Monday, September 6, 2010

! @m sTup|d.. The Frandshippers.

Sleepy as hell. Was up all night. College in an hour =/ am gonna be way grumpy Oo

Just as I thought my Internet circle is immunized to all the frandshipper, I got a friend request on Facebook with this message 'hello how r u would u like to have a friendship with me let me know and we will enjoy if u have a friendship with me i will be waiting for yr positive answer and see my profile if u in a mood to contact me tczz' -__-

I know if I accept the request, there will be a wall post saying 'thanks for the add', 'what do u do?' 'you seem very interesting person to me', 'we shall be close friends' 'Will you be my Farmville neighbour?' 'Lets tea'. Yeah, right.

Once upon a time when we were not aware of the sugarness of the Frandshippers, I used to have 1000 swarming on my Orkut and Facebook and whatsoever profiles.I freaked out when I saw one of their albums titled 'my moustache'. There he was, in every single pose imaginable (and unimaginable), sunglasses on, golden teeth flashing a creepy smile, moustache on display.. You can call it a work of art. Times like these you wish you had 'WTF?!" button instead of nuisance Like.

One glance and you know they are IT.. The pitiable and the unstoppable. Most of them are young, but you get few middle aged ones too (with the passport size images, complete with blue or grey background, and poker expressions). If anyone of you is the frandshipper, tell me, why do you think the female population wants to be in your arms? Where do you get so much time and energy to waste? More important: W#Y dO U wr|te l!kE th!s!!!??
I know it sucks =)

I don't like frandshippers and I hate Pokes on Facebook. God knows why but they are very annoying. Why cannot we have cool stuff like kill, strangle and burn?? (without adding any apps). Plus you can always write on the wall. Say hello or just paste a creepy smile --> :) ..Nice, right? Why poke?? It hurts.

Anyway. Refacebook says ten of the weirdest album names ever can be:

Animals I ran over with my car
Me and my new friends from fat camp
The night we all threw up
My liposuction and the bag of fat I got to take home
My collection of celebrity kidney stones
My sex change
Malignant pustules on my back
Things from the back of my fridge that expired 4 years ago
Close-ups of the legless beggar in our street
My first day as garbage collector, the aftermath

Gross, right??

Oh by the way, I cannot comment on most blogs ='( ..Yours, too, Mia. The error says the site is restricted =/ Change the format of the comment box? Maybe pop up box? *sniffs*

Sidrah o(^-^)o


Sana Castellano said...

Hilarious, those album names are so lame! And don't even get me started on frandshippers. Really, don't. They make me gag.
But I <3 ur post and the paint brush image. Facebook should seriously think of blessing us with a WTF?!! button.

PS : i can comment on Mia's blog just fine. And I ^like^ ur new blogger DP.

Sidrah said...

dizvom people oO
Yayie! You liked the image ^^

I don't know why i can't comment =|

R said...

'my moustache'!!! HAHAHAHHAA OMG u got me rollin with laughter early in the morning! I've hidden my profile in an ohsodiscreet way and even then I get these fraandshap requests. It's a rather fun read on those days when I'm got nothing better to do. 'my moustache' hehehehe

Sidrah said...

He was a creeeep =o that guy *shudders*

ph_the princess said...

lol lol lol
The best thing to do with such people is to ignore them with a capital I , may block them too :P I love blocking people :D
Gross to like major ... Yuck ....!!

I wonder why those who you've never seen in your life Or may be hardly met once send request as if they are BEST FRIENDS OF YOURS SINCE FOREVER :S

Like the post !

Mia Mirza said...

Lmao!! This was hilarious!! People are majorly creepy =P

Sidrah said...

and we are supposed to be flattered =o

@mia yes =|

thanku ^^

Anonymous said...

Story of every girls's life :p

There are so many FRANDSHIPPERS in colleges too, on your cell phones and ofcourse lurking around on facebook!

Ewww at them..

and the moustache guy sounds disgusting!

Tazeen said...

Yikes! Frandshippers freak me out real bad!

And the image is good! :D It's comic and I like it!

P.S.: Moustaches freak me out too :$

Anonymous said...

Buahahahha! Fun post. I was about to say that too that FB gotta add that mentioned button ;)

Sidrah said...


i HATE cellphone ones ;(

majworld said...

LOL :D..funny post..but i have sympathy for poor franshippers..but they should learnt to change their techniques with time..its time of innovation :p..
btw juz block ignore and enjoy :)

J Jay. said...

;) nice post! has quite a quirky edge to it!
hate the frandshippers!:x

J Jay. said...

;) nice post! has quite a quirky edge to it!
hate the frandshippers!:x

Sidrah said...

thanku ^^

Alpha Za said...

They obviously think that they are totally cool. THey bedazzle the female populace with their crazy typing.

Sidrah said...

they can keep trying Oo

Najwa Pervin said...

Oh i totally hate the frandshippers too ! God knows how they can imagine themselves to be so cool !!!!

And btw this was one hillarious post :D loved it :)

Sidrah said...

Yay.. glad you liked it =D

Anonymous said...

LOl :D its so normal these days.. hahaha everyone is sick of em :D

naveed said...

ahaha now this stuff has gone so common :D everyone is sick of em.. btw nice post :D

Sidrah said...