Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mistakes Happen

He drove slowly on the highway. People in other cars yelled at him to drive fast. One guy even called him a piss head. He couldn't agree more. He had messed up, big time. His life had no meaning anymore. Tears trickled down his cheek. He sniffed and wiped his nose. His life.. a man he used to be.. seemed like a fading dream now. The bundles of money he has stashed in various banks were of no use to him. There was no one to share with. His wife and his children hated him. He could not blame them. He had ruined their life to live his own. Affairs after affairs, drinking 24 hours, spending money on himself and his endless girlfriends, that was his life. He was one good looking man once, tall and well built with his dark blond hair, blue eyes, high cheekbones. Simply, he was handsome, with no doubt. Look at me now, he sighed, I have a paunch, receding hairline and I have to wear ugly glasses. His silver Volvo doesn't seem to attract girls anymore. He was no Edward, after all, just an ugly and fat middle aged man. He had tried to amend his mistakes. It had been too late though. His children said they had forgiven him but he knew they hadn't. His wife had made a boyfriend. She was happy enough. He sighed heavily and looked around him.

He pulled the brakes when he saw the yearly SpringWell festival sign on a new huge playground. He hadn't attended it in years. Why not go in? He parked and got out of his car and walked fastly toward the entrance. He bought his ticket, smiled at the guard and went in. He was feeling very excited, like a little kid. He was smiling widely and his spirits were high. He saw couples, kids and fat housewives having fun. Their cheeks were glowing red from the laughter. He wished for a moment that he had someone to laugh with. However, he was too high to feel sad again. He would take rides, he would eat cotton candy, he would play games, he would buy useless teacups and T shirts which won't fit him. Yay, his heart cried out in happiness. He bought some cotton candy and ate it slowy. He loved the way it melted slowly in his mouth. How very yummy, way better than the chocolate mousse, he decided. After finishing his cotton candy, he turned toward the Hotdog vendor. He smiled politely at the fat lady standing behind him and let her buy first.

'What a gentleman,' the fat lady whispered to her fat friend.

'Yes, you don't get much of them these days,' the friend seemed very amazed too.

He had heard them. His was pleased with himself. He sat on the bench when he had bought his hotdog. He savored each bite. How delightful. He loved food. Food came in every color, shape and price. As he took another big bite he caught a little boy looking at his hotdog hungrily. He ignored it at first, but the little boy kept staring. He couldn't help but feel bad for the little boy. The little boy looked very weak and poorly dressed. His bright yellow shirt was torn in several places and his trousers had patches.

'You want some, little man?" he asked the little boy. The little boy nodded meekly. He stood up and got 4 hotdogs, all with different sauces. One was for himself. The little boy and he sat on the bench and got busy with their hotdogs.

'I am Little Tommy. What's your name, sir?' the little boy asked politey, his blue eyes were wide open. The ketchup was smeared on one of his cheeks.

He was surprised. Nobody had asked his name in ages, must be 10 years. He had forgotten it himself.

'Wait a second, Little Tommy' he pulled out his wallet and looked at his ID card closely. He looked confused for a moment and then it dawned on him. The ID card said it right.

'I am Fred' he smiled at the boy and took a big bite of the hotdog. He was happy. For now. But now is Forever.

Erm. Stupid? Good? Whatever? Wrote in a hurry or I would have not written it at all. I can relate to this man. No I don't have a paunch, nor am going bald, I don't have a partner or kids who hate me, plus no silver Volovo.. It is that we are just humans, we make mistakes quite often, sometimes we regret them, sometimes we forget them. Don't be too easy on yourself. nor be too hard, It is okay to be a bit selfish sometimes (but not like our younger Fred, huh?). As somebody said 'You are only human, don't feel too guilty' =o

Mistakes happen. Don't regret too much.

So, my shopping is done. Ta Da!! I love my new shoes *hearts hearts*. Got blue, purple and turquoise eyepencils too (God knows if I will ever use them :s). What about you?

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


SaJ said...

Not bad! :)
Hmmm....Fred needs a fresh start, no?
Or a new name perhaps?

Sidrah said...

thanks =)
yes he does need a new start =o

quartertoinsane said...

nice but needs more details...

Sidrah said...

oh =o

sana batool said...

nicee...well...good job :D

Sidrah said...


ph_the princess said...

I so agree with you o this one ! great work with the story there ...
OMG I am so looking for turquoise pencil but I can't find any *sobs*

Okie Eid greetings to you :) Have a great time and hey don't forget to shine =)

Ishi said...

hey..nice story!short tale wth a graver message!changes are easy to implement once you decide to bring them about!
greeting to u and ur beloved ones on eid.enjoy the festival and ur shopping!

Sidrah said...

go to makro.. such a great cosmetic shop there =D
thanku ^^

yay =)

Tazeen said...

Well-written! *thumbs up* You should get your stuff published. :)

And I want eye pencils too! I don't use them but you know... they look nice on the dresser. :D

I didn't get new shoes but apart from that, I had everything.

Have a lovely second day of Eid! <3

Sidrah said...