Monday, September 27, 2010

The Blue Lion

The blue lion roars and chases you.
The nightmare has become your dream.
Such obscene obsession it is,
just desire, no trust, no beam.

The anguish of the terror engulfs you.
Your horror mingles with your fantasy.
The pain is there, yet you are no more.
Someone has gone lost in the nuisance ecstasy.

Okay. Do not ask me the meaning. By the way I did have a nightmare about the blue and orange lion trying to kill me on Sunday (can you just believe it? Am going to change my favorite colors).

No, the lion was not that cute.

Was more like, this =|

Nothing really special going on in my oh-so-awesome life. Miracles and miracles, am passing my tests in flying colors. I hope I will be able to pass Special Bacteriology on Wednesday. I have to rattafy about 100 pages tomorrow. Blah blah.

Annual Dinner might be held on this Saturday. I cannot decide what to wear, I don't do fancy, but last year I felt so under dressed. So, blue and white poncho or red and black (with a bit golden-golden something) long shirt? Gee.

It really sucks to miss someone.Changes are not usually good. I make mistake, you make mistake, I say things to hurt you, you do things to hurt me. What the hell? Let us kill the ego. You won't and neither will I.

That's the end of the another selfish elfish post with a touch of a weird poem. Heart you all. Yes, even you.

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


majworld said...

LOL@ blue nd orange tiger :D..atleast see the tiger in its original color :p

Sidrah said...

lion, not tiger, which is worse i guess =|

quartertoinsane said...

u shouldnt stuff urself b4 sleeping... it always always aaaalllways ends in nightmares...

Farrukh | said...

LOLOLOLOL! This was soooo funny altogether! :D

Sidrah said...

i usually sleep after 4 am Oo



Komal Ali said...

Blue and white poncho.

Ego is a witch with a B.

Good luck with the ratta! :p

And...changes are good. :)

Princess said...

hahaaha =p
The other lion looks scary ! Well it is good that you are scoring great and inshallah you'll do perfect in bacteriology too :)you miss someone =/ Ah ! hurt game we all are equal players in it isn't it ...
Annual Dinner yyeeeyyyy ! Go with the blue one I think :D your choice all it matters is don't forget to shine :)


Sidrah said...

i will think =)
i don't like hurt games =[ dun wanna play


• » ∂я.¢нιℓє ¢нєℓ¢ « • said...

blue n orange:D

Sidrah said...

they looked cool enough Oo i like the combination =D so bright n elecric.

Sunakshi said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the post..and ya changes are good..everyday can be different if one is willing to accept that nothing is permanent. :D

Tazeen said...

Go for red and black!

And I lurved the poem. :D

Sidrah said...


i don't find too many changes really good =| constant works for me.
Nothing is permanent, yes, it does get okay, but the scars are left. And that horrible feeling of slipping away?? =| Don't like it!

Sidrah said...

i feel like doing black n red, too =)
its real smart =D

Thanku ^^

Azlan said...

this one interesting and blue lion is soooo cute :D

Sidrah said...

which one is Cute?!

Sana Castellano said...

I feel deja vu.. I think I've dreamt this too..
Oh nahin =D my dream was snow white lions! *Wow - breathtaking*

haha, par your lions are smiling =p
nice poem. in another universe, it makes complete sense.


Sidrah said...

the second one's smile will give you a heart attack if it appears in front of you in real :s