Monday, October 4, 2010

The Fooled Girl Becomes Zombified

The biggest misconception: BDS is easier than MBBS.

I have been fooled too. MBBS isn't easy but BDS is not a piece of cake as most people like to think. You have extra dentistry subjects along with MBBS course and a less duration of time.

My parents wanted me to study medicine. If i could have I would have run a 100 miles away from them (just for a time being). No, they didn't force me, yet in every other conversation they would drop the hints like:

'Doctors are very respected and rich'
'Blah blah's kids are in medicine. Isn't that nice?'
'Blah-blah is going to be a doctor'
'Your grandma wanted to be a doctor but she got married'


I was lost. Most people I knew then KNEW what they were gonna do after Inter, I was a confused soul. I didn't want to do anything. Really. Every other course made me cringe. I even did two or three posts about it on my old blog. I sat wondering and blogging and eating and sleeping, whereas my friends were already taking classes and worrying about things like Guyton and baby guyton, clothes and ugly boys. Then it hit me. I had to get going, I was feeling left out. I made a deal with my parents. BDS or BDS. That's it.

Here I am. I don't regret it (just a bit). However, it is not easy at all as I had thought, And please, people (most of them), if a student is in BDS it DOES NOT mean he wasn't given admission in MBBS. There are fools like me and there are lovers of dentistry. Believe, I know.

My pre-profs are from 24th October and my Profs are from 29th November *sigh*. Wish me some luck. I wish I can fast forward to January. It will be three months of terror.

Am feeling so guilty because I should be studying Pathology (neoplasia), not blogging. To tell you the truth, am depressed =/ the pressure.. I am so tired of it. (oOoOo.. last minute confession). Last year, during these days the guilt made me ditch my blog, pray I don't do this again or by the time I graduate I will have about 6 blogs. I have become a zombie again *sniffs*

But, hey, it will be okay, fun and sunshine again =). Am gonna do my best. Insha'Allah.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


quartertoinsane said...

i can relate to the confusion, i bloody well suffered it, n look hw i ended up, make schemes abt global financial scams i do..

keep up wid da optimism... it'll get u somewhr..

Sidrah said...

what is that? =o *blush*

yes am such a lil miss sunshine.

thanku =)

Anonymous said...

My parents wanted me to take medicine too, like every girl's parents, but I chose engineering.. =/

and it's my last year in engineering and I still sometimes ask myself if I regret the decision :s

Sidrah said...

i guess whatever we choose, most of us wonder about 'Ifs' =/


Princess said...

The spirit in the end which you showed , live up these bad *exam* days with same zeal till the end .. you will be successfully through and before you know it *exam free days* will be knocking your door :D
And BDS students are cool =p
I am in a same situation . Believe me I feel like a loser ! My friends are taking business classes , updating status of their new cool uni life and I am sitting here tensed , confused , frustrated and lost :( Don't know where it is going to end !
A post on that coming to my blog soon =p
Please continue blogging :D I do not want to miss the shiny posts here :D
Relax and have awesome awesome time :D *happy studying*

majworld said...

hey gudluck sana for ur profs nd all prep :)..nd dun wry, just a lil more hardwork nd then we will never be coming to u for teeth problem :p work hard nd dun ditch this blog :)

Sidrah said...

oh yes am cool *wink*
yes i dun wanna stop blogging either =)
thanku <3

Sidrah said...

am sidrah =|
not sana Oo

thanku =P

quartertoinsane said...

at, da confusion or how i ended up? :P

Nas said...

Exam days are really stressful (as you know / have mentioned). But think of it this day. If we don't have hard days, devoid of the happinesses and good things that we enjoy, then can we truly appreciate the good days? After these few months you'll be freeeeeeeeeeee! ;D.

best of luck with all that you do! May your exams go well insha'Allah. && tbh I'm glad you enjoy studying what you are studying.

Remember the post I wrote about time, it applies to you now ;).


SaJ said...

Haha, BDS FTW!!! You tell them girl! November seems comfortbly far away, I've only got 10 days now :(
Good luck with the Prof! Go break a tooth :D

majworld said...

haha..ya, u can see how my mind is busy these days..i dun knw wat i writing even :p

Sidrah said...

both? =P

yes, thanku!

you ll be free soon, though =[

Sidrah said...

it shows Oo

• » ∂я.¢нιℓє ¢нєℓ¢ « • said...

awww girl i can well understand:D
cz having prof 4m 5th nov....
ergggg.....n em here:(

well dentistry z kewl too;)
though em doin mbbs :D
besta luck 4 prof:)

Sidrah said...

good luck! =D

Tazeen said...

Hey Sid! All the best! :D I think dentistry's great. It was one of the things I wanted to do but then I went along with "what my heart really wanted". Yeah, just like it happens in the movies.

The images made me giggle. :P I love 'em!

Anonymous said...



Ohkkkkay, I might go for BDS ab =\

Sidrah said...

if u wish =D

=)good for u ^^

Sana Castellano said...

I'm there, I'm there. No more so near and yet so far. I'm there. I'm freee =D

Now for you, best of luck ^_^
BDS easier than MBBS? No sir-ee. I mean, harr cheez hee hard hai when you come to study it. What matters is you.. =) If you're up for it, all systems go.
Teeth for you and mucous membranes and body for me. That's the way it goes.
And don't bother with peoples views. Log tow bolte hen, bolne do. =p jab khud parhna parega na tab pata chalay ga.

Sidrah said...

Yes =) the stupid thing is we too study mucous membrane n body when its not really a use to us =/ am freaking out cos next we have general surgery (i mean i chose bds so I dont have to do these things!) Booo =|

Anonymous said...

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