Saturday, October 16, 2010

Once Upon A Time When I Was A Kid

Yesterday was the last day of 2nd year BDS. I cannot believe. Am going to be in 3rd year so soon! Insha'Allah.

I have nothing new to blog about so let me tell you about some of the the epic things happened to me when I was a kid (and if you get bored, kindly leave a nice comment and go =] )

I was four. The blue floral skirt was my favourite. I wore it all the time. My mum had to make me fall asleep first when she had to wash it because there was no way I was going get out of it without putting up the fight. I loved it too much. I never told anybody, not even my mum, that I used to wear it under my uniform sometimes (it was also a skirt and blouse). The two skirts were too heavy still I endured the heaviness, it comforted me to know that underneath the horrible grey and white uniform, my lovely skirt was with me. I never got caught. One day it disappeared. Was I heartbroken? Must be.

My brother happened when I was 2. He was a monster baby. The day he sprang a tooth, I had to run miles away from him. My arm was his biting pad. Nobody made any effort to save me. Anyway. Things got worse when he could talk and think. On my 5th birthday he threw a biggest tantrum ever thrown in this world because he didn't get a gift too. I could not have fun with my new bicycle. I was riding it. He was crying. He was riding it (falling off it). I was crying. Next day, he got his own tricycle. Whatever I got, he got it too, the boy version of it. It was annoying.

I had done my bits too. When he was 2 or something, I dressed him up in my old frock, put up some clips on his almost bald head. He was my doll for three minutes until my mum saw me. She was furious. I think it was the first time she gave me a lecture (I didn't understand a word of it). I never tried it again, though.

My other brother happened when I was 6. I remember praying in my grandma's place for a sister. I was so disappointed and terrified when I heard there was another monster baby coming to live with us. However, he turned out to be a cute little thing who wouldn't mind me holding him. He was an angel for perfect 3 years and then.. Monstrous. Still is.

Okay this post is getting a bit long and there are million more. Don't worry not going to tell you all.

Once my friend and I ran away from home with a guy on a bike. I was 5, I think. It was the bike that attracted us, mind you. Good thing he lived in our neighborhood and wasn't some creepy jerk. I was home safe and sound after one round. My parents thought someone kidnapped me. You can imagine what happened to me when I came home.

It was Eid-al-Azha. There was this sheep we all hated. Its owners never tie it. So whenever their gate would be open, it would run after people, especially little girls. It got me one day. I was running all over the street crying and screaming when one good old uncle saved me. The sheep got stolen a day before Eid. Haha.

Okay, no such thing happened.

 Last one (am not a kid in this one)

When there is a mirror, a girl just had to look, even a wee peak would do. On annual dinner, there were two rest rooms. There was this huge mirror in one of them. we all went in and started brushing our hair. We took no notice of three embarrassed boys who looked dazed and confused. They were trapped. We thought they were in the girl's restroom. But look at this picture (note the sign).

well, it is me behind the black circle -__-
Now I will go back to my books. Sorry guys if I have not been to your blog. Exams are like blackholes. Will make up for it soon! =)

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


quartertoinsane said...

nice stories....

Tazeen said...

I loved this post! My absolute favourite on this blog! <3

majworld said...

haha :D..running with a guy at 5was a real funny incident nd dat for a bike :D..gudluck for 3rd year :)

Sidrah said...

=] ^^

Princess said...

Brothers are monstrous I agree to that =/ *victim*
lol nice events there ! Childhood memories are indeed great and the best [ and umm embarrassing too =( ]
Donot worry on the blog visits , I think everyone understands :) just put the best in your exams :)
*many prayers for you*
Good luck !
P.S. No comments on annual dinner thingy =p lol

Sidrah said...


Lol i understand @no comment

Nas said...

haha. Loved the post! ;D.
Siblings in general can be a nightmare, being the eldest has it's own 'fun times' and 'annoying times'.

LOOOL @ running away with the boy for the bike. Was that really the reason? ;)

Even bigger LOOOOOL @ the mirror incident at the annual dinner. If a guy walks into a lady's toilet. Tauba. But if it's the other way round, the guys start having doubts as to whether they're in the right place =P.

Loved reading (^_^)

sidrah said...

LoL poor guys =D


Anonymous said...

Sidrah :D well, wait. . . so much to read here. just skimmed through your latest post abhi just to adore ur cute stories :d

Bea said...

awww thats cute.. Childhood memories are always the best!

Hafsah said...

hyy m behind da black circle too.. :D hahah.. lol i hv heard most of dez incidents in uni. thou its good, we were happi kids .. haha

u cud still try bike riders ;) just b careful dey dnt take u to devil's point ..loll :P

The Me. said...

FUN post! =o
Loved the little sentences in red. Haha. These are really funny memories. I LIKE! =]

Shaheryar Hasan said...

Visited your blog after such a long time.
This was one good post. You have awesome childhood memories :D

sidrah said...

aww, do read n ve fun =P

yesh =)

yes you have, there will be more, dont worry =)
thanks for the warning Oo

@shaheryar n me

thanku ^^

Sana Castellano said...

Loved all these stories, loved the way you told 'em. I think you mustav been a cute monter baby too =D you looked like one ^_^ *everybody says awwww*

ROFLMAO @ the bathroom disaster, such embarrassment... for the guys. =P

Study well, Elf. I'm waiting for you on the other side, the side of freedom =D

PS : the motorcycle ride mustav been funnn.. =O Poor sheep, who hates sheep... whyyyy.

sidrah said...

love love the comment =D

Komal Ali said...

GOSH! FUNNY. Big time.

sidrah said...