Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Orange and Bright Blue Eid!

Happy Eid, guys. Second day of Eid is going to end soon. Its a slow-slow day. I even tried to study. How was it with you guys? Mine went awesome. The first day went as Great as I had hoped. I looked good enough (Sana said I looked Girly much. Yay!). Yes, I used the turquoise eye pencil. It turned out it was not turquoise but some different, yet cute, shade of green. My nails were sparkly green, too (still are). I got my left hand done with henna after like 8 years. I find it weird. Mehendi is just not my thing. My hand looks very good, though, mind you. Do I sound self-obssesed? Oh God. I am not at all.

So got any eidi? I have collected only about Rs.1800 ..200 more and I will be satisfied. You can do a lot with Rs. 2000. Let's think what can we get:

A retarded Nokia black and white cell with an awesome Torch. Who doesn't want that? =)

Okay that was just to freak you out.

You can get an awesome dress.
A cool pair of colorful sneakers
Lots of funky jewelery
2 books from Liberty Bookshop (could be 3 too)
About 21 DVDs from The Music City

A yummy eat out at Arizona Grills or Copper Kettle (but be careful with the menu, you just might have to wash the dishes)
Imagine that?

Or a perfect new wall clock and a cute Poster for your room (yes, I want That)

I love my room. I know I have done the post on my room before too. It is very simple and unfortunately neat. I want more colors. The bare wall disturbs me day and night. Am thinking to paint it orange and bright blue. I know they might clash and look stupid. However, they are my colors these days. I even got a orange and bright blue bedsheet, not to mention the orange and blue cushions. God help me.

Lovely Colors, right? =)

Eating fresh cream cake. Mum is making achaar gosht. The whole house smells quite yum. I have never eaten it before. Surprised? Tonight I shall *happy dance*

Update: My brother just brought some Pizza home. Yay me!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Ubaid said...

i want pizzaaaa

majworld said...

belated eid mubarak..hope u achieved ur target of 2000 eidi :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! You still enjoyed your EID. I din't get any Eidi :P

ph_the princess said...

Hey glad to see you had fun on eid :) Me too the cousin mania was simply awesome :D

Hmm funky colors , messing with shades me likey <3 lol I was making a thing to do with eidi too and it is so lame RS. 2400 are plenty to go out isn't it :D

• » ∂я.¢нιℓє ¢нєℓ¢ « • said...

tried to intersting;)
i didnt try cz i know i cant;p
eid mubarak;)

Sidrah said...

call Pizza Hut =o

i actually did =)

haww.. why?

plenty much =0 spend it!

am still trying =|

Ria said...

Good to know tht u had a gr8 Eid. :) Omg i so wanna have Pizza.

Sana Castellano said...

Awwie, Eid mubarak! The first day was goood =D both of us looked girly ^_^

I loved the funky earring and the bracelet u gave me! =) I made it to the 2000.. eidi =P
I wanna paint my room too. I havent yet decided upon the colors. After exams.
I so need a new cellphone charger. =P but i dont wanna use my eidi for that!

xx Love u.

PS- 21 DVD from music city is too much o.O

Sidrah said...

yay.. i made it to Rs. 2000 too ^^ =D
yes you so need a charger!
one dvd is of Rs. 80 =D

I Love bright colors ^^

Nas said...

Just happened to come across your blog.

Good old days of getting Eideeeee ;D.

&& 2000 rp for a retarded nokia mobile phone. LOL. that made me smile!

Seems like you had a lovely Eid.



• » ∂я.¢нιℓє ¢нєℓ¢ « • said...

SIDRa...LOL besta luck:D

Sidrah said...

yay.. thanku ^^

Tazeen said...

I'd love to get a pair of colourful sneakers! The part about the retarded cell phone literaaly made me laugh out loud :D I don't know I'm laughing so much :D

And I had pizza on Eid too! ^_^

Outlandish Ann said...

DVD for Rs. 80? Are you sure? The last time I went there I bought one for Rs.110. Ummm... but that was a lot of months back :P so I guess they must have reduced the prices. *Plans to go to music city on monday* ;)

Orange is my favourite colour so, Yayy!! But I'm not sure how'd it turn out on the walls. I have lavender coloured walls. I loved them, "once upon a time". :P I want to switch to a lighter shade now.

Sidrah said...

@tazeen =D

i went few months ago too =s maybe they have increased it? LoL =P

Anonymous said...

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