Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From Today, Thursday Mornings are the Best .. JK.

7:15 AM. It's almost time to get ready for college *sigh* ..not much time to write a post. I just feel like updating my bloggie on this typical sunshiny morning.

Mornings are nice and lovely, why do we have to go to college?

I know what my day is going to be like:

Nap in Tooth Morpho class *eyes close* (if they don't plan to take a test)
Nap in pathology class *eyes open. Pencil in hand and the book on display*
Prostho lab *sweating, mounting teeth, making jewellery out of wax, covered in gypsum*
Tooth Morpho Tutorial *non-stop chatter with my pals* Fun.

This take, Gods know how... but.. erm.. how much hours are is 8:15 PM to 2:00? PM? Yes. So many *dead*

God. My mum is screaming. I should go. I don't feel like getting up, though. Am lying on my soft blue, purple and orange cushions (what colors, right!)

So, that's it (will update again, later, this evening, you care? oO)

Hope my day goes as we planned. Good Morning! ^^

Update: It did go as we planned. My class pals are going to Lal Qila on Monday, I might go, too, or I might not. Feeling lazy (I can change my mind later!). It is almost Iftari time. I can hardly wait. College and fast don't gel. Oh, I like Colorful. Yay!

Sidrah xx o(^-^)o


Mia Mirza said...

Aaaaaw poor you. I don't have to go to college till after eid. Anyhoo BDS sounds tough, or atleast the names of the classes do.
Oh and Sidrah, we do care when you update =)

Tazeen said...

Have a beautiful day, today and everyday! ^-^


Anonymous said...


College woes..

My university has opened too =(

ph_the princess said...

*sighs* mine are about to open !!!!!

Nostalgic said...

Aww, poor you. I know how mornings on college day feel like =/
BDS sounds tough, agreed with Mia. Weird subjects names, lol.

And yeaay, I still have time to enjoy. IBA rocks! ;)

Sidrah said...

you lucky soul =D

BDS is not that bad =) stupid names but interesting.

Thanku for visiting ^^ <3

Ubaid said...

Laal Qila, i'd love to go!! Bohat romantic photography ho sakti hai plus conceptual too...

and oh yeah don't forget the depressing worn out bricks over there for more impact!!

Sana Castellano said...

Hope u have fun if u go ^^
=D nice pictures. i sleep in classes too.
u did not update in the evening =o

Ms.R. said...

Ohhhh so many naps@! I'm j!

Sidrah said...

i did update Oo
see the red heading?

@ms. r

yes i have been there =)

Anonymous said...

If there were no college how would you see the morning? :P I bet many of us get up quite late :P Which year you in of BDS?

Sidrah said...

but I would have gotten up for sehri, right Oo =P

am in 2nd year =)

Closed eyes... said...

I hate college. HATE IT!

:) Do go out with friends.

Sidrah said...

awwie.. why hate? =o I just don't like the getting up part Oo

I will, Insha'Allah =)

ph_the princess said...

Sleeping in classes is the best thing ever isn't it ? :)
I say GO girl ... have fun with your buds enjoy the get together and live those moments :) Put laziness aside come on !!!!!!!!! :)

Sidrah said...

gonna try!

Outlandish Ann said...

Awww! Lovely template. Prettiness. :)
And yes, the getting up part is a meanie (especially once you sleep after sehri).

Sidrah said...

thanku ^^