Sunday, October 10, 2010

With Severe Headache and Laziness on its Peak, Am craving for the 5th Cup of Tea

I have been drinking tea as long as I remember, since I was 2 or something? When it's not tea it's usually a soft drink or coffee. When it is nothing, it is headache, irritation, tiredness and a slight depression.

I try to wake up earlier in the morning just so I can have a cup of tea before going to college, if I am late then it's gulping down tea from the silly Styrofoam cups (now am an expert in drinking tea hiding behind the tall and short, every kind of students). I go mad if I hear there is no milk or tea bags at home. Don't worry, I have told myself  am going to stop having it after my profs, because I really need it now, I cannot function without it (Don't I sound like an old woman?).

Addiction can be defined as the physiological and psychological dependence on anything. There are numerous types of addictions, some of them are: nicotine, cocaine, sex, video games, celebrities (any stalkers out here?), Internet (If you are reading this, you must be too), shopping, food, sugar, gambling, music (especially trance), and I almost forgot Caffeine (which is certainly a drug).

You know caffeine is the 3rd common reason of insomnia (no wonder why I am a human owl with dark circles *hoot hoot*). Caffeine addiction is something which is not taken much seriously. I guess it is not as bad as drug or alcohol addiction, and the good thing is we can get over it easily, if we are willing to, with minimum withdrawal effects. If we are willing to because it is the first step. Let's have a cup of tea and discuss it? No.

Video game addicts are most popular these days. I read an article on online role playing games. People are divorcing, stealing and dying. Some are having affairs on the game Second life (gee). A boy got deep vein thrombosis in his leg because he spent days in front of his PC without little rest and exercise. A girl and a man died because they had been playing World of Warcraft for almost 50 hours, continuously (they were even given a online funeral in the game).

Celebrity stalkers are the creepy kind. I mean why would you want to go jail and label yourself as a Psycho? Or murder him/her?? Like poor John Lennon's stalker who shot him after being nearly in love with him. Gerard Butler is a human too (a hot one. But still..). Fame comes with a price.

Sugar Addiction: sweets, cookies and chocolates all the way. As a future dentist I forbid you to eat too much. Plus the sugar rush, as good as it might feel for a little while, have several consequences.

Food addiction: Compulsive over eaters. They will eat whenever they want to, hungry or not. Result is obesity. You got it. I have noticed I eat too much when am depressed. When do you?

I can go on and on, but let's do a full stop. I wrote this on Friday night. Right now am having tea. I like it strong and unsweetened. How about you?

Apart from tea craving, my life's in a rush. I get home, take a nap and study study and study (not much retains in my mind). 2 weeks till Pre-Profs. Time, run faster.

Oh by the way I had great fun in the Annual Function last night. I decided to go with black and red =) (I looked good).

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Furree Katt said...


Sidrah said...

Yay =D

quartertoinsane said...

nice art i must say...

tea addiction.. hmm... got rid of it.. now i only use it or sugar whn i want to get up...n dats nt every day...

Najwa Pervin said...

I get addicted to tea and coffee during exam time and then spend the post exam holiday to get rid if it :D

majworld said...

haha..nice interesting post sidra..(this time the name's right :p)..big tea addict u r :D..means stop ur tea and u r down to nothing :p online funerals hard..i feel for the poor future doctors who have to study so so much :p..

AcetylCholine said...

With me, it's Redbull. =D Am i the only loser around here?

Oh oh , The online funeral made me LOL.

Sidrah said...

@najwa n quatertoinsane
good for u =o

sidraH =D anw thanku =P
u got it!

Sidrah said...

never tried it, but i heard it has caffeine too =o plus lil amounts of cociane. Stop drinking =|


quartertoinsane said...

cociane thing is myth... its jst gt concentrated caffeine...

Princess said...

Tea .. not so addicted ..
I wonder why people like it so much ?! :p lol hahaha @human owl
great that you enjoyed the annual dinner ...
Good luck with studies :)

Farman06 said...

I always like art in your post, not a tea addicted but coz I like coffee, I can't understand why in Pakistan people are so addicted to tea, cigarette & paan ? no offense!

sidrah said...
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sidrah said...


yay.. thanku ^^

Mia Mirza said...

Sugar addiction be awesome! I love getting high on too much chocolate! =P

Sidrah said...

chocolates are yumm ^^

Sidrah said...

culture, i guess =)
but as for the smokers, its through out the world, not just in Pakistan.


Nas said...

Ohhh Chai addict? 8-).
I rarely drink chai (shock shock horror horror). But there is one time of year when I do. And then I drink sooooooo much, it makes up for the rest of the year =P.

Lovely, thoughtful, insightful and LOL-able post.

Do you draw those pictures yourself? Because they#re AWESOME!


My handwriting has soooo many different styles, you'd not believe it belonged to the same person ;).

Sidrah said...

one time of the year?? *wonders*

OMG.. no i didn't draw these *blush*

so do i @handwriting
it varies =D

thanku ^^

Nas said...

And there was one more thing I had to say.

My 2 fav colours. Aweeesome combo.


sidrah said...

=) ^^

Sidra Chaudhry said...

how do ppl drink so much chaaaaye!? whyyyy? whhhyyyyy? and hoooow?! =/

Outlandish Ann said...

Chai addiction, hmmm... :) I guess I am addicted to it too. I don't drink too much but I NEED to take two cups a day (morning & evening). That's a must. The funny thing is, I don't really think I'm a huge fan of chai and yet, I have to have it twice a day. Weird, no.

sidrah said...

we are addicted souls =o tormented by the need of chaiii

@outlandish ann
i love it (when its strong n bitter).. it has a weird taste, yes, but still :s

The Me. said...

Coffaayy! I like. No. I love!
Though I'm in control. I gulp like crazy during exams. But otherwise, I have it only 2 days a week I think.
Love the tea waali pic btw.

I don't eat food while Im depressed. I gorge like crazy when Im bored. -.-

Food shouldn't be fattening. Bas!

Sana Castellano said...

Chai chaheeye mujhe bhi. =P The smell of Chai ki patti is Hope. =D
The exams made me fall in love with cups of that hot, brown, milky, liquid magic! ^_^

Haha, but I love making tea more than having it. It's like a relax-my-nerves therapy. Pouring water, watching it bubble and boil into steam. Pouring milk and watching it mix and then, the best part, the chai ki patti. Whiffing it and sprinkling it. Ohhhh. The brown takes over and you cook it and cook it and cook it.
All your hard work in a nice cup of tea. Instant gratification. And sitting with feet crossed sipping it.. relaxing. =P
Lol. itna bara comment hogaya. but tea has been so there for me in the worst of nights.
xx *hugs*
I like tea sweet. But strong too, kabhee kabhar. Love the pics!

Sidrah said...

yes, HOPE! =D you got it!
making tea is magic =D i loved it when I used to make it but too bad am lazy!


Thinking said...

hmm...I am smiling...because you sound like me...adiction of tea...ahh....

I am right now have one cup full of tea besides me...

but you write well...and thank you !

Ishi said...

hehehe..reading ur dis post was the greatest coincidence i had in past few daz..coz surprisingly my recent post is about tea addicts like you!!!lol!!!
wonder if you have something to say about my post..please go thru it if u wish:-).
haha..keep enjoying ur tea till then:-P

Sidrah said...

on your blog =D