The Nerd which occupies a tiny portion of my brain kept reminding about the Linea Alba, cusp of Carabelli and effin mulbery molars. It's still happening. IntErglobular or was it intrAgloubar dentin? Who cares.

Dead tracts. (it is something in your tooth btw)


Exams in 2 hours. I might puke when I see the paper.

Am still not really sleepy. *sigh*

12:40 PM

I never blog after college. Never. I had rather take my dear nap, thank you very much. Today (even though I haven't slept for like 27 hours) I am going to wait. For food. Yes. That's how much I love it.
Oh, paper went good. I was right about skipping stuff, I should have watched the whole movie.

And lookie! This ad is stalking me
my heart goes out to this poor man..

I love John Cusack in High Fidelity =) (yes, I still watch movies). I loved the movie.

Going to update my blog on Friday.

Friday: A great reason to smile (for those who don't have work or school on Saturday).

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Tazeen said...

Ah. How I love and hate exams.

That man sure looks sad. :D

Catch up on your sleep, Sid!

Anonymous said...

hehehe..... nyc blogssssssss
same here ..........
but i m happy k paper went good :)

Princess said...

Awe ! you should catch up on some Zzz's !
it is good to know your exam went good :)I look forward to Fridays too (my favorite day ) . Ah ! the feeling of freedom is great :D

Salman Saeed said...

Well INSOMNIA does hit you during exams, for sure =/

quartertoinsane said...

i lyk sleep xtra gud b4 an exam... like around 10 in da nite if the xams at 9 da odr day...

Bea said...

girlie.. u must be on a high caffeine to wake up that long and read course books.. LOL

Sidrah said...

yes paper was easy =)

no, am an insomniac, its not just exams =/ happens all the time

yes, maybe that's one of the reason =o

Sidrah said...

i can hardly wait!

you must feel so good! =o


Komal Ali said...

During exams, my nights are all about solving sums and revising syallbi IN sleep! :|

Glad your paper was good.
Ad stalking you..HAHA!

Sidrah said...

yes it sucks.. i stay awake or This happens. Choose the best =/

bebo ♥ said...

these exams...! ahh !
first of all thanks for the visit sidrah.
and yaa these never ending long uncmfrtble nights.
we all go thru it.
the best period of our lives as well....

Nas said...

good to hear exams went well. Hopefully the last few will also go well insha'Allah :).

haha! Sleeeeeep. I don't sleep much all through out the year. When exam time comes, sleep comes to me like a mother running to her baby child :P


Ria said...

Dont deprive urself of precious sleep. Although i remember how i used to stay awake for nights to study for the exams.

sidrah said...

i dont want to stay awake! i 'cannot' sleep =[

Sidra Chaudhry said...

Sidrah: You're doing dentistry?

majworld said...

keep up the nerdy spirit :p

AcetylCholine said...

Lol. You shared the story of my week in here. I swear. =D
Oh and all the best with the exams, if you still have 'em, that is. =D

meh said...

Hahah i know its random but i loved reading this
as im sitting at 3.30 am with a cup of coffee and my tooth morpho book infront of me.
Gathering the courage to start :P

Sidrah said...

tooth morpho sucks, doesn't it? -_-

thanku =D

yes i am =)

meh said...

Yea! and so does microbio.. :|

Sidrah said...

tell me about it =[